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1 Simple ‘Trick” To 3X Your Confidence with Women


#1 Confidence Boosting Tip

“I don’t sleep with a guy unless I know him properly,” my date told me, “But I love hugging.”

I memorized what she said. Hugging before sex. Alright, cool.

A couple of hours later, I summoned up the courage to ask her, “Hey…. wanna head back my place and sing a karaoke?” And then I joked, “We can hug, but no sex!”

Part of me was silently praying that she would say, “No, I have to get up early.” Or, “I don’t know you well.” If she’d said that, that would have made things much easier. … Read More >

20 “Killer” Tips to Overcome the Fear of Rejection… Forever!


How to Deal with Rejection from a Girl

It’s a known fact that the fear of rejection stifles our success with women.

For unknown reasons, this fear prevents you from approaching and meeting a new woman, which also means you’ll never ever get her.

This fear annoys a lot of guys because it’s so irrational, yet so real.

In this article, you’ll find a list of 20 killer mindsets shifts that’ll instantly help you overcome this irrational fear that prevents you from approaching, captivating, connecting, and dating the woman you truly like:

1. View rejection as a sign that you’re

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How to Know if a Girl Wants to Kiss: 7 (proven) Signs


Are you missing your window of opportunity with women?

Over the past 7 years, I’ve learned a lot about things that women are attracted to.

First thing, women want the man who is a leader of the pack… Definitely.

Secondly, women also want to be with a guy who has a vision for his life that he is working towards… you probably already knew ambition was attractive, didn’t you?

Thirdly, women want a man who appreciates her opinion but never seeks for her validation or approval… This is super important.

Just think back to any time of your life where … Read More >

When a Woman Won’t Kiss You


The Best Way to Respond with Rejection

Many guys have a huge problem of not going in for the kiss. And that problem arises from their fear of rejection. But in the end what the worst possible outcome of you going in for the kiss: she won’t kiss you. That’s all. But if anything by now you should probably already realize that just because a woman won’t let you kiss her the first time you go in for it doesn’t really mean she doesn’t want you to.

A couple of months ago, I ended up sleeping with a girl I … Read More >

How to Kiss “First Kiss” (Avoid THESE 7 Mistakes)


7 Common Kissing Mistakes

I know I’ve been there a lot of times in the past. And, if you’re reading this, I bet you’ve been there many times, too.

I was having an awesome time with the girl I was talking to at the bar. We both sense a great connection, but for some unknown reasons, as the date ended, I realized I’ve completely blown it with the kiss.

Making your move for the kiss… and how you go about doing this, says a lot about you than anything else that you comes out of your mouth the entire night.… Read More >

Close the Deal: The “Smoothest Way” to Ask a Woman Back to Your Place for Sex


Always be Closing

This question is one of the 3 most common issues that a lot of guys seem to have: “How do I close the deal?” For most guys, the real issue is not approaching and talking to women, and even taking them back to their place. That’s when their real problem starts to surface up: they get all shy and nervous, and basically, don’t know what to do.

In the past, I used to have difficulty with this too. I’m an introvert and I guess I think too much than necessary. In one way, it’s a blessing — … Read More >

What Women Really Want in a Man: A “Chill” Dude


How to be Relaxed and Confident around Women

A lot of guys frequently ask me one question: “what do women find attractive in a man?” This is a common question that I am sure will be asked till the end of time, and to put it bluntly, there’s no specific answer.

There are over a thousand different things that a woman find attractive in a man, so you’re basically programming for failure if you want one specific answer. I actually have yet to meet a woman who gets all hot and aroused to the exact same attributes in men … Read More >

These 3 Deadly “Seduction Sins” Are Secretly Killing Your Chances with the Girls You Really Like


I call these the “deadly seduction sins” … and if you ever had a girl you though liked you go ICE COLD and lose interest… or if the girls you fall for never seem to like you back… you’re probably making at least one of these mistakes.

Seduction Sin #1: – Letting Her Know How You Feel Too Soon

Letting Her Know How You Feel Too Soon
Don’t let her know how you feel too soon!

Sure it feels good to release all those bottled up feelings and blurt out “I love you” or tell her how special she is. And man, if Hollywood doesn’t make that look … Read More >

3 ‘Secrets’ Women Want Men to Know (What Really Turns ON Women)


I’m really tired of guys writing posts about how “women are so difficult to figure out.”

No dude.

It’s just that you’re clueless.

So, I’m going to chime in and do you a favour… and reveal you a few secrets women want you to know.

#1. Women LOVE sex, too

Women love sex. They're always reading romantic novels and erotic fiction!
Women love sex. They’re always reading romantic novels and erotic fiction!

If you don’t believe me what I just said, go and buy yourself a copy of Cosmo magazine. You’ll quickly notice that almost every page in Cosmo is crammed full of articles about SEX!

Do you want to … Read More >

5 Worst First Date Ideas That’ll INSTANTLY Ruin Your Chances!


I often try to write articles that covers all facets of male and female romantic dynamics. The first date is the most important step in learning more about the woman you like, and it can either make or break your chances with her. You see, you’re not to blame. The dating community is crammed full of conventional wisdom, which I’ve personally found, is oftentimes wrong. So, let’s talk about some common mistakes that a lot of men commit when thinking of what to do on a first date.

1. Movie Date

You can't talk with your date on a "movie date"!
You can’t talk with your date on a “movie
Read More >

What NOT to Talk About on a First Date (Top 3!)


What NOT to Talk About on a First Date

There are a few people you must never ever talk about in conversation on a first date. Even a slight mention of these 3 figures in your life can instantly make your date freak out and run for the “exit”, leaving you alone with the bills. Now, of course, you have an intention to build a future together with her, and it’s really important for you that she knows some important things in your life. But when you’re trying to attract a girl and displaying some of your good qualities, there … Read More >

How To Attract HOT “Sexy” Asian Women: 3 (Easy) Steps


Succeeding with Asian women — and succeeding in life, really — is all about expanding your “comfort zone.” If you currently are not dating and having sex on a regular basis, then it’s time for you to make some changes. Here’s a solid piece of advice to start with:

1. Get To Know The “Gate Keepers.”

It’s very important for you to start building “gate keeper relationships.” This means making AAFs (Asian Female Friends) who will then give you access to their networks of other Asian women. You probably won’t be having sex with any of these AAFs. Their function … Read More >

Attract Beautiful Women: 7 Attractive Things Women Look for in Men


Things Women look For in a Man Before Falling for Him

The century-old topic of conversation about ‘what women want in a man’ seems to confuse a lot of men. It’s a good conversation topic for decades with everything from books such as Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus to Mel Gibson trying to figure out What Woman Want.

What women actually look for in a man? The truth of the matter is, many men are completely clueless as to what women want. We may be taught to think and believe that women look for good … Read More >

10 Reasons Why Guys Love Asian Women


The physical appeal of Asian women is undeniable. Their long, silky hair…slim, firm, petite bodies…and even the graceful way that they walk. (Asian women tend to move in a poised, sensuous way — while many Western women tend to stride or charge ahead in a more determined, almost masculine, manner — like an NFL linebacker looking to put a hit on the quarterback!)

I’m sure you get turned on by their sensual, exotic features. And of course, Asian women possess a sense of innocence that makes us curious to know more about them. It’s a turn-on to think that beneath … Read More >

How to be Attractive to Women


5 Key Traits All Attractive Men Possess

I’m going to start with the fundamentals. A lot of guys think that good looks is the #1 component of attracting women, but this is completely WRONG! In fact, the biggest difference between a really very good looking guy having a conversation with a woman and an ugly guy doing the same thing is only 30-extra seconds.

You see, the good-looking guy gets 30-extra seconds when he meets someone new, and nothing more. If he cannot give a woman a good reason to keep on engaging with him, he’ll quickly be discarded … Read More >

3 Conversation Topics to Take Things Towards “Intimate Level”


Conversation Topics that Generate the “Sexual Vibe” with a Girl

Whether if it’s at a bar, on a date, or anywhere where you are having a conversation with a woman, and if you’d want to take your interaction towards the intimate level, having the knowledge of effortlessly transitioning a normal conversation into a “sexual vibe” is super critical. Although much of the transition of the “vibe” will often happen through body language, however, verbal language (words you say) also plays a big role in establishing the “vibe” with a girl.

While I am not a huge fan of using a … Read More >

How to AVOID “Awkward Silences” with a Girl (3 Simple Tips)

how to avoid awkward silences with a girl

How to Avoid Awkward Silences with a Girl (and Keep a Conversation Going)

Talking to a beautiful woman is, as we all know, one of the hardest things to do. It takes so much energy just to get the nerve to walk up to the woman in the first place that you kind of forget that you actually need something to talk to her about, leaving you a mess of awkward silence before she finally picks up her stakes and moves on to the next guy.

Luckily, if you follow the following easy-to-use tips, you’ll never have to worry about … Read More >