#1 Key to Success with Women (THIS is It, Seriously!)

#1 ‘Secret’ to Success with Women

The common question: What do guys who aren’t enjoying success with women have in common?

And the answer is… they all worry SO much about “what to say or do” when around women.

As a guy who has been writing on dating and seduction market, I know that most guys worry about things like: “But what do I say after I open?”, “But when do I kiss her?” “But how do I know she likes me?”

All these worries arise from one underlying fear: “But what if I don’t know what to say or do?…”

I used to be that guy, too.

I used to suffer from the same fear back when I was a hard-case newbie with women.

secret to success with women
#1 ‘Secret’ to Success with Women

It’s SO easy to miss the forest for the trees, thinking wrongly that becoming successful with women is following a set of behaviours that fall under a particular category of “what to say or do.”

The truth is, it isn’t.

Becoming successful with women is very subtle.

It isn’t something you can just learn “to say or do” because it happens between the lines.

Even you can learn to do it, you STILL need to dig deeper.

You STILL need to figure out the REAL secret of enjoying success with women…

… which you’ll discover in this article now.

The #1 Secret

Wanna know the #1 secret of success with women?

Well, here it is: Shift your focus from “WHAT you do” to “HOW you react.”

That’s it.

It’s the ultimate secret of enjoying more success with women and being happy, too.

I know, it sounds so simple, but trust me when I say THIS IS the ultimate secret with success with women.

Have you ever noticed why some guys (“the naturals”) can “get away” with women by saying dumb, stupid, boring, or rude stuff?

They can because it’s NOT “what they’re doing” — but “how they’re reacting to what they’re doing.”

Ever thought why something works one time, but doesn’t the next time?

It is because it’s NOT what you’re saying — but “how you’re reacting to what you’re doing.”

Ever thought about why your success with women isn’t consistent?

Again, it’s NOT “what you’re doing” — “but how you’re reacting to what you’re doing.”

Understanding this one simple secret also explains why guys who study dating/seduction materials become worse.

This happens because the guy places an “outcome” on behaviour (e.g. if he memorizes a funny PUA opener and uses it on women, expecting to make them laugh) and if his expectation isn’t met (e.g. the girl doesn’t laugh), his reaction is often negative.

And once he has a negative reaction, he often goes into a downward spiral.

The girl starts to become less and less attracted to him, which makes him react even more negatively, more desperately, and more frantically.

As you can probably see, this downward spiral ruins most interactions.

But such downward spins can be prevented by keeping in mind this one “secret”: just be aware of how you’re reacting to what you’re doing.

An unthinkable truth of meeting and seducing women is that knowing “what to say or do” doesn’t guarantee you ANY success.

Many of the guys I know who enjoy great success with women say or do things that others would consider to be counter-productive and idiotic — yet it doesn’t hamper their success with women a bit.


Simply because they’ve mastered the art of “how to react to what they say or do.”

If this doesn’t make any sense to you, let me dive a little bit deeper…

The Art of TRUE Confidence

secret to picking up women
Have TRUE confidence with women!

In short, I’m only advising that you develop unshakable confidence in what you say or do.

While this advice may sound cheesy, especially when it is coming from a men’s dating coach, but the ‘secret’ lies not in the advice — but rather in its use.

Most guys wrongly believe confidence comes from knowing “what to do” BEFORE you actually do something, which is the reason why most guys become SO obsessed over “what to say” or “what to do” around women.

This is the reason why many guys don’t feel at their best unless and until they have a bag full of tricks, techniques, and PUA openers that’ll prevent them from getting rejected ever.

That, my friend, however, isn’t REAL confidence.

Instead, REAL confidence — like the kind of confidence that is extremely attractive to women — comes from a FAITH in oneself that — no matter what her reaction — you’re still a SUCCESS.

This way, no matter a woman’s response, your emotional state remains unshakable and rock-solid.

And when your emotion doesn’t waver, your reaction doesn’t shift.

By keeping this powerful thought in mind, you throw yourself light-years ahead of most guys out there.

However, just understanding this concept won’t make you a Don Juan overnight.

You have to incorporate this mindset shift a part of your personality. In other words, you still have to BELIEVE in it fully.

And once you do that, then the issue of “what to say” or “what to do” when around women won’t even cross your mind ever.

You’ll simply ENJOY approaching, talking, captivating, and seducing women with utmost confidence that — no matter the outcome — you’ll always feel like a true SUCCESS.

That, my friend, is the #1 secret of enjoying TRUE success with beautiful women.

Stay chilled,


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