#1 ‘Secret’ Method To Get Any Girl Engaged (Proven By Science)

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During the 40s, two scientists named Peter Milner and James Old did an experiment together and discovered how a particular part of our brain is completely responsible for all our cravings.

They performed an experiment where they plugged electrodes in the brains of mice and sent small amount of electric shocks to a particular tiny area of their brain called the ‘nucleus accumbens’.

The mice got completely HOOKED on this new sensation and would not care about food and water.

In fact, they would happily run across the painful electrified grid just to keep on pressing the lever that produced those feel-good shocks…

1 ‘Secret’ Method To Get Any Girl Engaged

A few years later, other researchers performed a similar experiment on the human brain just to see if it produced a similar kind of self-inflicted stimulus to the same part called the ‘nucleus accumbens’.

The discovery was ASTOUNDING.

The subjects didn’t want to do anything else then keep on pressing that brain-stimulating button.

Over the next couple of years, the same scientists kept on studying this part of the brain until they finally cracked the code to the mystery.

The astounding result proved that the ‘nucleus accumbens’ was triggered NOT because the reward was delivered but it triggered because of the ANTICIPATION of it.

I want you to go back and read that again.

And keep on reading that until you “get it.”


(Because it is super important for you to understand lust and infatuation.)

Both the experiment performed on the mice and the human brain revealed that what drives us to ACT on things is NOT the sensation we get from the reward itself, but the DESIRE to “pacify” the cravings for the reward.

In other words, it’s the STRESS of DESIRE that drives humans to perform an action.

Now, why is this knowledge SO important?

Anticipation Trumps Reward

In the dating and seduction world, this STRESS of DESIRE is the key to get a girl you like HOOKED on you.

Let me explain by giving an example of movies.

In the movie, “the reward” is usually when a good guy beats the hell out of the bad guy, or he finally falls in love with the girl… happily ever after.

Almost ALL movies make use of this much-needed stress, tension, and anticipations to an almost intolerable level to make their audience have their eyes glued on the screen.

And, at that moment, that particular tiny part of your brain (the ‘pleasure centre’) is triggered like CRAZY.

And, that’s why it’s almost impossible to pull you away from that TV screen until you finally uncover what happens at the end.

You’ll hold your piss for hours just to NOT avoid missing that one second of the movie.

You’re completely HOOKED…

But, let me ask you something else…. what happens if you watch the same movie the 2nd time?

Or, even the 3rd time?

Yes, OF COURSE, the stress, tension, and anticipation are NOT quite at the same level as it was on the first time.


Because you already KNOW how the movie is going to end.

Everything becomes PREDICTABLE.

That “pleasure centre” in your brain is no longer triggered at that same level as it did on the first time you watched the movie.

So, now, let me ask you another question.

Can you recall a girl who seemed highly INTERESTED in you when you first met her? She seem very HOT for you? She seemed she could FALL for you at any time?

And then, all of a sudden, after a couple of dates later, she just pulled back and started losing any interest?

Wanna guess why that might have happened?

For her, the movie became way too predictable too quickly and ALL that stress, anticipation, and unpredictability was pacified way too soon.

Her “pleasure centre” just didn’t get stimulated enough to hold her attention on you any longer.

And the girl you’ve been seeing for a couple of weeks begins to experience the same feeling of “come down.”

And, at that moment of the “come down,” she finally realizes that it was just not as good as it seemed at the beginning.

The HIGH quickly disappears.

And it’s at this moment that her mind wavers towards another guy who’ll give her that much-needed HIGH (tension, stress, and anticipation) that she desperately craves.

Read that once again.




You see, you MUST always provide these 3 kinds of emotions BEFORE you give them the reward.

And, most importantly, you MUST continuously provide them at UNPREDICTABLE cycles.

Here Are Real World Examples Of Unpredictable Rewards

Okay, let me explain to you everything how this might work in real life.

Let’s say, you’re out on a date with a HOT chick.

Everything is going incredibly well.

And, over the course of the week, the two of you have been texting back and forth, non-stop.

The first time you text her, there’s A LOT of anticipation of when she’ll text you back, or what she’ll say to you, and when she’ll want to hang out with you again.

So when your mobile finally beeps that you’ve just got a new message from her, your “pleasure centre” goes through the roof.

Now, let us suppose, that over the period of the next few weeks, she starts to respond to your texts WITHIN a few minutes.

By the end of that second week, that “anticipation” you used to get from her response is no longer as strong as it was before.


Now, let’s just imagine the weekend comes, and then, you text her, but it’s been 5 hours and she STILL hasn’t text you?

Where are your tension, stress, and anticipation now?

Probably at its PEAK, right?


So, when your phone finally beeps again, signifying her text has just arrived, that tiny part of your brain just got a tiny dose of cocaine from it.

So, do you now understand where most guys make a mess when it comes to hooking a girl into their life?

Yeah, that’s right.

They make a mess when they do not provide her with any of that TENSION, STRESS, and ANTICIPATION.

And, she’ll NEVER get hooked onto you…. UNLESS you do that again.

My friends, Bobby and Rob discovered that THIS was the “missing link” that was causing all the guys to regularly LOSE all the pretty chicks they were interested in.

And they began experimenting using various behaviours and monitoring the effect it had on chicks.

And they realized there were 12 secret weapons that any guy could use continously to create that much-needed STRESS, TENSION, and ANTICIPATION at UNPREDICTABLE INTERVALS that would instantly get any girl hooked onto them.

They finally cracked a particular sequence that any guy can use during their interaction with the girl they liked, which they call The Scrambler.

And every time a girl becomes too comfortable around you or has figured you out, you simply pull the rug out right from underneath her and get her hooked onto you even MORE.

Is this evil?

Absolutely NOT.

In fact, you’re just doing her a huge favour.


Because you’re giving her exactly what she craves.

You’re triggering that “pleasure centre” in her mind.

For example, if you were a screenwriter writing a movie wouldn’t you just want to pack as much stress, anticipation, and tension as you possibly can?

Wouldn’t you try to make your movie as least predictable (or boring) as you possibly can?

OF COURSE, you do.

So why not do the same thing with all of your interaction with women you like?

All you have to do is create the movie that’ll get her hooked on to you immediately, and not create the kind of movie that’ll have her reaching out for her remote control and hitting the buttons to flip the channels looking for something else (another guy) that seems more interesting to watch.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the GAME, and once you finally figure out all the ‘rules’ it gets even A LOT easier to WIN it.

Do you want to know the secrets in doing all this?

Of course, you do.

Stay chilled,


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