1 Simple ‘Trick” To 3X Your Confidence with Women


#1 Confidence Boosting Tip

“I don’t sleep with a guy unless I know him properly,” my date told me, “But I love hugging.”

I memorized what she said. Hugging before sex. Alright, cool.

A couple of hours later, I summoned up the courage to ask her, “Hey…. wanna head back my place and sing a karaoke?” And then I joked, “We can hug, but no sex!”

Part of me was silently praying that she would say, “No, I have to get up early.” Or, “I don’t know you well.” If she’d said that, that would have made things much easier. It would have kept me in my comfort zone.

But, no.

Instead, she responded, “Okay!”

Then, all of a sudden, I started to become anxious.

Once we’re in my apartment, I guided her towards my two-person recliner, and I used my warmest comforter to keep ourselves relaxed and comfortable.

And as she rest her head on my chest, my heart rate jumped up at least by 50%.

Why do I always become so uptight and nervous when this happens? Why can’t I simply act normal and be relaxed and at ease around girls?

Over the year, I had successfully overcame my fear of approaching girls. I’d successfully gotten over my anxiety of talking to girls. I’d even overcame my fear of asking a girl out on a date.

But when it came to becoming physical with a girl, my heart rate suddenly jumped through the roof.

As we hugged each other, her head was resting directly over my chest. She could almost hear my heart beat pounding away.

A woman’s touch didn’t just make me feel uncomfortable… it also made me spasm.

However, simply because I truly understood “1 simple rule of confidence” I was truly able to keep my sexual anxiety at bay, and keep pushing the interaction forward…

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I didn’t try to avoid eye contact with her. I didn’t push her away awkwardly from me, like I would normally have.

Rather, I took a looooooooong and deep breath and simply accepted the fact that my heart was skipping a beat or two and racing 100 miles a minute. And I also accepted the fact that she must probably hear it. And I accepted the fact that she already knew I was nervous.

And guess what happened next?

She didn’t pay any attention to my heart rate.

And the next time we hung out again, we end up hugging again.

Now, I admit my still heart raced at first, but it eventually settled down under 5 minutes.

And the 3rd time I hung out with her, my heart rate was no longer an issue at all.

In other words, my anxiety simply ceased to exist. It never came back again.

And it’s all because of the power of that small piece of “instant therapy.”

And, trust me when I say this, this therapy is really the “one therapy to conquer them all.”

It’s also the quickest and the easiest way to cultivate that unshakable confidence.

If used properly, it consistently has higher success rates than any wishy washy kind of pseudoscience or therapy. And if you suffer from any anxieties, fears, or hesitations of any kind with women, this therapy is the most effective way to overcome them.

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Let me give you a tip:

If you’re really really afraid of doing something… AVOID DOING IT.

That piece of advice is something most so-called “dating coaches” and “self-help gurus” won’t share with you.


But if you follow this kind of advices, you’ll only stifle your success with women… your confidence will be even worse…

It can actually freak you out, and you’ll go back to your shell over time.

You see, if you’re deathly fearful of heights, you don’t overcome it by climbing Burj Khalifa.

Instead, you only apply the one simple tip that I share that lets you instantly make that “hurdle” lose it’s power over you…

Listen, if you’re not getting the kind of results with women that you seek, then some aspect of the process of approaching, captivating, connecting, and seducing, and even forming a relationship with a woman makes you incredibly fearful.

(It’s normal. Own it. Everyone of us have faced them at least a couple of times in the past.)

Perhaps, it happens when you approach a girl and say “Hi.” Or, it may arise when you begin to escalate her physically. No matter what it is, this small hurdle has been preventing you from having the success you want with women.

And if you’re anything like I was in the past, you may wrongly think that “one fine day” you’ll finally summon up the courage to solve this pressing issue that makes you so afraid in front of beautiful women.

You dream that one fine day you’ll take that “one big step”, and sometime in the not so distant future you’ll be able to “overcome” that pressing issue that has been making you become so fearful.

Well, I’ve got a good news for you. That “right moment” is never going to come. The pieces of the life’s puzzles will hardly ever fall into their place.

In order to overcome your anxieties, and develop unshakable confidence, you have to apply a proven, rapid method… one that leaves you better off…

This video presentation will show you exactly what to do:

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Stay chilled,


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