20 “Killer” Tips to Overcome the Fear of Rejection… Forever!


How to Deal with Rejection from a Girl

It’s a known fact that the fear of rejection stifles our success with women.

For unknown reasons, this fear prevents you from approaching and meeting a new woman, which also means you’ll never ever get her.

This fear annoys a lot of guys because it’s so irrational, yet so real.

In this article, you’ll find a list of 20 killer mindsets shifts that’ll instantly help you overcome this irrational fear that prevents you from approaching, captivating, connecting, and dating the woman you truly like:

1. View rejection as a sign that you’re on your way to become better

Most guys aren’t even trying to be good at anything. For them, avoiding rejection means doing nothing at all, and they settle for less in life.

2. Keep in mind that you can’t manipulate women

Every interaction is a two-way street. It has to be 50/50. All you can do is play your very best hand with your 50%.

3. Learn to enjoy “the process” of socializing with women, instead of getting into their pants

Enjoy the process! Simply have fun with it!

Go out with a friend who is upbeat and fun. Practice the art of “self-amusement.” Give a pat on your shoulder for having the courage to approach a woman. Consider every approach 100/10, because who has the balls to do it? Enjoy social freedom. In sports, it’s normal to enjoy the process of trying to win, right? It’s the same thing with women, too.

4. Don’t take rejection personally

Remember, she didn’t reject you. She only rejected your approach.

5. Use rejection as an opportunity to poke fun at yourself.

Listen. You’ll get rejected countless of times from women as you try to increase your success with them. So, instead of being all bitter and negative about it and venting out your anger to the next girl, treat each rejection as an opportunity to say something to yourself that makes you laugh. This’ll immediately put you in “good mood” and your emotional state will go up, and up, and up throughout the night, and you’ll be ready to approach the next girl in your view.

6. See rejection as an opportunity to improve your game

If you sense you could have done something better, make a note of it. In this way, rejection will help you to improve your game over time.

7. Look at rejections as “a lack of chemistry”

8. Work on your self-confidence

Invest some time to learn what’s so great about you. Rejection only bothers you when you view women as someone (hot babe) “above” you.

9. After rejection, move on and approach another girl asap

Don’t dwell on your rejections for too long. Look around you and approach the next girl in your sight as soon as possible. You now have an excellent reason to share that epic story of “victory in adversity.”

10. Focus on making her day

Focus on making her day!

If you’re trying to give a woman an amazing gift, would you feel really bad if she rejected it? Of course not. The reason why most guys gets constantly blown up by a girl when they approach her is that they want something back from her (like “good vibes,” validation, sex, etc). And when they don’t get it, they take it personally and feel like a failure.

Stop approaching women like this, and start focusing on what you’re offering the woman. This could be as simple as a compliment, an awesome night spent somewhere together, or a lifetime of happiness with an awesome dude like you, depending on how far you want to take each of your interaction with her.

11. Create an interesting life that would make you happy with or without this woman

Rejections hurts harder if you consider you’re missing out on something that would really improve your life. Now, of course, if you’re talking to a girl you just met at the mall and she blows you, then it’s clear that would not be the case because she’s just a stranger.

But no matter the case, focus on creating an interesting life that is fun… with or without any woman in it. Once you’ve created a life where you’re already happy, then no amount of rejections from any woman will really matter to you.

7 Anti-Validation Seeking Behaviours to Destroy Fear of Rejection

7 Anti-Validation Seeking Behaviours to Destroy Fear of Rejection

12. Kill your ego

Rejection will only hit harder when you view yourself as a “super cool” dude who never embarrass himself. Go out and try these simple exercises to stop taking yourself so seriously.

13. Understand that ugly, fat girls often give you the cruel rejections

The reason they do this is that they usually tend to be unhappy with their lives. Thank God for the fact that she didn’t invite to be a part of it.

14. Rejections will only help kill any remaining ego that’s residing inside of you

Lack of pride is the secret to becoming better in game.

15. Learn to laugh at yourself

The cruel rejections only make for the laughable stories. In the long run, they don’t matter anything.

16. Remember how no other people really cared that you got rejected by a “hot babe”

Many people overthink about ‘what other people think’ when they approach a woman in public settings. The truth of the matter is that no one really gives a darn what strangers are doing with their lives. Everyone’s too busy sucked in their own problems.

17. Remember that everyone gets rejected

Many of the world’s biggest successful people have most likely been rejected most of the times. Just go and read the backstories of J.K. Rowling, Eminem, Sylvester Stallone, Michael Jordan, and any other biggest celebrities at their prime. The world’s best pick up artists have been rejected by women than anyone.

18. Go to sleep

No matter how rejections made you feel during a night out, I’ll bet you’ll wake up feeling better (provided you didn’t drink too much…)

19. Remember that ‘rejection is better than rejection’

That feeling of pondering ‘what if’ can eat you from inside out for day, weeks, or even years.

20. Keep your focus on the long term game plan

If you’re going out regularly and practicing your pickup skills, you’re only going to become better with women overall. So, in the long run, no particular rejection really matters.

With this new shift in your attitude, you’ll be rejected less often. When you approach women without that fear of rejection or “needing” something from her, women are more likely to become relax and comfortable around you.

Even better, you immediately stand out from other needy and anxious guy out there. This is super attractive. Super compelling. It’s that kind of aura she wants to be part of. By eliminating fear and needy behaviour, you automatically eliminate what you’re afraid of.

For these very reasons, it’s of supreme importance for you to internalise these 20 killer mindset shifts, starting today.

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