25 “Main” Reasons Why She WON’T Date You

Why can’t you find someone to love you

You are single and don’t like it. But let me tell you this: there’s nothing wrong with being single.

In fact, it’s a time of your life to be cherished. Why? Well, not only being single allows you to have a lot of fun going out and meeting and dating new girls, but it also gives you plenty of time to know yourself better as a person and focus your energy and time on improving yourself more profoundly.

However, rather than investing time on improving themselves, many guys become super focused on only getting a new girlfriend.

The funny thing about doing this very act is the root cause of many problems, which are the very reasons why these guys are still single.

What you’ll discover in this post is a list of those issues. And, the solution to all of which is to become focused on improving yourself and your life again and simply enjoy being single again.

So if you’re, knowingly or unknowingly, displaying any of the unattractive signs, then consider that must be the very reason why you are still unable to find and keep a new girlfriend.

1. You’re willing to compromise or lower your standards.

2. You’re afraid to build sexual tension and to escalate the nature of the relationship.

3. You overly dress up.

4. You don’t have any ambition in your life.

5. You brag too much.

6. You don’t STAND UP for what you believe in.

7. You want to make just about ANY girl your girlfriend.

8. You don’t have fun or make girls laugh around you.

9. You act and behave unnaturally around women. Everything that comes out of your mouth seems and feels like rehearsing.

10. You don’t display attractive masculine qualities.

11. You try to make too big of a deal out of a first date.

12. You let stress get the most of you and you always wear it on your sleeve.

13. You’re obviously trying to “impress” women.

14. You dress and groom immaturely.

15. You immediately get needy or nervous when she doesn’t come back to you right away.

16. You have nothing interesting to share or talk about with others. Ever.

17. You’re easily deflated or embarrassed.

18. You don’t have your own hobbies, passions, or interests.

19. You’re too afraid to just go for it.

20. You don’t actually believe that you’re good enough for a woman.

21. You act too nervous, uncomfortable, or nervous around women or in social situations.

22. You’re too flat out embarrassing or too intense in social situations.

23. You’re totally focused on trying to make one particular girl your girlfriend.

24. You dress or groom immaturely.

25. You don’t flirt with confidence.

I guess you already know the solutions to these pressing issues. Accept being single, and focus your time, energy, money, and other resources on improving yourself and your life.

And once you’re able to do that, you’ll soon watch yourself go from being the “chaser” to the one who’s being “chased.”

Stay chilled,

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