3 ‘Secrets’ Women Want Men to Know (What Really Turns ON Women)

I’m really tired of guys writing posts about how “women are so difficult to figure out.”

No dude.

It’s just that you’re clueless.

So, I’m going to chime in and do you a favour… and reveal you a few secrets women want you to know.

#1. Women LOVE sex, too

Women love sex. They're always reading romantic novels and erotic fiction!
Women love sex. They’re always reading romantic novels and erotic fiction!

If you don’t believe me what I just said, go and buy yourself a copy of Cosmo magazine. You’ll quickly notice that almost every page in Cosmo is crammed full of articles about SEX!

Do you want to know what women love talking about when they’re out with their girlfriends?

Surprise. Surprise. Yeah, that’s right. SEX!

While guys are reading science fiction and thriller novels, women are reading about romance novels and erotic fiction. These kinds of books are written to get them all hot and aroused, man.

Still, don’t believe women don’t like sex?

Do you want to know how many sex toys and vibrators are sold every year? Around 15 billion dollars worth.

Who do you think buys these kinds of stuff mostly?

You guessed it right.


So you see my point? Women like sex A LOT.

#2. Boring “go nowhere” small talk doesn’t turn them on

A lot of guys spend the whole date talking about boring “get to know” kind of topics like “where she grew up?” or “which college you went?” or “how many siblings do you have?” and they expect their date to get all hot and aroused to go back to their sack.

Never gonna happen.

You see, talking about boring topics of conversations like their job, their grandmother, where they went to college, or even what they do for fun isn’t going to make them horny. In fact, it only makes them bored to death, and it makes YOU be just like every other guy she went out on a date in the past.

It’s really funny to see this happen because most guys present themselves as being “gentleman” and “cool”… yet, once a woman starts talking to them it feels like she’s on a Mr Rogers show.

If you start walking on eggshells around women, shy and nervous saying anything that might be remotely sexual… don’t come to us complaining why you got friend zoned by a girl.

#3: Women’s imagination makes them hot and aroused

You see, a guy gets easily turned on by looking at something. For example, place a pair of boobs in front of him and he’s ready to burst. Women are NOT anything like that at all. For women, looks aren’t important.

Have you ever heard of the saying that the way to look at a woman’s body is through her mind? Consider it to be true.

Men watch porn movies to get sexually aroused.

Women get sexually aroused by their imagination. Wonder ever why 50 Shades of Grey sold over 100 million copies? Simply because it captivates women’s imagination and forces them to think just about sex… and to become uncontrollably horny and aroused.

And women like to feel that way 🙂

Do you wanna know what’s even more interesting? The book doesn’t even have one picture in it.

It’s only “words.”

So, you see, having a repertoire of right “words” can be a secret weapon in getting women all hot and aroused.

That’s right. Only words.

So, what type of words create sexual thoughts in a woman?

On the next page, you’ll learn how you can slip 66 “innocent words” into your conversation with women and instantly get her hot and aroused for sex.

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