What NOT to Talk About on a First Date (Top 3!)

What NOT to Talk About on a First Date

There are a few people you must never ever talk about in conversation on a first date. Even a slight mention of these 3 figures in your life can instantly make your date freak out and run for the “exit”, leaving you alone with the bills. Now, of course, you have an intention to build a future together with her, and it’s really important for you that she knows some important things in your life. But when you’re trying to attract a girl and displaying some of your good qualities, there are a handful of things you should never do on a first date.

TOPIC #1. Your Mother

Don’t appear as a mama’s boy. It’s a huge turn off for women.

No woman wants to be the second-best woman in your life, and hence, don’t give your date any reason to think that is the case. If you’re to start a long term relationship with her, her desires and needs should always be placed before your mother’s. So, don’t tell her how your mother still wipes away your boogers, delivers your food, and still irons your shirt. In other words, never set yourself as a mama’s boy, which is a huge turn off for women. And even if your date thinks it’s not a big deal you’re a mama’s boy, even the worse — she is probably looking for a guy to mother and has needy issues that you just don’t want in your life.

TOPIC #2: Your Ex

This is a no-brainer, but if your recent ex was a significant part of your life, then it’s easy to get entangled discussing your past relationship. Maybe you were relating with your date an experience and your ex happens to be in the story. If you can skillfully avoid mentioning about your past girlfriend when talking about an event where she was a part of, then that’s amazing. But if you can’t do that, then don’t talk about the story on a first date. If it’s already too late, and you have already begun talking about it, then mention of your ex briefly at max. Don’t tell your date anything about your former partner, and don’t talk about anything wrong that went in that relationship. It will only appear to her as if you’re still hung up on your ex. Seriously, no woman wants to hear anything about the woman who was before her.

TOPIC #3: Your Superiors

Unless you are Megan Fox’s personal assistant or a professional pianist, there’s absolutely no good reason to talk about your job on the first date. There’s also no need for you to talk about your boss — when people often talk about their superiors, they often do so to complain. Complaining and whining on a first date doesn’t leave a very good impression. Even if you are not complaining about your boss, talking about it points out to your date that you’re not very influential. That you work under supervision. A lot of women find power very attractive, so you don’t want to keep on reminding her of the fact that you work for others.

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