43 Texts That Guarantee SEX


Use These Proven Text Messages To Get ANY Girl Into Bed


The following is a series of text messages you can learn from, make your own, and use.

You’ll see with each example a description of what the message is intended to accomplish, the message itself, and then an explanation of why it works.

I. First Message

The key aim of the first message is to elicit a response and to stand out. If a girl gets lots of attention from guys, you’ll want to send a message that separates you from the pack.

1. What kind of mischief are you causing today?

2. Hey my little pony-princess, what kind of mischief are you causing today?

3. Hey crazyface! Didn’t cause any trouble after I left last night did ya!? – btw are you on Facebook/Instagram?

These messages work because they are easy to answer – having only one question mark.

They are playful and will put a smile on her face.

Very different from the usual boring and serious messages girls usually receive.

II. Teasing

When it comes to building attraction between getting the number to the first date, teasing messages are the way to go.

The playful frame makes her feel something, and will make her think about you more, and also move you up the league table compared to other guys who might be chasing her.

4. Did I just catch you spying on me as I was changing into my gym clothes my little stalker?!

5. You’re a closet dork aren’t you?

6. Come on now… you have work today huh…? Sure it isn’t mandatory community service!? A cute, yet sassy gal who’s a felon… who woulda knew!?

7. It’s cool if you couldn’t afford to pay your bill – I’m not judging you… that much.. hahahaj/k:)

8. If she suggests a time to get together (6pm, for example): No that’s too early… don’t wanna be stuck with ya that long! Let’s do 6:03 haha 🙂

These examples are all playful, there is always a risk of offending a girl, so before you send a tease that isn’t listed here, make sure that it isn’t too personal.

Imagine saying it to her face and her reaction should be that she hits your arm whilst smiling.

III. Keeping In Touch

Sometimes you meet a girl and then because you both lead busy lives, there is a long pause between the initial meeting and the next time that you plan to see each other again.

It’s possible that things can stale out in this situation.

One thing that will help is having the connection with each other on Facebook.

Another is to send a message like the below if there has been a day or two since the last contact and the date isn’t for a few days.

Some guys are naturally very chatty in text, but for guys that aren’t, you can use something like this to check in on her.

9. How u doing naughty girl? I’m in my Jacuzzi with some aromatic candles listening to Mozart..;-) NO, I’m not! Out with some mates having fun, wanted to say Hi!

10. 98..99..100! Oh sorry, my thumbs were doing pushups again and wanted to show off. What’s new with you?

11. Those beautiful eyes….Those sexy lips……. The smoothest walk….. But enough about me, how are u doing?

If you can make her smile and keep yourself on her radar in a positive way, you are going to keep the planned date on track.

You can also use situation specific messages, asking or telling her about something that you mentioned was going to happen.

Picture messages also work great here. Ask what she is up to and send a picture of something interesting or funny that you are doing.

IV. Requests

Sending requests works well because it’s something that guys never do in the early stages with a girl.

Often times, girls like this frame.

It can be a real request or something playful:

12. Hey nerdball what’s cooking? I think you should draw me a picture… I like dinosaurs 🙂

13. so it’s pretty hot out at the pool (or anywhere) right now could you come fan me with a big leaf and feed me grapes? Thanks 🙂

14. brrr it’s freezing…what’s that? You want to come bring me hot chocolate? Awesome! You’re the best 😛

Even if she doesn’t comply with the request, it works in terms of raising your status and subconsciously setting you apart from the guys who try to do everything for her and let her always rest easy.

V. Silly

As much as people try to make it look like they are always having an amazing time on Facebook, the fact is, most people are doing pretty boring stuff on a day-to-day basis.

We already know that we need to stand out from the other guys.

Check out these super silly messages:

15. Rock paper scissors

Then answer with whatever beats hers and tell her she owes you a drink.

16. What’s brown and sticky

When she doesn’t know, the answer – a stick.

17. What has a bottom at the top?

When she doesn’t know, the answer — your legs 🙂

18. What the hell are you up to this weekend?… let me guess, finishing up your ninja training. Oh wait that’s me..hi-ya! Sorry didn’t mean to karate chop you over txt… haha

Exchanging a few silly messages during the day, putting a smile on her face, might not seem like much, but it can be enough to get her thinking about you all day long.

VI. Date Invite

Now really we hope that you’ve arranged the date at the time of the first meeting.

If not, we want to do it now, in a way that stands out, but doesn’t lose you any value if she happens to be busy and says no.

For that reason, inviting her to something that you are doing anyway works great.

19. Hey there my little trouble maker. We are cruising down to (event) with a kick ass group of people if you want to join the fun! Can u keep up though is the question! 🙂 what do ya say?

20. nerd face! What kinda trouble are you getting yourself into tonight? Lol

21. Hey cookie monster, do you like fajitas, beer, good music and great company?

22. So Princess Sparkles do you have a good sense of humor and like laughing so hard you pee your pants? (ok don’t actually pee your pants… that’s gross… lol) (for comedy night)

23. hey boogie monster, I gotta go shopping for a few clothes for winter! I could totally use a girls eye if you wanna tag along and give me tips on what accentuates my hips!?

24. Would you like to come over tomorrow & watch movies with me? Check [ ]yes or [ ]no

25. hey biscuit buns, some of my friends and I are cruising to this party in the park tomorrow about 6:24- you should totally join us! – you’re not opposed to having a ridiculously awesome time are you?

Messages structured like these are going to work better than the usual “hey, want to go for a drink tonight?” messages that she is receiving from every other guy.

Then after all the arrangements are made, hit her with:

26. “Remember to wear something sexy so we match”

VII. If She Flakes

You basically have two options for how you’ll handle it if a girl flakes on you and leaves you hanging.

27. Ignore it What’s up Spunky Monkey/girly/name… whatcha doing Monday night? I have a super fun idea 🙂

28. Harsh: ohh something terrible must have happened, I hope all is ok with you and your family.

By responding like this, you maintain your stance of being fun and playful, or setting the stage for letting her feel guilty, you keep the upper hand.

Either response should get you to the top of her list to respond to next time.

VIII. Resurrection

For when you decide to start back up with a girl you either didn’t do so well with before, or one you bypassed after some time together, sending just the right text can set you up to have her become responsive right away.

29. hey crazy face..are you still alive? should I send a search party of midget ninja’s (or minja’s as they prefer to be called) to come rescue you?!

30. I just saw the cutest little squirrel in the park gathering nuts and it made me think of you 🙂

31. OMG you’ve been kidnapped! Don’t worry, I’ll rescue you! Have they been feeding you? I’ll bring chocolate. White, milk, or dark?

32. Happy 1 month/6 month/1 year anniversary! How are you doing?

33. Happy (name of holiday) snuggle bear! Did you have a good holiday? Or did you just cause a ruckus!?? Lol : )

IX. Sexual

You can even turn things sexual with the right text – one that isn’t like what every other guy is sending her:

34. “What shall we do? all of my ideas are inappropriate!”

35. “Guess what I’m thinking right now? Hint: it’s about you and it’s kind of dirty”.

36. “Is it bad that I want to pin you up against the wall and do naughty things to you?” (if you want to turn this to funny and relieve the sexual tension your next text can be “like draw a pirate moustache on your face with a permanent marker”…but make sure you leave time for her imagination to start wondering)

37. “Stop being so sexy, or you are going to get f&ked!”*

38. “What’re you up to? Come and get in my bed!”

These are clever, provocative, and direct enough to have her anticipating and responding to your lead.

X. Beckster’s Marshmallow Sequence

Use these to get her straight to your house.

39. Hi it was lovely to meet you last night. Shame we didn’t get longer to talk/I hope you got back safe. p.s. do you like roasted marshmallows?

40. So we both like marshmallows! Cool, you have some sweet tooth, huh! 😉 p.s. you like red or white wine?

41. Red/white wine girl eh? And champagne goes well with anything! p.s. what’s your favourite movie genre – romance, comedy or horror?

42. Excellent! We shall have to have a DVD, wine and marshmallows evening! p.s. I hope you are good at picking one of them, would you rather pick the wine or the DVD?

43. Cool! I shall trust your excellent taste! Which night shall we go for – Monday or Wednesday?

Everything has an easy question to answer “p.s.” with options.

Options give an illusion of choice but actually constrains her and keeps her on the ‘yes’ ladder.

Using her name is good at the start! It she’s got a nickname or can construct a good one could use that instead e.g. “such and such girl” or “Ms such and such”… but only if it’s really good.

Could also throw in a “we are so alike” at some point e.g. after wine or DVD choice.

If you can think of something genuinely witty to say following one of her answers, then responding to what she says is ok, otherwise just keep on track.

I’ve tended to fuck up when I’ve added stuff, so keeping it simple is probably better.

Do NOT add “cocky funny” – fight the urge! Really! Lie down until it goes away!

Every message should have a fluff bit in it, responding to her hooks, drawing her in and using humour, it’s all a bit contrived without that.

You can also add her to a social network during the sequence so she feels more comfortable if she didn’t spend enough time with you initially.

I like “which night shall we go for”… I’M not asking YOU, WE are planning something we’ve both decided WE want to do.

Stay chillled,


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