5 BEST Compliments Every Woman Craves To Hear From A Guy

One of the biggest mistakes a lot of guys make when talking to women is that they wind up overcomplimenting on her looks, eyes, and body.

It’s FINE to tell her she is beautiful as an opener, but only once.

After that, your compliments must only be focused on her personality traits.

This will not only separate you from other guys, but it’ll also give you an excuse to escalate physically, in a way that she won’t be able to resist.

1. Style

how to give compliments to girls
Give compliments on her style preferences!

Women spend hours in front of a mirror trying to look attractive.

She’ll spend a lot of time getting her makeup done, making sure her outfit looks great, and then all she hears from guys are “You’re HOT!”

A BIG mistake!

Try THIS Instead: Pay close attention to the details of her appearance, and give compliments on her style preferences.

  • Tell her how you like how her earrings match her dress.
  • Tell her how the colour of her skirt goes so well with the texture of her skin.
  • Let her know you love that shade of lipstick.
  • Let her know you love her hairstyle because it fits perfectively on her oval face.

2. Sexuality

You can easily do this sometime later during your interaction with women, particularly after you have touched her quite a bit.

Try THIS Instead:

  • Tell her she has warm and sexual energy.
  • Tell her how you like the way she kisses you.
  • Tell her how she moves and cuddles with you.

The main idea here is to encourage her sexual nature, without coming across as overly forward or disrespectful.

Slowly bring out that little sex kitten inside of her.

This requires some practice, but as long as you are aware that there is a horny little girl hiding behind that cool exterior, you will become the type of guy women LOVE getting “wild” with.

3. Smile and laugh

Another great way to display your sexual interest to a woman is by telling her how you like the way she laughs or smiles.

Most women are self-conscious about their laugh and worry too much if others think it’s “ugly.”

Sounds kind of strange, isn’t it?

I know, but many women have told me about this.

Try THIS Instead:

  • Let her know you like the way she laughs when she does, and that you’re going to make it your priority to make her feel good so that you can see her smile even more.

This conveys a lot of sexuality and makes her feel closer to you because you care about her and her well-being, and also gives you an excuse to escalate her, physically.

4. Sense of humour

This is another thing women worry about a lot.

Most guys think women aren’t funny.

But honestly, I’ve personally found that a lot of women are actually funny.

Their sense of humour is silly and cute, which actually turns me on.

The problem is that a lot of women are unsure about their personality — that is the reason why they are afraid to just let go and be downright silly because they are afraid self-conscious guys won’t like it.

So you MUST be able to draw this out from her.

Try THIS Instead:

  • When she tells you a joke, laugh at it and give her a squeeze.
  • Laugh and joke back with her.
  • At some point in the conversation, tell her she’s funny and that you admire her sense of humour, cause it’s DORKY, just like yours.

This will mean a lot to her and bring both of you closer together.

Also, doing this gives you another reason to take things towards the “sexual” level.

5. Intelligence

This one is my personal favourite.

Women want to be appreciated for ‘who they are’ as a person.

If you find a woman to be smart and intelligent, DO NOT be scared.

  • Instead, appreciate her.
  • Tell her you to like how she is smart, and how it’s nice to meet someone with both the beauty and the brains.
  • DO NOT try to compete with her. Because you really don’t have to.
  • Rather, ask her for her personal viewpoints on things, and always appreciate the insight she offers to you.

She’ll be more likely to open up to you sexually because she knows that you admire her for her mind, and not just for her body.

And that means you’ll stick around even after sleeping with you.

Stay chilled,