5 DEADLY Texting Mistakes Guys Make (And How To AVOID Them)

How to Text a Girl You Like and Keep the Conversation Going

Are you tired of girls texting you back with one-word answers like “ok” or “k” or “haha”…

Or have you spent months texting a girl only to realize you were only “text buddy” and you guys were NEVER going to meet up?

Or did you ever feel the girl you were texting was sitting there laughing at your text with her friends or the guy she was in bed with?

Here are a few reasons the girl is “too busy” to meet you, or ignoring your texts, or always giving you that “let’s just be friends.”

MISTAKE #1: Sending her “nice guy” texts

The first reason why girls avoid “nice guys:” they try way too hard.

Every time you try hard, she’ll start to think, “Wow, what’s the problem with this guy?”

The second reason why girls avoid “nice guys:” they are needy and BORING.

Whenever a girl pulls out her phone to read “enjoy your weekend” or “hope you’re doing well” or “have fun tonight” you seriously start to turn her off. Dating experts often call these “checking-texts” … and you MUST avoid them as soon as possible because it makes you come across as “needy.”

MISTAKE #2: Confessing your feelings over text…

We guys want to spill out all of our pent up feelings for girls as soon as we start to like them. We often think, “if she knew how much I like her then she’ll definitely become my girlfriend.”

Never gonna happen!


Because the moment you confess your feelings to her, you LOSE, because you’ll reveal your “hand” on the table… and leave her nothing to work for.


The less work she has to put to get you… the faster she becomes BORED with you.

MISTAKE #3: Being always available

There are a handful of reasons why doing this will drop her attraction towards you.

First, it doesn’t give her time to MISS you.

Second, it eliminates your “mystery.”

And, third, she senses you’re an “easy catch…” and hence… she doesn’t value you.

That’s why you need to “retreat,” strategically.

MISTAKE #4: Texting her 24/7

Here’s where a lot of guys completely blow it with girls. They believe the more text they send to a girl, the more she starts to like them. WRONG. She’ll only start to like you… as “a friend”.

If you have a girl’s number, and you keep on texting back and forth with her for a long time (months), but she always seems too busy to meet you… then you are her “text buddy,” my friend.

This is why it’s important to learn how to say MORE with less.

(You can use this strategy to flip the switch and get her attracted towards you again and ask her out on a date)

MISTAKE #5: Giving up way too soon

Wanna know the biggest makes a lot of guys make?

They give up way too soon.

But here’s the catch: every girl is like “a secret vault,” and getting her to like YOU is just a matter of finding the right “key.” I realize a lot of guys give up and leave the interaction with a girl who “tests” them.

Stay chilled!


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