5 ‘Secrets’ of Women


So you are trying to become better at the art of seducing women right? You are on the right track if you are seeking info. You know what they say: know your opponent in order to win the game. And you know what the game of seduction isn’t any different.

One you understand women, you will take them off that pedestal. You will never again think of yourself as unworthy or inferior to a woman once you will get inside their heads.

The first thing you must know is that women are emotional beings. Women operate a great deal based on their emotions, they often act on impulses. So don’t approach them with your logical side because you will hit a brick wall. This is one of the key secrets in the seduction game. Always, I repeat, always appeal to their emotional side.

Women hardly make any logical decisions. Once you understand this you’ll be able to take advantage of it. Don’t waste your time judging what they did and why they did it. Instead, simply pay attention to what they’re doing and what they’re feeling. And focus on what you want to make them feel. If you can trigger the right emotional buttons inside a woman you are in the game.

Here are some of the myths we need to destroy if you ever want to be successful with women:

deep inner game
Demand, value, confidence, sense of humour and security are all more important!

1. Women only like hot guys

No, no, no and no. Just look at all those ugly guys walking around with beautiful women. In fact, how you look isn’t even in the top five things that women look for when choosing a potential partner! Demand, value, confidence, sense of humour and security are all more important!

2. A woman likes it when a man throws himself at her

Women hate it when they are on a date with a needy guy who does nothing but showers her with gifts, dinners, flowers. It shows her that you’ve scored a date and you don’t want to let her go. Women want a real man next to them not a desperate wuss.

3. Women love to be showered with compliments

Oh for gods sakes. How many times do you think she heard all those crappy lines before? Compliments are good but pay extra attention to what you say and how many times you say it: be original and most important be honest or she’ll sense it. You’ll receive a big fat red tick in the “loser” column if you’re lying.

4. Women only go for men they can control

The truth is this, guys: women don’t know what they want. I told you early on, they act on sheer instinct. They will tell you one thing and go and do the complete opposite. It takes a brutally honest woman to say what she really wants in a guy. What women really want is a dominant man, they simply don’t want to lead but just to have the illusion that they are.

5. Women don’t need sex as much as men do

The truth is women can’t be as open on the subject as they will get labelled “slut”. In fact women love sex, in fact, most of the girls I dated like sex more than the average man. Deep down, they are just as horny as us men are and once turned on — a skill a lot of men just haven’t mastered yet — they can’t be stopped. When it comes to sex women are just like us men: they masturbate and watch porn (or read those romance novels full of sex scenes). Again you have to know how to push their buttons.

If you want to unlock all the secrets for getting inside a woman’s panties…


Tony Laroche

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