5 (Shameless) Compliments That Forges A QUICK Connection

Giving sincere heartfelt compliments to girls can have a bad reputation.

A lot of women tell me that it’s a “good guy game”, a risky terrain that a lot of us men do not want to go because somehow it seems just the opposite of the golden reputation of the “bad boy.”

But they can help you turn a woman on. In fact, shameless compliments not only help you break rapport with a girl you’re talking to, which is very essential in building attraction, but they can also make a girl invest heavily in the interaction.

Compliments display attraction, but they also demonstrate interest. Compliments help build the story, which then help build “sexual tension.”

But the best thing is that compliments justify your reasons for talking to a girl. You become no longer that dorky needy guy who is trying to “hit on girls.”

Shameless compliments tell a girl you are “confident and genuinely interested in her.”

Most guys (99%) will never offer a genuine compliment to a girl. So, if you do it, it’ll immediately stand you out from others who don’t.

Most girl’s radar is super sharp for insincere guys. They can immediately smell bullshit coming off you like a bad cologne. They immediately know when you are just trying to impress them by either being too cool for school and when they’re being put on.

So always remember your compliments has to be genuine. In other words, you have to mean what you say. You have to be truly interested in her. (And if you are not really interested in her, then why are you even talking with her in the first place?).

To help you with this, I have listed 5 shameless, yet sincere, compliments to give to a girl you are really interested in:

1. “I’m so glad you are not __.”

People watching is a very good flirting material. If she does something that you don’t like, be playful about it and follow up with something such as, “Oh wow, now we have to cancel the engagement.”

2. “Is it difficult being that attractive?”

This is a great compliment to give an attractive girl that’ll definitely get her cracking. It says it all. That you find her attractive, you are fun, and you are not afraid of talking to her. Keep making her laugh with “I feel like I would be worried that people would treat me differently.” and so on and so forth.

3. “Do you have a clue why you are so darn intimidating?”

If you are a secure, confident man, there’s nothing wrong being intimidated by an attractive woman, particularly if she clearly knows that you are talking to her even though she is intimidating you. It displays to her that you are not afraid and that you are confident enough to approach and talk to her.

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to “sexualize your conversation” though. Whatever it is about her that is making you feel scared (a style, a look, an attitude, a facial expression), just follow it up with something along the line like, “Well, that’s actually pretty sexy!”

4. “Do you have a clue why you are so darn interesting?”

You find her interesting and that is the reason why you are talking to this girl, which just can’t be based on her physical appearance. Giving a compliment like this creates a strong and direct connection because you are seeing some aspects of her that she feels not a lot of other guys can see. Instantly, you set yourself apart from everyone else in the room in her eyes.

5. “Oh! That’s impressive.”

This is often a follow up for when she tells you something about herself or perhaps a wild story. The word “owe” sexualizes the compliment, and then you can follow this compliment with, “you are a total badass woman. That so amazing!”

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