6 Best Places To Meet Beautiful Single Women (OUTSIDE of ‘Bars’ And ‘Clubs’)

Hey there! What’s up?

Where do you go to meet women?

After you get out of college and start to work, you hardly get enough ways to meet women these days.

Now, of course, you can meet some sweetie at work, but the BIG problem is that most of these chicks aren’t single. And, you are already smart to know how important it is to keep dating out of work.

So where should you go to meet women?

In this post, I’ve listed a few awesome places you can go to easily meet, captivate, connect, and date women.

Best places to meet single women

Before I tell you about the places to meet women, let’s first dive into what makes these locations such a good place to meet hordes of women.

At these places…

1. You can see the same women, over and over again.

Good places to meet women are place where you can see the same women over and over again. If you don’t seem the same women often, then it becomes super difficult to create that strong connection with someone ‘new’.

This is probably one of the reasons why clubs and bars are NOT the best places to meet women.


Because once you leave that place, you hardly ever remember them mentally or emotionally.

On the other hand, there’s A BETTER CHANCE of turning a random encounter into the second or even third time you talk with them.

And, a certain law even states that we often find people more attractive as we are more exposed to them. This means you can easily seduce women who are slowly starting to become attracted to you simply by being around you so much.

2. The environment is ‘right’ for meeting women.

If you’re an older guy and you go to college or library to meet women, you’ll NOT enjoy the process. The girl won’t pay you ANY attention, and you’re most likely go back home WITHOUT meeting any woman.


Because the environment is not ‘right’ for YOU.

You have to find a place where you can EXCEL; where you can appear as an alpha male (the leader of the pack). Women want to see a guy who can SHOW passion and confidence.

For all these great reasons, you should try to meet women where you can become the STAR.

For example, if you’re good at sports, you might want to think about meeting women at social sports venues like softball, tennis, golf leagues.

Good places to meet single women.

With that said, let’s look at some of my favorite places to meet single women:

1. Social sports

These days, leagues are becoming super popular and a lot of men and women go there to do things in their free time.

The great thing about these sports is that it’ll help you stay fit and healthy, which will in return MAXIMIZE your chances of attracting women.

Here are social sports leagues for:

  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Gold
  • Softball
  • Biking
  • Mountain Cycling
  • Dodgeball
  • And a lot more

2. Meetup.com

Meetup is a great place (site) to find groups of people in your city meeting up to talk, discuss, and share stories about their passions, hobbies, and interests.

No matter what interest you have, you’ll find a group meeting up to discuss about it at Meetup.

This means if you’re into cooking, music, art, or skiing, you can easily and quickly find a place where other people who are also enthusiasts about it are meeting up. It’s a great place to meet women because you already share at least one mutual interest with.

3. Salsa class

Salsa class is a great place to meet lots of single women, who are also out to meet new people. If a girl shows up without a husband or a boyfriend it is a sure-fire sign that she wants to meet someone.

4. Charity organizations

5. Part-time job at a gym, bar, restaurant, or real estate agency, which are all women-friendly places.

6. Professional/Networking Meetings

OTHER best ways to meet single women

If you want other best places to meet women because you can’t commit yourself to join a weekly or monthly lesson, then there are other places you can go to get a better chance of meeting women other than clubs and bars.

If I were you, I would check my city for professional single cruises, industry gatherings, networking events, singles events, and speed dating.

The great thing about all these locations are that they are really good places to meet women because all women are visiting there with a single goal in their mind: meeting and talking with new people.

Stay chilled!


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