Top 6 Reasons Why YOU Are Not Getting Laid

why you are not getting laid

Hey there! What’s up?

According to a recent scientific study, it was discovered that about 95% of men around the world WON’T get “laid.”


Most men are NOT sexy, they act unattractive, and they have absolutely NO CHARISMA or DISCIPLINE, and have no sense of STYLE/FASHION.

So, I am NOT SURPRIZED, dude!

Most guys plainly SUCK when it comes to getting laid with women. And, my goodness, THEYCHASE women, like a cat chasing a mouse. NEVER gonna get ’em, baby.

You see, most guys were raised to be “nice” with women. And others falsely believe that going out on a date with a girl and…

  1. Paying for her is the KEY to getting her back to their place.
  2. Trying to say or do things to IMPRESS her.
  3. Always agreeing her on WHATEVER she says; never having the balls to say NO, even if he knows the girl is WRONG!
  4. And, never willing to walk away if she misbehaves…

Most guys DON’T get laid with the girl they’re out on date BECAUSE of ALL these “needy” behaviors.

Because they have crammed up very “stupid ideas/mindsets” into their head, which they probably learned while growing up from their parents, close friends, school system, media, etc.

So, in today’s article, you’ll DISCOVER common problems that most men are guilty of making… and losing girls that they could have slept with, pretty easily.

Here are 6 BIGGEST reasons why most guys DON’T get laid:

Reason #1: “YOU don’t approach… A LOT Of Chicks, Dude”

Get this: To become a guy who is very good with women, quick, you MUST talk to A LOT of girls.

There’s NO way around this.

Talking to A LOT of chicks, CONSISTENTLY, will guarantee that you’ll actually get laid, pretty fast.

This tactic applies to all types of GAME — online dating, Day Game, social circle game, night game, or WHATEVER.

So if you WANT to get laid through online media, very very fast…

Then you MUST have a goal of messaging at least 100 different girls, EVERY DAY.


If you want to do get laid through DAY GAME (meeting girls during the day)…

Then you MUST make it YOUR MISSION to APPROACH and TALK to at least 75 girls per day.

Doing this CONSISTENTLY WILL help you in two different signficant ways:

a) It’ll help you become BETTER with women, really fast… because you’ll be approaching and interacting with TONS of women, really fast, and be learning a LOT from ALL of your mistakes too.

b) You’ll also DISCOVER how FAR you can push your limits with “new” girls. You’ll also see how FAST you can “move” your interaction to the “next level” (intimate level) with new girls.

And, by doing this, you dramatically INCREASE your chances of getting laid.

ALWAYS remember: Dating is a number’s GAME.

This means the MORE women you talk to and interact with, the MORE you’re going to get laid. It’s that plain and simple.

Reason #3: YOU hesitate…A LOT

If you PROCRASTINATE and take a loooong time to TAKE ACTION — approaching a girl, talking with her, and asking for the number, asking her out on a date, going for the kiss, and taking her back to your place — then you’re definitely NOT getting laid, dude.


A girl’s attraction is NEVER static. What do I mean by this?

It means that her attraction towards you WILL gradually decrease if you do NOT pick up on her “attraction signals” and fail to MAKE YOUR MOVE, accordingly.

So, if you’re been talking to a girl for, let’s say, more than 15 minutes, it is either

a) TIME to ask for her phone number…


b) TAKE her somewhere on an “instant date”


c) Bring her back to your place).

Or, if you’ve been texting a girl for a long time, then it’s…

d) TIME to ask her out on a date.

Likewise, if you manage to take a girl back to your apartment and have been talking to her for more than 15 minutes, then…

… it’s time to SHOUT YOUR MOUTH and kiss her, and escalate towards sex.

LISTEN: When it comes to seduction, ‘WRONG’ ACTION is always better than NO ACTION.

Girls will forgive a man who’s RUSHING the interaction towards sex on a first date BUT…

They will NEVER go out again with a man IF he STILL has not made a move… even after 3 dates.

Girl find it very attractive and charming to meet a man who is CONFIDENT and REAL… who is NOT afraid to go after what he wants. In fact, it’s her secret fantasy.

But if you don’t make your move when she most expects it, then you’ll come across as an “asexual guy” (or “average frustrated chump”) and will be placed in the dreaded “friendzone.”


ALWAYS TAKE ACTION and MAKE YOUR MOVE fast, for the love of god, and NEVER wait until date number 5 to make the move.

Reason #3: “You FOCUS On Reactions… Rather Than RESULTS”

Most guys go to the bars and clubs with the intention of making a “great first impression.” They want to make girls laugh, giggle, and FEEL everything else, except give her a clear sign that they WANT sex.

Some guys I know even go out to pickup women WITHOUT any goal at all.

Let’s look at the following two examples:

GUY A: This guy approaches a girl. He makes her laugh with his humor, and MISTAKE ‘flirtation’ for attraction.

GUY B: This guy initiâtes a conversation with a girl, and just because she does not “eject” from the interaction, he falsely ASSUMES that she “likes” him, wants to hang out with him, and even sleep with him.

In the first example, the girl laughs because the guy is entertaining and funny. But, in her mind, she secretly thinks that this dude can only keep her entertained and as a reward she’ll give him some attention…

Until she meets the man (OF COURSE, not HIM) who takes her home and entertains her in a much more sizzling ways.

In the second example, the girl is simply being “nice” and “polite” with the GUY B because he had the BALLS to approach her.

Why do girls do this?

Because this is the most appropriate thing for her to do — being “polite” and “nice” to strangers.

But today, I’m going to show you how you can STOP entertaining her, and START getting results — get a kiss from her or take her back to your place…

Do you want to know the secret?

Well, here it is: You put the pressure on her and FORCE her to make a decision.

Example #1: Let’s say, you’ve been talking with this cute for the past 15 minutes, and you sense that she likes YOU but then you’re not 100% sure…

Then ask her to go for an “instant date” date with you.

Example #2: If you’re out on a date with her, and you think it is going well, and she likes you (she’s laughing at your lame jokes)…

Then “invite” her back to YOUR place.

In both examples, you FORCE her to make a decision.

In both examples, you test her to know immediately if she wants to progress to the “next-level” (intimate level)…

OR… is she only wasting your time?

If you do this, you’ll get instant RESULTS you’re looking for — i.e. sex on the same night.

And, if she won’t follow your lead, then you can just MOVE ON and approach and interact with OTHER girls who will. It’s that pretty simple, dude.

Reason #4: “YOU Are Outcome Dependent…”

Yeah, it may sound counter-intuitive to you at first, but actually NOT CARING about the sex or the kiss, or the phone number can actually help you get laid like crazy.

Here’s why you should not focus on the outcome… all the time:

Women are slightly different creatures.

We men are attracted to “visual cues” — her appearance, B#OBS, that BIG ass — because it turns us on. Now, OF COURSE, we want other attractive qualities in a woman too, like her feminine energy, warmth, kindness, and a kick-ass personality BUT…

The fact remains the same: We men STILL care a lot about a girl’s looks.

Women, on the other hand, CARE more about a man’s “image”.

BIG difference!

Women care more about WHO YOU ARE as a person, than WHAT YOU LOOK like.

They care about whether you are safe to be around, or the “connection” you both have between each other.

They want to know if you’re TRULY CONFIDENT in yourself or just putting up the fake “cool dude” vibe.

So, if you TRY to have sex with a woman, WITHOUT even trying to have a meaningful conversation with them, then my friend, you won’t get laid.

Yeah sure, you’ll get laid by showing your “sexual side” (in fact, that’s how I used to get laid when I was rookie in Day Game.) I didn’t talk too much. I didn’t show them my weakness. And I was sexual, flirty, and playful with them. And guess what happened? It worked like wonders… up to a certain extent.

But here’s how you can get BETTER results: find a BALANCE between your desire to have sex and your desire to express yourself and figuring out whether or not she’s the type of woman you’d be interested in, emotionally.

Now, I could dedicate a new post on this, but for now, just USE this single tip for what it is.

Reason #5: “You LACK Confidence…”

You really DO NOT BELIEVE you were sent on Earth to have sex with A LOT of women that you find attractive. In fact, you think you don’t have ANYTHING to offer to them.

You spot an attractive woman in the shopping mall. She makes an eye contact with YOU, but, instead of returning her smile, you quickly AVOID looking at her… because deep down you BELIEVE you’ll offend her by staring at her back, or that you’ll “creep” her out.

You’ve been rejected a few times in the past, and you’d rather sit behind your computers and spend your time on playing video games or hanging out on PlentyOfFish for love…

Because you’re deathly afraid of another woman who you think might again shoot you down and break your fragile (and useless) ego.

Reason #6: “You WATCH Too Much Porn…”

You watch too much of BoobTube and drool over half naked women and overwhelm your mind with terabytes of porn on hours end.

But, regularly dreaming about beautiful naked women has it own consequences: You either start worshipping them (pedestalizing) or treating them like a “crap.”

Porn leads you to have unrealistic views of women, yourself, and sex.

Why would you clean your messy room, groom yourself, join a gym club, and learn to attract beautiful women if you can (for free) DAY DREAM about any woman you want for hours end and for as long as you want with just a click of a mouse?

Stay chilled!


P.S. Remember, you must take ACTION when you spot a beautiful chick you want to meet.

You must “approach” and “talk” with her, and at least try to “hold” the conversation for up to 3 to 15 minutes.

After that, if she’s still sticking around, you must “pull the trigger” — take her on an “instant date,” or exchange numbers if she’s in a rush — to put pressure on her to make a quick decision.

IF you don’t know how to do all that, and you feel shy, hesitant, and ‘social/approach’ anxiety is holding you back from meeting, captivating, connecting, and seducing beautiful women on the streets, malls, cafes, subways, or ANYWHERE else under the sun, especially during the day, then here’s a kick-ass Day Game System you must try (and start gettting hordes of beautiful women back to your place, WITHIN 30 DAYS)

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