7 WORST Texting Mistakes Guys Make (And How to AVOID Them)


What/How to Text a Girl AFTER Getting Her Number

You got a woman’s phone number (who seems to really like you)…

But then, after you a few texts, she seems to lose interest in you.

Naturally, you’ll blame the woman and think “She’s a flake…”

But every time you blame a woman for going cold on you after a few texts, then you could be missing a BIG link in your GAME that is actually SO simple to fix than you imagine…

I bet if you’re like most “nice” guys who lack experience with women, then you’re most probably making one of these common ‘texting mistakes’ that will instantly make a woman go cold on you, or lose interest in you.

texting mistakes guys make

7 deadly texting mistakes guys make (and how to avoid them)

Mistake #1: Thinking She’s Attracted if She Responds

DO NOT waste your time sending pointless text to girls!

Before you actually even meet a girl on your first date, she won’t feel that much of a connection to you.

You might like to hear this, but there are other guys texting her beside you too…

You see, a lot of guys make a BIG mistake of assuming attraction when a girl is responding to their texts.

And what do they do next?

They send more texts, thinking it’ll create more attraction.

These guys wrongly believe that by sending a girl more texts, he’s getting closer to asking her out on a date or to seducing her.

But sending more text will only have the opposite effect!

The more texts you send to a girl BEFORE you actually ask her out a date, the less of a chance you have of actually meeting her!

Yes, you heard that right: even she is responding positively back to your texts, it’s STILL not sure you’re anywhere closer to actually meeting up with her!

Try THIS instead:

Say MORE with less!

Here’s WHAT I MEAN: When you’re trying to text a girl you want to date, try to make it short, sweet, and to the point.

Do you wan to know what most guys do?

They send pointless texts to women like:

  • “Hey, how is it going?”


  • “The weather is SO warm today. Enjoying?”

Sending a girl go-nowhere texts like these DO NOT bring her any closer to you.

They just beg for a response, which actually means NOTHING!

In order to be sure you NEVER waste your time on pointless chatter, I invite you to ask yourself THIS important question:

  • Will this text help bring this girl any closer to a date?

If your answer is “NO, it’s only to get her to know better,” then DO NOT send that text.

It’s never going to help you.

Mistake #2: Not Being “Fun”

texting tips

The FACT: When a girl gives you her phone number, she is NOT obliged to go out with you…

And until you establish yourself as a FUN guy to hang out with… she’s most likely not going to waste her time meeting up with you.

So when you text her ‘boring’ message that don’t display your awesome personality or invoke any kind of (positive) emotions in her…

Then, in her mind, she’ll think you’re not that “Fun.”

And therefore, you’re not worth meeting up with.

Here are a few signs you’re NOT conveying fun.

  • You keep putting pressure on her to keep the conversation going…
  • You are barging her with one questions after another
  • You’re come across as stiff and formal. “Hi. It was nice meeting you the other day”… (too formal. too stiff)

Remember THIS: Every text you send to a girl MUST make you come across as a FUN and SEXY guy she might want to hang out with.

NOT a nice and boring chump.


Okay, cool!

Mistake #3: Not Displaying Your UNIQUE Style and Personality.

texting tips for guys
Display your personality to STAND OUT from other guys!

If you’re sending a text to a beautiful woman, then you can be sure you’re NOT the only guy texting her that day.

I know that’s not what you want to hear.

But the fact is that there are other boys, ex-boyfriends, classmates, co-workers, and so on…. all vying for her attention.

So if you want to INSTANDLY STAND OUT from the pool of usual (read: boring) texts she receives almost daily, then your texts need to STICK OUT LIKE A SORE THUMB.

Your texts need to convey your unique personality and style.

In other words, she should be able to KNOW it’s from you just by reading it…

So, think for a while: what phrases, words, emoticons, or punctuations are UNIQUELY yours?

Mistake #4: Having Looooooong Text Conversations

Keep your texts short, sweet, and to the point!

You see, ‘text conversations’ are NOT like ‘REAL conversations’.

Texts must be brief notes of an actual conversation — skipping all the formalities (“Hey, it was nice meeting you Friday!”)

The loooonger the text conversations, the more likely you’re going to mess things up.

So, next time you call or send a text to a girl you’d like to meet… jump immediately into the good stuff.

  • Start with an amusing (brief) story
  • Start with a teasing nickname.
  • Find a way to QUICKLY elicit emotions and get her engaged to you.

Mistake #5: Asking Her Out without ‘Sparking’ Emotion

Build connection BEFORE asking her out…

Another COLD FACT: If you ask a girl out without even eliciting emotion in her… she’s almost always going to turn down your offer, or “flake” on you later.


Simply because all of the positive emotions she felt when you first met her have already dwindled by this time.

And the idea of dolling herself up, and going out to meet a guy she hardly even knows (and the chances of you turning out to be a ‘creep’ or just needy) is not worth all the hassle.

This is the reason why you MUST always connect with her on an emotional level first.

Once you’ve sparked some positive emotion, then getting a “yes” out of a woman becomes MUCH easier.

And ‘flirting’ and ‘humour’ are the two best ways to do this.

Mistake #6: Being Too “Predictable”

Surprize Her!

Okay, let’s imagine for a while that the girl said “yes” for a date.

You may think you’ve done your part when it comes to texting, but there are STILL a few things you must tweak in order to make sure you ACTUALLY see your girl.

First of all, you NEVER want to come across as “predictable.”

You see, I notice A LOT of guys asking the same questions, telling the same jokes, and sending the same type of texts over and over again to girls.

While you may be tempted to fall into “complacency” with a woman you’re meeting, I highly recommend avoiding it at all time!

Try THIS Instead:

  • Break things up by telling her something juicy every once in a while.
  • Tell her you to have a “surprise” for her.
  • Tell her something reminded you of her, but refrain from telling her what it is right away.
  • Send her a funny picture of something.
  • Ask her to send you a funny picture of something.

Remember: Keep her guessing what your next text will be, and you’ll always keep her hooked into you.

As long as you are NOT too predictable (and boring), you should have no problem your girl responding to YOUR texts, and even asking YOU out to hang out with.

Mistake #7: Thinking She’s Different…

texting mistakes guys make with women
NEVER confess your feelings about her over text…

NEVER tell a girl anything about how you “feel” about her over text…

But I notice A LOT of guys making this big mistake, over and over again.

Every time you do this, you freak a girl out.

You’re trying to convince yourself that “She’s different.”

Or that “THIS text/line might not work on her.”

But the moment you believe ‘She’s different,’ you’re on your road to losing her forever…

Many guys, I notice, doing this over and over again like:

  • Sending her too many texts
  • Showering her with compliments over text
  • Not asking her out because you’re afraid of rejection…

And every time you do this, you’ll face the same situations as all the other guys have…

Listen: She’s NOT different than other girls you’ve met in the past.

And IF any time you begin to think she is, come back and re-read this post.


So now that you are aware of the 7 biggest mistakes you MUST avoid at all cost, it’s time for you to have a solid game plan.

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