7 ‘Sure-Fire Signs’ She Wants YOU To Approach Her

Hi There! What’s up?

How do you know a woman wants you to approach her?

Now, I do NOT want you to “push a girl” into talking to you, or use any mind tricks to make her like you, or act like a “nice” (insecure) guy just in hopes she likes you back.

I don’t want you to do any of those things to her… IF you don’t want to. I don’t want you to give her things if you don’t want to.


Often times, you may find yourself in situations where you are NOT SURE whether a woman you spot across the room wants to be approached by you, right?

Women wants you to approach and talk to them!

Maybe she is working on her laptop at the cafe and you want to be sure if she’s ready to be approached by you. Or, maybe she is just window shopping on the street and you just want to meet her, but not sure it is a good moment.

As a Day Game pickup coach, I’ve noticed A LOT of guys making a BIG error: they DO NOT figure out immediately if she is receptive to their approach.

Listen. If you approach her and discover that she wasn’t receptive to your approach, then that’s okay. You can quickly move on and approach other girls. By approaching her immediately, at least you KNOW whether or not she is receptive to your approach.

So how do you KNOW whether she wants to be approached?

Well, here are 7 ways to KNOW whether a woman you like wants you to approach and talk:

1. Say “hi” to her immediately.

If just walked over to a girl and said “Hi” to her at the coffee shop or at the bookstore when you first spot her, and if she doesn’t say “Hi” back to you, then you have done yourself a favour: you now KNOW that she is NOT INTERESTED.

But, if she is receptive (says “Hi” back), then you’ll quickly find out she is in fact receptive to your approach, and then it’ll be much easier to make small talk with her.

2. Determine her “vibe.”

When you approach women during the day (which I go in depth in my brand new “Day Game Secrets: The Natural Progression” book), you might meet some women who seem really caught up in their own world… as if they have a BIG wall around them.

A LOT of guys, especially those who are beginners in Day Game, will falsely end up thinking (and believing) that only if he was better with women (had more experience with women), he would have easily break down those barriers around her and get her to talk to them and get her back to bed WITHIN 20 MINUTES after meeting her for the first time.

So an “average guy” who’s learning the Day Game will feel bad about his lack of seduction skills. I bet it has probably happened to you many times in the past.

But here’s the harsh truth about women and relationships: some women are just cold and unreceptive. This means if she is not receptive to your approaching her, understand that it doesn’t have anything to do with YOU or your ability to seduce her.

So STOP beating yourself up about it or “pedestalizing” her as if she was “the one who who just got away.”

3. Make strong “eye contact” with her.

If you’re around a woman who is INTERESTED in YOU, chances are she’ll look back at your eyes when you make eye contact with her. But even if she doesn’t look back at you, it doesn’t mean that she is absolutely doesn’t want you to approach her, it might only mean she’s less open to meeting you. That’s all.

4. Be certain about yourself.

Often times when you are interacting with a woman, she’ll look at you to gauge whether or not she should feel “relaxed” with you. So this mean if you are more relaxed, confident, happy, and jolly, not tense or shy or timid, she’ll pick up on that positive vibe of yours when she looks at you and become more open to talking with YOU.

On the other hand, if you act insecure, afraid, hesitant, shy, or tense, then she’ll pick up that “negative vibe” of yours and feel insecure, afraid, shy, hesitant, or tense too.

What should you do if you are feeling nervous, shy, or tense?

The answer is simple: Be CERTAIN and CONFIDENT that if you approach her, she’ll like it. This simple “mindset” is much MORE powerful than delivering the world’s most effective pickup line.

Before you even make your move, be relaxed first, KNOWING for sure that the interaction is going to turn out really well, even if you don’t see any positive sign of it happening.


You WILL make all kinds of mistakes during your approach and interactions with women, but if you don’t make a big fuzz about it and keep on interacting with them, CONFIDENTLY, then you’ll wind up having a BETTER interaction with her.

5. Pay attention to HOW she “responds” to your comments.

You can find out whether or not a woman is receptive by making small comment about something around you.

For example, let’s say, maybe it was cold and raining outside while you were waiting in line to enter the library, and so when you finally enter inside, you might say something to a cute girl sitting behind the reception desk, “Wow, it’s nice and warm here, but outside it’s cold and raining” as you pass by her, and…

Observe HOW she responds back.

If she says nothing and looks away, she’s probably unapproachable. But, on the other hand, if she responds you with a complete sentence, that means you’re on your track!

6. Try a simple conversation starter on her.

Remember this: it is totally fine to start a conversation with a very plain and unoriginal question than NOTHING.

You DO NOT have to be “original” or “romantic” right off the bat with a girl you like — you can use any simple conversation starter to break the ice with her and to test whether or not she’s interested in talking to YOU.


Here’s how: make a comment on something around you.

For example, you can say something like, “Hi, really quick, I notice that you’re using an Apple Laptop. What do you like about it?” You just need something to get started at first, and I’ll promise it can get romantic after that.

Or, you can also break the ice by asking, “What’s the story behind that?” about something she’s wearing (jacket, earrings, rings, necklace, or any other accessories she’s wearing).

For example, you can say something like, “Hey really quick, I was standing across the room but I couldn’t help but notice your shoes. I haven’t seen anything like that before. If you don’t mind me asking, what’s the story behind that?”

There are all great ways to “strike up a conversation” with ANY women and to gauge how receptive she is to your approaching.

7. DO NOT beat yourself up for “missed” opportunities

Do not beat yourself up if you miss a chance to talk to a girl. I notice that A LOT of guys do this. STOP. It doesn’t do you any good, so why do it in the first place?

If you are learning Day Game (meeting, captivating, connecting, and seducing women on the streets, malls, or cafes, during the day), chances are there will be a lot of times you’ll “miss” an opportunity to meet women. But beating yourself up about it will only makes things WORSE.

Rather, EMBRACE it. Tell yourself it’s just a part of the process of learning to pickup girls.

Here’s HOW “the process” looks like when you’re starting to learn Day Game:

  1. At first, you believe there are NO OPPORTUNITIES to meet women….
  2. Eventually, as you approach more women, you’ll see opportunities EVERYWHERE… BUT you do not take advantage of it…
  3. And then, eventually you’ll begin to SEE opportunities everywhere (on the streets, subways, parks, cafes, malls, college, or anywhere under the sun) and you TAKE them too…
  4. And, finally, YOU begin to ENJOY the process too.

So feel BETTER about yourself that you’re “missing” opportunity to meet women. That will help you grab any opportunity in the future.


A LOT of women WANT you to approach them. Just keep these simple tips in your mind and TAKE ACTION!

Stay chilled!


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