8 “Deadly” Mistakes That Turn Women OFF Sexually

deadly mistakes that turns off women sexually

Almost every day, a guy sends me an email asking for a piece of advice on why a particular girl he is seeing got all confused as to why he’s not “getting physical” with her, even though she’s clearly into him.

Here’s where all the guys blow it off: they confuse their “boyfriend behaviour” with “get into her panties” behaviour.

And if you are trying to establish yourself as a “boyfriend material” even BEFORE sleeping with her… then you come across as a “needy” and “try hard” guy… (and she’ll NEVER ever sleep with you).

In today’s post, you’ll discover some examples of “boyfriend behaviour” that if you display A LOT, way too early (within 1 or 2 weeks of meeting her), will instantly KILL any attraction she may have for you.

8 needy behaviours that repel her away…

  1. Trying to impress her that you like to travel, have an amazing job, and
    other “impress the chick” traits.
  2. Being way too generous towards her.
  3. Giving her a lot of attention
  4. Respecting her way too much even to make a move.
  5. Listening to all her personal problems and even trying to solve them for her.
  6. Trying way too hard to build rapport and even find commonalities
  7. Making a lot of compromises so that she gets along with you better.
  8. Taking her side when she talks anything bad about players and acting like you are completely against those “jerks.”

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not saying you should not be “nice” to women. If you’ve been seeing her for over a year, then it is absolutely necessary to any of these things if you want to keep her.

But, when you’re just meeting her for the first few times, the LAST thing you want to do is SHOW what an awesome boyfriend you would be.


Here’s why: because it DOES NOT generate an ounce of attraction in the girl you’re seeing. In fact, showing any one of the above traits will only create more “comfort” than “sexual attraction” …. and that, my friend, will do nothing but land you straight into to the dreaded friend zone.

So DONT SHOW any of those 8 unattractive traits BEFORE sleeping with her.

Also, when you SHOW all of your “boyfriend material traits” to her, BEFORE even sleeping with her… you hand HER all the power. And, guess what happens next when a woman is holding the power? Yeah, that’s right, she’ll hardly ever sleep with you.

But here’s the good news: even if you did SHOW any of these needy behaviours listed above to a girl, you can STILL get her back to your place.

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