8 Common Mistakes That Will INSTANTLY Place You In The Dreaded “Friend Zone”

There’s not a single day that goes by when I don’t receive an email from a guy asking me for some dating advice on a particular girl who is dazed and confused as to why he is not “getting physical” with her even though she clearly seems interested in him…

There’s a reason for that: most guys misinterpret their “boyfriend behaviour” with “get her into bed” behaviour.

And if you start to show your “boyfriend behaviour” even BEFORE you have slept with a girl… you wind up coming across as a desperate, needy, and clingy… (and because of that very reason, a girl will NEVER sleep with you).

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Here are some good examples of “boyfriend behaviours” that if you show too much, too soon, will instantly KILL any attraction a girl has towards you.

  1. Trying to show that you have a great job, that you like to travel, and other “impress a girl” behaviours.
  2. Trying really hard to build rapport and find commonalities.
  3. Being too generous towards her.
  4. Respecting her too much to even make a move (go in for a kiss, or pulling her to the toilet for a quickie)
  5. Listening to all her problems and trying to solve them for her.
  6. Paying A LOT of attention to her.
  7. Making a lot of compromises so that you get along with her better.
  8. Taking her side when she talks bad about players and acting like you are completely against all those “jerks” she winds up sleeping with.

Now, if you have been seeing a girl for over a year, it is completely fine to do any of these things for her. And if want to keep her in your life, then, you’ll probably have to do all of these things.

But, if you have just met her for the first time the LAST thing you want to do is show her what a great boyfriend material you would be to her.


Here’s why: Because it DOES NOT help create any attraction in a girl. Each of these boyfriend behaviours listed above only creates more “comfort” with a girl… rather than “sexual attraction”… and which will do nothing but push you into the dreaded friend zone if you start acting that way even BEFORE sleeping with her.

Also, when you begin to show all of your boyfriend behaviours even BEFORE you’ve slept with her… you’ve already given her the control and power. And once a girl is in control… it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to sleep with her EVER.

But here’s the good news: Even if you accidentally displayed any one of the many unattractive behaviours listed above to a girl you have just met, it is STILL possible to sleep with her.

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