9 Simple Tips To Make Her Feel Special

Hey there! What’s up?

So you want to learn how to make the woman feel special?

It’s all great being attractive, confident, and charming, but if you cannot make the woman feel special, she won’t like you.

At best, she’ll view you as a selfish guy. At worst, a worthless scumbag.

While it’s not impossible to hang around with women like this for a while, but eventually she’ll wise up and leave.

Making the woman you like feel special is quite simple. But for whatever reasons, most guys do it wrong. Many think that showering a woman with compliments, writing bad poetry, singing songs, and throwing money at her will do the trick. While I won’t say they might not help, but there are still other actions you can do to show her that you really care about her.

In this post, you’ll find nine effective tips to make any woman feel special:

1. Listen to her carefully.

There is nothing better you can do but listen to make them feel special, including the woman you like.

Most guys, almost 90%, don’t often listen to anyone they’re having a conversation with. They’re stuck in their head almost all the time, and thinking of what to say next, instead of listening to the woman they like.

So, if you display to her that you’re a great listener, and ask her great questions on what she’s just said, that’ll be enough for her to see that you care.

2. Give her thoughtful gifts

Giving expensive gifts doesn’t make the woman feel special. But taking out time to give a thoughtful gift will actually demonstrate that you remembered what she said, which’ll go a long way to make her feel special.

Anything that says to her: “I saw this in the mall and it reminded me of you” proves to her that she’s on your mind (even if she’s not with you).

3. Give her unique compliments.

If you’re dating a woman who looks like a model, you should understand that she has been told all the standard compliments (“Oh, you look gorgeous…” “Oh, you look beautiful..”) throughout her life. She’s sick of it, and so all her friends who are from the fashion industry.

Instead, tell her in detail the reason why you’re attracted to her. Make it personal, unique, and ideally, make it all about her personality.

If you haven’t got to know her very well yet, cold reads are a great tool to that:

“You seem like the kind of girl who is…” which will make her curious about what you’ll say next than “you’re so beautiful” line does.

Here are a few more examples of giving unique compliments.

4. Share in-jokes with her.

An insider joke, based on a unique experience you guys shared together, helps you to build an unspoken/unbreakable bond between the two of you.

For example, a nickname (‘Trouble’) that no-one else calls her will go a long way to make her feel special.

5. Show her your vulnerable side.

Most guys put out on a fake ultra-macho persona when meeting other people, particularly attractive women, but displaying your vulnerability is a great way to make her feel special.

When you unashamedly embrace all your weaknesses and emotions, it can actually be sexier to the woman you’re talking with. It displays to her that you value her opinion and trust her on sensitive topics.

Now, of course, you should not tell all your problems on this new woman, but sharing a couple of personal stories can help develop a strong rapport.

6. Win over her family and friends

For most women, the approval of her family and friends means everything to her. So if her friends do not like you, you’ll be having a difficult time building a strong and lasting relationship with her.

So put an effort to make important people in her life like you, which’ll show to her that you can care about her.

7. Accept all her strengths and weaknesses

Women want to be with a man who’ll love her even when she’s feeling sad and depressed and make-up free, as well as when she’s look intoxicating in a velvet chiffon dress.

If you show how much you care about her and how much you love her during both the good and the bad times, that’s a surefire sign that she’s very special to you.

8. Choosing to be with her over other people

If you’re spending time with her, and not with others (her friends and families) that’ll show to her that she’s special to you.

9. Putting in an effort to make her feel special.

Showing the woman that she is special is ultimately all about actions, and not just words.

If you’re taking actions for her — either through cooking breakfast, travelling a long way to meet her, or going with her to some boring activity — and not just talking about it, something you would never do for an average woman, that should be enough to show her that you care about her.

WARNING: Do not overdo it.

These powerful tips will effortlessly transform you from a “stranger” to a “boyfriend” material almost overnight, in her mind, at least, but do not overdo it, especially during your early initiate days of courtship.

But most clueless guys make the huge mistake of putting the woman on a pedestal when they barely even know her. That is a creepy and desperate behaviour, and not attractive to women at all. It’s the classic mistake of those chumps who often wind up in the dreaded friendzone.

To make her feel special initially, it’s way better to demonstrate the behaviours of a guy who’s really good with women. Once you’ve done this and you want to make her as your girlfriend, then use the tips listed above to prove to her that you care about her more than any other woman in your life.

Stay chill.


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