A “Ninja Pro Tip” to Spur A Woman’s Interest, INSTANTLY!

a ninja pro tip on how to spur a woman's interest

Don’t know how to engage a girl into the interaction long enough to take things to the “next level”?

Maybe, you might be thinking, “I should display my wit, share engaging stories, or do some “cool magic tricks” to get her engaged to me…”

But if you go this safe route to engage a woman…

After only less than a minute, you’ll find her…

  • Looking down her mobile phone…
  • And a while later, looking past you to check out other guys in the room.

If you ask her boring “get to know questions” during your first minute, EVERYTHING else except YOU will grab her attenion…

how to seduce a girl and take her back to your place
A communication ‘secret to take things to the “next level” with a girl…

And then, a million different insecurities will start to come up in your head, like:

  • She probably thinks that I’m ugly…
  • I can’t get to CAPTIVATE her with my personality…
  • Probably I did not wear my favourite deodorant?

But here’s the FACT: She finds you ‘boring’…

And when a girl rejection you, you’ll probably become bitter about it…

And you’ll hear yourself saying to yourself, “Ah I get it. She’s like a warm toilet seat — she was with another guy before me and she’ll probably be with another one after I get up.”

And, like a hard-working dog, you take one last shot at making conversation with her.

But, to your surprise, she only stings you back by saying, “It was very nice to meet you, but I have to go and meet my friends.”

Later, while you’re thinking hard about the interaction alone in your sack, you’ll probably realise, “Damn, that ‘boring’ conversation was a shipwreck. I should have never used it, anyway.”

You see, many of us, at some point in our life, have probably experienced something similar.

But here’s the SECRET: Most guys often think, “Only if I had more interesting things to say, or do to her, I would have got a completely different result.”

Well, there might be a little bit of truth there….

But as most successful politicians, salesmen, or orators might tell you, “It’s not WHAT you say, but HOW you say it that matters.”

I have seen stand up comedians put an audience spellbound one night and yet completely crash it the next.

They used the exact same routine on both the nights, but their delivery was completely DIFFERENT.

So, in THIS post, you are not going to discover any interesting conversation topics, clever pickup lines, or jokes to get a girl engaged with you.

Rather, I’m going to reveal you a communication ‘secret’ that’ll get ANY hot bombshell glued to YOU long enough to take things to the “next level”.

But before I spill the beans for you, I want you to make a promise to me.

No matter what your current communication level is now, or how ‘boring’ you think you are, I want you to promise me that you are NOT GOING TO CHANGE in what you are already saying to a woman… for an entire straight week.


Because I want you to see for yourself how just by adding one simple ‘secret’ to what you are already saying to women can dramatically skyrocket your chances with them.

Now, at school, you were probably taught by your teachers to finish a thought or an idea BEFORE moving to the next, right?

That would be a great piece of advice if you want to watch the girl walk away from you to talk to another jerk who “gets it.”

But, if you want her to stick around and hang on to every word you say, then you MUST break this “lame habit” of yours as soon as possible and…

Start Using “Open Loops.”

What are “open loops”?

An open loop is when you start a thought, a story, or a joke, or an idea, rather than completing it, and you move on to something else.

In other words, you keep the loop ‘open.’

When you use an open loop (an unfinished idea, though, or a story) the human mind seeks a ‘closure’.

Open loops are also called the “tension loops” because they spark an unresolved emotional tension in a woman.

Even if a woman finds you all HOT and sexy, the open loop will unconsciously compel her to hang on to every word you say and emotionally view you as a high-value guy.

And because she wants to resolve that tension you just created in her mind, and she knows that you, and ONLY you, can resolve it for her, she then starts to pay close attention to every word you say and sees you as having a lot of value.

Now, just IMAGINE: a “homeless guy” crossing paths with a high maintenance chick.

If the homeless guy makes a tragic effort at making a conversation with her by saying, “Hey, I just wanted to say that I like your style…”

“My name is Joe, and I am living in the streets. And let me tell you about my life story…”

Then she’d most probably have no interest in him and scurry off because she finds him or little or no value, possibly scary, and repulsive.

But if he used an ‘open loop’ at her, by saying something along the line, “You know, what they say about women with blue eyes…?”

Then he would most likely spark an unresolved tension in her body.

She’d then start to feel a yearning for emotional closure.

Closure only he has the power to bring her.

A Ninja Pro Tactic to Seduce a Girl…

Now, this homeless dude, who she would never in her right mind give a second thought, successfully arouses her interest and establishes his value.

Also, the open loop helps build that essential ‘sexual tension’ inside her body.

And once you build emotional tension in your effort to flirting with her, it automatically becomes sexualized in her body.

But there’s SO much more to open loops that you may have imagined…

Let me talk about the “Zeigarnik effect.”

This effect is named after Bluma Zeigarnik, a Soviet Psychologist, who noticed one interesting thing at the local bar she frequently visited: she discovered that waiters remembered orders up until they serve the food.

And once they served the food, then they FORGOT them.

This observation led the discovery that the human mind remembers the most information when a ‘loop is open’.

How will this insider information help you with seducing women?

Here’s HOW: a woman will most likely remember everything you tell her… between opening up a loop and closing it.

Let me share with you a really powerful application of open loops that most politicians use when answering questions.

Most of the time, when politicians are asked a question, they often avoid the topic for a few minutes, talking almost about irrelevant topics, before addressing the question directly.

This keeps the listener glued.

How can you apply this to attraction and seduction?

Here’s HOW: When most guys meet a woman they simply tell her their name and then shake their hands, and that’s ALL.

The interaction comes to a dead halt.

An hour — or even a few minutes later — the girl probably won’t remember his name or anything about him.

When a woman asks me my name, here’s HOW I answer (using an ‘open loop’): “When I was a 6-year-old my mother told me she and my dad actually named me Laxmi, which actually means the goddess of wealth. And I said, “Wow, dad… isn’t that amazing? Why didn’t you use that name?” And she said, “Well boy, we didn’t want to use that name because we discovered that it’s the name of a goddess from Greek mythology. But we didn’t really care about using a female name for you. The real reason why didn’t name you Abishek is that our cat also had the same name — we thought it was a cool name. And, the day you were born, the cat passed away because of a malicious disease it was suffering for quite some time. So when we call you by that name, we didn’t want you to remind us of the cat. So that’s why we named you John instead.”

By not giving her the instant gratification of learning my name I’m using an open loop.

This sparks an unresolved tension inside her body. Her unconscious mind wants to bring closure to this loop, making her hang on to every word I am telling her.

If I had just told her my name from the get-go, she might have judged, “Oh, this average looking guy probably lives a very boring life,” and then she’ll move on to another man.

But by presenting an open loop, I had an opportunity to demonstrate that I come from a cultured family, tell great stories, have a sense of humour, and possess value (or “Prizability”).

ALSO, because of the Zeigarnik effect, she will probably remember that I was that guy who was almost named Laxmi.

Stay chilled!


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