Attract Beautiful Women: 7 Attractive Things Women Look for in Men


Things Women look For in a Man Before Falling for Him

The century-old topic of conversation about ‘what women want in a man’ seems to confuse a lot of men. It’s a good conversation topic for decades with everything from books such as Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus to Mel Gibson trying to figure out What Woman Want.

What women actually look for in a man? The truth of the matter is, many men are completely clueless as to what women want. We may be taught to think and believe that women look for good looks, money, and a lot of attention, but in reality, they’re all WRONG.

If you think you don’t know the answer to this question, then don’t panic. You’re not alone in this, however. The agony so many of us go through when it comes to meeting, connecting, and dating women can be enough to make us want to visit a psychiatric hospital.

But for your mental wellness, and to make 2019 a great year for you and everyone else around you, this post will give you a few inside information on things women look for in men.

The #1 Myth Surrounding What Women Want In A Man (Finally Revealed)

Being men, we frequently encounter all sorts of mental barriers that prevent us from getting the kind of women we truly desire. We think we lack good looks, money, and power to attract beautiful women. That’s the number 1 reason why most of us settle because we wrongly believe we are supposed to have only one particular type of women, and these other beautiful women who seem out of our league are simply unattainable because of our current position.

But in reality, your good looks and money are only good enough for getting one thing from women, and that is… attention. But what after that once you have that attention?

Consider attention like a fancy advertisement. It might grab your attention, but it doesn’t guarantee you’re actually going to purchase that product, do you? The media is partly to blame for all this fiasco because they’re the ones displaying ads with pictures of men with 6-pack abs everywhere; we’re drummed by the media that’s what women look for in men.

But, in reality, when you try to “impress” a girl by taking her out on a big fancy date or buying her expensive gifts, she may get the impression that you’re trying to buy her affection. Personally, I believe that if you buy somebody something it subconsciously communicates a woman that she is in a higher position of importance than you. This, in return, lowers your value as a potential partner.

You see, when you try to lavish money just to impress her, you can give her the wrong impression that you’re trying to manipulate her into giving you something back (sex), and even worse, women may view this kind of behaviour as lack of confidence. Unfortunately, both of these kinds of behaviours are big attraction killers.

Now, let’s look at some of the real things that woman actually value, which you can’t put any price tag on, especially in 2019.

1. Be interested, but don’t be eager…

When you’re out on a date with the girl you like, always remember that conversation is a two-way street. In addition to being interesting, show your date that you’re interested in her as well! There’s nothing that puts a date to “snoreland” more than just rambling about yourself.

Ask her questions, listen actively to her responses, talk about points talked about 15 minutes earlier, and follow up with a few more questions about it. All these little indirect actions demonstrate your date that you are actually paying attention to her, processing the information, and actually retaining them.

What doing this tells a woman is that you’re actually interested in her, which is extremely important to her.

2. Stick to your promises

This all boils down to respect. If you say you’re going to show up, just show up. If you can’t, let her know. It’s easy, honest, and absolutely doable.

Yet so many guys let a woman down and leave her guessing from not actually following through with the things they promised they’d do. When you don’t show up after promising, it only makes you look flakey at best or simply shows you really don’t care.

Women HATE guys that are flakey. Women LOVE a guy who can make a plan and stick to it. So, if you’re the type of guy who is afraid of commitment, including making plans a little ahead of time, then women will always have doubt if you are capable of making any kind of commitment at all.

3. Take initiative

Leaders are sexier. Nothing attracts a girl more than a man who leads. I’ve seen plenty of times many women admire a guy who isn’t afraid of taking the lead but taking the role of a leader doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be bullish or superior.

During the courtship, leading can be wonderful though. Don’t be that “nice guy” and let a woman take all the responsibility of the date by saying, ‘What do you prefer? Whatever you wish. I don’t really mind.’ That’s just plain dull and boring.

Instead, lead your date by saying, “Let’s do this…” Tell her you’d want to order food both the two of you and surprise her. These small acts of taking the initiative can feel different and exciting to other dates she’s been on.

You immediately stand out from the crowd and become different.

4. The lost art of chivalry

Let’s face the truth: back in the ’50s, dating was most likely not as wild and exciting as it could be in 2019, but one important thing most guys in the past did, and that was chivalry. What is chivalry? ‘Chivalry’ is a term that dates back to the ‘olden times’ when noblemen and knights followed and respected a set of social norms like honour and loyalty.

Now I am not saying you must put on a set of armour, but good behaviours and things such as opening a door for a woman, offering her a seat first, or throwing a protective arm over her as she crosses the street are all acts of chivalry that most women absolutely look for in men.

5. Have confidence in yourself

Confidence is STILL King. If you lack confidence, fake it until you make it. The truth of the matter is that almost everyone, men and women can have all kinds of difficulties when it comes to dating and courting.

You have two choices. You can either a) come across as a guy who completely lacks confidence and doubts every moves you take or b) you can chose to rock up, own it, and come across as confident man because you’re making all the bold actions and mentally reassuring yourself. Listen. You’ve got this!

Now, I don’t mean to say you have to be someone you’re not just to be confident. Just having confidence in how you are as a person will do the trick. Being comfortable in your own skin is a truly attractive trait to have.

6. Honesty is the best policy

And, lways remember that honesty is the best approach when it comes to attracting women.

If a date goes horrible, or if you’ve been out on a couple of dates and you two aren’t feeling any chemistry, don’t leave the girl in the dark and disappear. Ghosting isn’t good, just be honest with your thoughts and feelings.

Sometimes we bring up new things to light that the other person can learn from. Other times, honesty can actually help build and refresh on what may have been a horrible date, to bring out a completely different side of our personality of each other that wasn’t apparent there before.

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With all these powerful tips in your pocket, it’s crystal clear that you understand now that a lot of women want more than just a guy with 6-pack abs and a big fat wallet in 2019. Dating and relationships have never been so difficult with the arrival and popularity of online dating.

By forming personal bonds that help bring the best out of yourself, you’ll be quickly able to form a truly deep and meaningful connection that can make all the difference in your day to day life.

Stay chilled,


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