Best Conversation Starters: 4 “Secret” Conversation Topics for Conversation with a Girl


The best conversation topics on dates, cafes, bars, or anywhere you are looking to meet and connect with women.

I am a confidence and dating coach and I help shy and afraid men improve their conversation skills with women and learn how to talk to women in a FUN, PLAYFUL, and FLIRTATIOUS way that sparks attraction… and I notice one major issue come up over and over again…

“What are the best conversation topics on dates, bars, or anywhere else?”


If you’ve been going out on dates regularly, or meeting women randomly, then you probably must had, at least a few times, felt the frustration of experiencing those…

Dreaded awkward silences

Or, running out of things to say

Or, racking your brains trying to think of a few good conversation topics that are not “boring”…

Establish yourself as a fun, playful, and flirtatious guy to get a girl into talking to you…

Or, simply getting stuck in the “small talk“.

It’s what I like to call the “What do I talk about” syndrome.

And this problem often surface from NOT KNOWING what type of conversation topics sparks attraction in a woman.

I assume you probably already know that “interview type” small talk never leads your interactions with women towards something that is FUN, PLAYFUL, and “SEXUAL.”

… But if you’ve been over thinking about ‘What should I say to avoid that dreaded awkward silences with a woman… and what conversation topics actually lead towards generating attraction?’

Then here are 4 good conversation topics that’ll INSTANTLY steer your interaction with women towards something that is FUN, PLAYFUL, and SEXUAL with women!

Best Conversation Starters with a Girl

Before I even give you all the good conversation topics that spark instant attraction in a woman…

Let me first explain why it’s SO crucial to bring up good conversation topics in your interactions with women in the first place…

Earlier, I mentioned about the dreaded “interview type” small talk.

This mode often arise when guys having absolutely no idea what to say NEXT…

So they revert back, asking the same usual “fact-based” (boring) questions about her job, college, family, or town, such as:

  • Where are you from?
  • Which college did you go to?
  • Why did you choose to become a model?

What’s SO WRONG with asking these types of questions when talking to a woman?

The number one problem with these questions is that they are very common.

If you ask the same lame questions that every other guy have asked her during her lifetime…

Then it going to be very difficult to STAND OUT from other guys.

PLUS, these questions never make a girl feel some kind of attraction towards you.

And because you don’t know WHAT topics make up for a fun, playful, and flirtatious banter…

You continually let the girl “steer” the conversation towards these dead-end trap of a conversation.

On the other hand, having an arsenal of “sexy topics” in your repertoire to talk about ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, and with ANYONE, including ANY beautiful women you like, gives you an unfair advantage over other ‘clueless’ guys, and also gives an upper hand in the interaction.

Now if you read the “Gary Null Story” in the free report The Small Talk Tactics report by my friend Bobby Rio, then you probably already saw how easily Bobby handed the control of the conversation to the woman he was talking to — and how he was stuck talking about the same topic (“health food”) for the entire hour.


If you don’t have a bag full of good conversation topics to keep the interaction naturally flowing towards YOUR DESIRED OBJECTIVE…

She’ll probably lead the conversation towards something equally “friendly”, “safe”, and “boring”.

(And you’ll only find her giving a handjob to one of your buddies an hour later)

Even more importantly, having a bag full of “good” conversation topics that you can flush out anytime, anywhere, gives you that much-required level of “conversation confidence” that’ll empower you to talk to a lot of women than you may have in the past.

The biggest fear that prevents a lot of guys from approaching and talking to a woman they like is the fear of facing those ‘awkward silence’ and ‘running out of things to say’…

And if you can trick your brain to come up with a constant supply of good conversation topics…

You’ll be much sharper and eventually these two biggest fears will finally vanish…

And you’ll naturally catch yourself talking to a lot of women no matter where you are.

What are some of the key components of good conversation topics on dates, bars, or clubs?


Not all conversation topics are good.

In fact, most of them will only “bore” a woman silly.

For example, she doesn’t want to hear what you do for a living.

She doesn’t want to hear about how long you’ve been living in the current city.

And if you ask her “What do you do for fun?” then she’ll probably scream out loud for help.

So, what are some of the key components of good conversation topics that women LOVE to talk about?

And even more importantly… what are the key components of conversation topics that’ll steer your interaction towards YOUR DESIRED OUTCOME — i.e. ATTRACTION?

6 Key Features of Good Conversation Topics

1. Good conversation topics build rapport.

To connect with a woman you like, you must first figure out something about her to “relate” to her.

You must select a conversation starter that’ll allow her to relate to you in some way.

Doing this will help you build trust and comfort with a girl, and give you a chance to build a strong connection (rapport) with her.

It’s only AFTER she feels that connection with you will she drop down all her shields and be much more willing to keep on talking with you.

2. Good conversation topics foster an “emotional state”

Most people walk through their life in what I often like to refer to as “a boredom haze.”

Daily mundane activities of life keep many of us devoid of any real emotions.

That’s why we seek emotions.

This is probably the reason why Broadway is a multi-billion dollar a year industry.

It meets our expectations for an emotional state.

So if you stick to conversation starters that trigger these lost or often forgotten “positive emotions,” then the woman you’re talking to will be literally putty in your hands.

3. Good conversation topics make you come across as a “3 dimensional”

When a woman meets you for the first time she has a very difficult time categorizing you from the pool of 100s of guys who have approached her over her lifetime.

It’s just a time management tool for her to place you in with them all and forget about you.

This is the reason why it is super critical that you present conversation topics that’ll allow you to create a unique personality for you.

Even better if you can add some contradictions to your personality.

This will not only help you come across as unpredictable and interesting… but it’ll also allow her to picture herself having a lot of fun with you in different kinds of situations.

4. Good conversation topics offers plenty of “hooks” to keep her engaged.

The ultimate goal of talking to a girl is to get her to open up to you, share her interests and desires to you, and become heavily invested in the conversation with you.

The best way to go about doing this is to offer her some “hooks” for you to remark something about.

What this basically means is that a good conversation starter also acts as a “bait” to engage her into becoming more emotionally open in what you’re conversating about.

5. Good conversation topics display your “awesome characteristics”.

There are only a handful of masculine qualities that women are universally attracted to.

These qualities are social proof, pre-selected by other women, adventurous, fun, and passionate.

The more of these attractive qualities the conversation topic allows you to show — the better for you.

6. Good conversation topics “steers” the interaction towards sexuality.

If your aim is to spark “sexual attraction” in a woman then you must do something to forge that sexual desire and sexual tension.

And the topics of your conversations must allow you to easily do this.

This basically means that a good conversation topic must be sexual.

It should naturally lend itself to touching and must generate an undercurrent of sexuality.

Different Types of Interesting Conversation Topics for Adults

Now, my friend Bobby Rio has created a short video describing the 4 best good conversation topics for attracting a woman, where he particularly discuss the four best first date conversation topics into the interaction.

In general, there are about 12 good conversation topics.

Some of these “interesting” conversation topics include:

  • Food
  • Early childhood memories
  • Future ambitions
  • The topic of music
  • Travel stories
  • Both of your passions, interests, and hobbies
  • Pop culture
  • People watching
  • Observations about her
  • Unusual Experiences
  • Obstacles you’ve overcome
  • Glorified gossip
  • Life’s lessons you’ve learned

Generally, having a conversation about any one of these 12 good conversation topics will lead to the 6 key components that I mentioned above that a good conversation topic must possess.

4 Unique Conversation Topics

Like I mentioned earlier, my friend Bobby Rio recently put up a free video presentation where he walks you step by step through his 4 all-time favourite conversation topics…

And gives you the exact progression to segue these topics into your conversations with women on bars, clubs, or dates, or just meeting them randomly, anytime, anywhere.

This free video presentation will also unleash:

  • 4 all-time conversation topics that immediately gets her opening up to you — and makes her begging for you to keep the conversation going, as she starts to get that feeling of sexual desire and attraction towards you.
  • The exact order to bring these topics into the conversation to have the maximum and strongest dramatic effect
  • One conversation topic that is such a breath of fresh air from her current monotonous life that she’ll most likely be talking about you with her friends for months to come.
  • I personally believe that after reading this post on good conversation topics with a girl that you’ll certainly agree with me how important choosing the ‘right’ topics is.

On the flip side, choosing “friendly”, “safe”, or “boring” first date conversation topics can quickly make a woman lose interest in you and abruptly end the conversation.

Stay chilled!


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