Close the Deal: The “Smoothest Way” to Ask a Woman Back to Your Place for Sex

Always be Closing

This question is one of the 3 most common issues that a lot of guys seem to have: “How do I close the deal?” For most guys, the real issue is not approaching and talking to women, and even taking them back to their place. That’s when their real problem starts to surface up: they get all shy and nervous, and basically, don’t know what to do.

In the past, I used to have difficulty with this too. I’m an introvert and I guess I think too much than necessary. In one way, it’s a blessing — because I get to write about this topic because I’m very logical — but in another way, my overthinking also gets in my way. So, recently, I sort of figured out some clever ways to use my logical mind to my advantage. I’ve figured out how to use my mind to turn myself on and get revved up.

Turn on yourself first…

And that’s the biggest secret to ‘closing the deal’ when you meet a woman who’s sipping her drink alone in the bar — you must be turned on yourself first, to the point where you desire her SO much that you make a move on her. (WARNING: if a woman says “no” to your advances or seems freaked out, simply back off, or you’ll face all kinds of awful things that may happen if you cross the line.)

Scared of Women?

Let’s just look at this. A woman is physically smaller than you, has little muscle than you (and hence, she’s softer than you physically), and she’s more emotionally sensitive, and the way she is built is that of a receptor — the soft warmth that absorbs your strong and hard penetration.

So why in hell would you be afraid of such a harmless being? Well, it all boils down to “fear of rejection.” For most guys, rejection from a woman is a big blow to their self-esteem. They’ll suppress their desires as a man just to avoid rejection from women. But overthinking about rejection means that you view a woman as some kind of an authority figure on who you are and how you should be. But… you see, again… she’s just a woman! She completely doesn’t have a clue what it’s like to be a man, so she simply can’t be an authority figure on what you should be.

So, the moral of the story is to be a man, don’t apologize for your manly desires, and go for what you want in life. After all, that’s what a lot of women truly wants from a man!

She Desires You Too

What a lot of guys seem to be unaware of is that women are just as sexual as we men are. The only difference is that men are like light switches and women are like knobs. In other words, men get turned on pretty fast, while women get aroused slowly, but make no mistakes about it, in the back of their mind, almost all the time, they’re only thinking about sex, sex, and sex. I know this is a fact because I get tons of texts all day from different women showing their horniness. Here are a few examples:

“I miss your touch”

“I miss you…”

“Thinking about you, so turned on.”

“So when are we going to chill again???”

“Send me a pic of that amazing dick” (to be honest, my dick is small — it’s the emotional connection she either has with me or, er it.)

See that? Women are sexual, too. Just accept this fact, but also accept that they’re not going to be blatantly obvious about it at first. They only want to feel desired. So they’ll act all passive to get you to become all aggressive. That way, she can immediately see if a) you’re a real man, and b) feel desired, which c) arouses her!

Take Charge

Like I said earlier, a woman likes a man who goes for what he wants. I hear women tell me all the time: “I go crazy over a guy who knows exactly what he wants and goes for it.” In other words, this means that when you want something, or want to do something, you just go for it.

Now, this is the true nature of man – the penetrating, thrusting, striving, that comes through your soul. Women use this as the way to determine how much of a man you are (in short, it’s not about your looks, your wallet, or the size of your dick — it’s all about your nature). Even if she rejects your advances, she’ll always respect you for the fact that you actually went for it. There’s a famous saying: women may reject me, but she’ll always respect me.

Your Move

Let me give you a few good examples of how to close the deal when you meet a woman alone:

  • As you sit on the sofa, pick her legs up and place them on your lap. Rub her calves and feet. Pull her in, lock eyes with her, and kiss her.
  • As soon as you are into your place (or hers), grab her hips from behind, start kissing, and nuzzle her neck. She’ll most likely turn and kiss your lips.
  • Pick her up and throw her over your shoulder. Take her back to your bedroom, and lay her down GENTLY. Get on top of her and kiss her passionately.
  • Pull your cock out a random time and tell her to hold in for dear life (only joking… or am I?)

Stay chilled,


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