​​*ATTENTION: ​In the letter below you're going to learn amazing daytime pickup 'secrets' that can help you turn into an outgoing, social, and confident guy, who can effortlessly meet, captivate, connect, and date any women you want, anytime, anywhere (even if you're a shy and afraid)!

​Amazing ​​Day ​​Game '​Secrets' ​​​Can ​Help ​YOU ​Learn ​How ​To...

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Express ​Your "​Core ​Identity" ​And Give ​ANY Woman ​A ​​Quick ​Sneak ​Peek ​Into ​Your "​Personality" ​And ​​Establish​ ​Yourself ​As ​A ​Fun, ​Interesting, And ​Unique...

​Provide ​Tons ​​Of "​Value" ​To ​Any ​Woman ​And ​Come ​Across ​As ​A ​Happy, ​Classy, ​Cultured, ​And ​Enthusiastic ​Guy, ​And ​​Open ​The ​Door ​Into ​ANY ​Girl's ​Life ​And ​Keep ​Her ​Engaged ​On ​YOU...

​Have ​Effective ​Conversation ​With ​Any ​Women ​And ​Get ​Into ​​Her ​Heart (​Even ​If ​You ​Are ​Short, ​Ugly, ​Poor, ​Shy, ​Or ​Nervous ​Average ​Guy)...

​Create ​A ​Long-Lasting ​​​"Emotional ​Connection" ​With ​A​NY ​Beautiful Chick, ​Sweep ​Her ​Off ​Her ​Feet, ​Push ​All ​Her "HOT Buttons," ​Know ​What/​How ​To ​Do ​It, ​And ​Give ​Her "​A ​Memorable ​Experience"...

​Build ​Enough "Trust" And ​"Comfort​" With ​Any ​Chick ​And ​Compel ​Her ​To ​Respond ​To ​Your ​Call/​Text, ​​Show ​Up ​On ​The ​Date, ​Not '​Flake' ​On ​YOU!​...

​​​Master ​Your ​"Logistics" ​And ​Be ​Prepared ​For ​Contingencies ​On ​The ​Date ​So ​That ​She ​Has ​No ​Other "​Choice" ​But ​To ​Follow ​YOU ​Back ​To ​Your ​Apartment... ​(Even If You Met Her The ​​First ​Time)...

​And ​Make ​Her So Heavily ​"Invested" In ​You ​So ​That ​She ​Start ​To 'Impress' Y​OU, ​Value YOU​, ​Want ​You​​, ​And ​​BOOST ​Your ​Chances ​Of ​Making Her Your Girlfriend...

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​If you are ready to finally discover the ​Day ​Game '​Secrets' that'll transform you from a "shy dork" into a "fearless ​Don ​Juan" who ​could effortlessly meet, captivate, connect, and seduce any women​, anywhere (on the streets, cafes, malls, subway, etc.), ​during the day (even if you're shy and afraid)... then this will be the most importan letter you'll ever read!

Hey there! What's up?

Have you ever "screwed up" with a woman because your lack of communication skills killed the chance of any attraction?

... have you ever experienced that moment while talking to a woman where your mind just shuts down and the harder you tried to think of something ‘witty’ or ‘cool’ thing to say the more you retreat into your own head… and you can see right in the woman’s eyes that she’s starting to realize that you’re not actually "cool" as she imagined you were a few minutes earlier?

... have you ever “ejected” from an interaction while it was still going smooth and strong because you didn’t ​KNOW how to escalate the conversation past a “nice” and “friendly” level to much more "intimate" and "sexual"… so rather than risk a rejection from a woman... you simply walked away from her and, in return, got ​NOTHING?

... have you ever gotten a girl’s number... but when you called her… she would either not pick it up or return your calls… simply because you didn't know how to ​CONNECT with her "properly", and as a result, she doesn’t friggin’ have a clear and distinct image ​of ​"who you are" as a person​… and so instead of responding to your calls/texts, she literally holds the phone in her hand for hours before finding a "good excuse" not to call...?

Have you ever went through any of these experiences before?

And what’s the WORST part about going through one of these situations?

Well, to be honest, the most agonizing part of it is that you’re going through it, you always KNOW that it’s not her but YOU that’s "screwing up" the ​WHOLE thing!

​And I know it sucks!!

​This Will Change Your Life, Forever

​I KNOW deep down inside you don’t want to give up…

​Because you know that if you can “put your finger on it” … it will change EVERYTHING.

​I believe at least by now you “get it.” And you probably already KNOW that it’s not money, power, or even looks that’ll make her go CRAZY about YOU. In fact, these things actually mean ​​​nothing unless you ​KNOW how to communicate effectively with a woman…

​It’s your ABILITY to open up your mouth and talk to them in a “way” that gets them all excited about you… gets them to OPEN UP to you… and feel an “irresistible desire” to want to be with you again​... and once you master all THE KEY SKILLS… you can literally meet, captivate, connect, and seduce ​ANY woman… in a matter of minutes, not after a week or two … and ​create that "spark" of CHEMISTRY that other "clueless guys" go their entire life without experiencing…

​I know you’ve imagined it already, yourself approaching and talking with the ladies you’re interested in… with James Bond-like smoothness… on the street, cafes, and malls, or ANYWHERE else under the sun…

​… and getting the girl "cracking" with laughter at your silly jokes, getting her touching you on the arms ​WITHIN a few minutes into the interaction while you easily transition "innocent-looking" interaction into an ALMOST INSTANTANEOUS SEDUCTION.

Not to mention the “surge of new-found CONFIDENCE” that flows through your viens and spread across every areas of your life, allowing you to have all the FUN in the whole wide world, while also allowing you to easily CONNECT with all the BEAUTIFUL chicks you see on the streets... so that when they finally arrive back at their home, they’ll be thinking about YOU all the time and want to initiate the CHASING, instead of the other way around.

It means that you’ll create an entirely ‘new’ world where you have the COURAGE to go after exactly what you want and get the RESPECT and admiration of all the men who don’t.

And here’s the best part about it all: You’ll look forward to heading out your house and talking to women, every single day of your remaining life on earth… ENJOYING all the interactions you’ll have with women … while scoring "INCREDIBLE RESULTS" -- from phone numbers to "instant dates" and "one night stands" to serious "long​-term relationships"…

​You DO NOT WANT TO GIVE UP because you ​KNOW​what this exactly means… and you know this is WORTH LEARNING.

​A Realization That Instantly Changed E​EVERYTHING For Me

​When I was scouring the internet looking for the hidden “secrets” on how to get ​BETTER at approaching and communicating with women… I almost never found the ‘right’ information that I was looking for. Yeah, there were TONS OF great information on building an “inner game,” attractive characteristic traits of men that attract women, and “what to say” to initiate a conversation…

  • You need to know how to TRANSITION all of these attraction building strategies into a fun, playful, and 'flirty’ conversation, smoothly.
  • ​​And, when your mind goes BLANK and you completely STALL OUT you need to know how to recover from these ​moments...
  • ​You also need to ​KNOW “how to ​escalate a conversation from something playful, fun, and flirtatious to something more “sexual”…
  • check
    ​​​You need to ​KNOW how to think quickly on your feet and how to turn it ON, instantly and become more CHARISMATIC.
  • check
    ​​And, most importantly, you also need to ​KNOW how to draw more ENGAGING conversation out of the girl you’re talking to.

​For a very long time, I became obsessed with one question: “What do I talk about?”

​When one of my close friends would hook up… although it was too embarrassing to outright ask about it… I would shamefully pry “what did you say to her?”

​And when I frantically scoured the Internet reading other guy’s "success stories" I always looked for the little snippets of dialogue that I would analyze and try to recreate.

​Yet anytime I found myself alone with a girl… and ​KNEW that I had a great opportunity to ​CONNECT with her… instead, my entire body would get tense… my voice would get "creaky​"… and I’d find myself sort of shrugging and asking boring “interview questions”… and although I ​KNEW she was just being "polite" with me… I could tell she wanted to be ​ANYWHERE but next to me…

​In fact, as my "insecurity" over my ​lack of conversation skills got ​LARGER, I started to find that this “what do I talk about” question was SABOTAGING other areas of my life.

​Anytime I got even slightly outside of my "comfort zone..." I would immediately start to feel this shell ​GROW around me... and the harder I tried to ​"CRACK it"… the more I would just murder my chances at creating any sort of ​CONNECTION.

​Why was it that the harder I tried, the, more "boring" and "​unnatural" my conversations became?

​"My ‘Aha’ Moment"

​I ​STILL remember that night when I was hanging out with a friend of mine who always ​"killed it" with the ladies… ​WITHIN 10 ​MINUTES of talking to this girl she was already inviting him back to her place… I stood there ​SURPRIZED!

​The​ "conversation was effective​"… ​and even though most of the conversation was pretty "mundane"… yet, she was "giggling" and having FUN the entire time…​

​Then I had a real “aha moment” when I had a simple realization: I realized the guys who seem to be "killing" with the ladies were ​the guys who were able to have the most "interesting conversations"…​

​And that’s when it "hit me!"

​It’s ​your ability to talk ​A LOT about "different topics" that turns a woman ON… ​BUT your ability to have a "fun-filled", "playful", and "flirtatious" conversation, while also allowing you to ​CONNECT with her, emotionally, where you build that “you and me” vibe​, and build enough “sexual tension” to escalate things towards sex… that yields results.

​What If ​EVERYTHING You Thought You ​KNEW About "Striking Up A Convesation" With Women Was WRONG?

​It’s your ability to communicate effectively, display your "personality" and "value", building "comfort" and "trust", and building "sexual tension"!

​Yeah, it seems counter-intuitive to EVERYTHING you thought you knew… or everything you have been taught but it’s ​​NOT your fault.

​Very few people “crack the code” and understand the concept.

​I remember reading the book “The Game” and being so FRUSTRATED because the book would make it seem that you would just use a ​FUN opener to get a woman talking, use a few routines… and BAAAM she would be dragging you into the bathroom for a quickie…

No mention at all of the long stretches of conversation and emotional connection building between the opener and the close...

​​… and the "small talk".

​“What The ‘Gurus’ Left Out”

​​As I read more and more books on seduction, dating, and relationships, watched and listened to video/audio courses, attended more and more web seminars…

​I slowly began to pay attention to all the smaller things that WERE NOT BEING DISCUSSED.

​And here’s what I finally discovered: A LOT OF the advice that’s been given out on dating and seduction advise guys to do something like, “try to be 'cocky and funny', use clever openers, lines, and routines and have, talk with her about ​NOTHING, etc.”

​Makes sense, right?

​But if you place ANY guy in front of the beautiful woman and ask him to have a conversation with her, letting him spend the entire time throwing openers, lines, and cocky and funny routine… he’ll do pretty amazing, right? At least, he won’t enter into awkward silences…

… that’s until he runs out of openers, lines, and routines. And then he’d DEAD in the water.

​On the other hand, the guys who really ​good with women… you know, the guys with the dumbfounding talent to meet, connect and seduce almost ANY woman.. the guys who have the 10s and the 9s model around their arms…

​"​Effective Conversations Talking About
​'G​ood' Topics!"

​These guys are able to have amazing interactions with any women simply by communicating clearly "who they are" as a person ("personality") and "what they bring to the table" and essentially talking about what they’re ​PASSIONATE about, telling ​enaging spontaneous "stories", and displaying "sexual vibes" to take things towards “next level” -- getting her back to your apartment.

​These guys have girls laughing and giggling wide-eyed… they naturally keep the conversation FLOWING… and they NEVER 'run out of things to say'… all the while, transitioning ‘friendy’ and ‘safe’ conversation topics in the exact direction THEY want to take it.

​So much emphasis has been placed on using routines, openers, and lines to demonstrate "value", or using canned "stories" to be able to never run out of things to say that… it is almost never talked about how to have a natural, FUN and flowing conversation while seamlessly weaving all of these techniques together…

​In fact, the more and more I began to dig through the piles and piles of information that is out there on the internet… the more I started to realise how WRONG this information really is when it comes to having ​"fun​", ​"flirty​", and ​"exciting​" conversations, building strong emotional ​"rapport​", and building ​MASSIVE ​​"sexual chemistry".

​“Your ‘Missing Link’ To Getting MORE Phone Numbers, Dates, And Getting Physical…”

​I’m going to tell you something you probably already know…

​​I think you ALREADY KNOW far more than the average “nice guys” about how to become successful with women.

​​In fact, I can attest that you probably already know about this than most of the guys who are considered as “Naturals” with women.

I mean, you probably already know the “theory”… and what you need to do next to be INSANELY successful with all the beautiful women you’ll ever lay your eyes on. But things aren’t just going your way the way you wish them they would…

​And… I BELIEVE you know that all these problems you have stem from the fact that you lack “effective communication skills” and it is THE KEY skill that is stopping you from ever having a real success at building something of substance with a woman.

​I am certain that you already know WHAT you should be doing. But unfortunately, you do not know HOW to do it. There’s a big difference right there… and I believe you have already figured out this issue by now.

​But I also think by now you realise that IF and WHEN you DO decide to tackle and defeat this problem… and get this part of your life handled, once and for all … you WILL achieve the kind of success with women — and in life, in general — that most guys only DREAM about.

​And I believe by now you’ve realized that it’s not going to happen with a wave of a magic wand.

​Your problem isn’t going to “go away” itself… the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle aren’t going to “fall into place” by itself… and you are not going to get the kind of success you’re looking for with women unless and until you DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

​Here’s the good news: This problem of yours is not as difficult — or complex — to "fix" as you must have imagined.

I speak the​ TRUTH because, in the past, I have experienced everything you’re going through now. There was a long time when I believed that some mysterious ways I was “different” from all the other guys and was just not able to overcome this part of my life…

But one fine day I was finally able to point my “finger on it.”

​And now I want to reveal to you EXACTLY how I did it.

​"Finally ​An 'Incredible Solution' For A​LL Your Conversation Issues​..."

​If you're ready to finally ​KISS GOODBYE to your ​"fears" and "frustrations" of having effective conversation with women that leads where you want it to go, all the while ​displaying all your "attractive qualities"... building "unbreakable bond"... and make her SO obsessed thinking about you... that she would be spending weeks talking about you to her girlfriends... then I have some ​GREAT NEWSto you...


​I've spent ​​OVER 7+ years putting this "materials" together into a brand new, one-of-a-kind system on "Having effective conversations with women that captivate, connect, and escalate"... and it's finally ​READY TO ​ROCK.

​This system was NOT designed to simply ​"educate" you on the ins and outs of having effective conversations with women... and it's ​NOT going to give you a few great lines and techniques...

​What this ​Day Game ​System is going to ​is completely​ ​​IMPRINT the skill of carrying a conversation with a woman into your "personality", "brain", "game", and make it a PERMANENT part of you.

​In this "ground-breaking guide" you'll learn all the "subtleties of effective conversation" to pinpoint the specific problems that are ruining your chances with women... that make you realise ​"oh I can easily go on from here"...

​​“ALWAYS Be ‘In The Zone’ With Women…”

​​You’ll learn how to draw women out to talk about their “secrets” in a "natural way" rather than dragging it out of them. You’ll learn all the "mindsets", "insights", and "powerful tactics" you’ll ever need … so that you can ALWAYS be “in the zone” with women whenever you’re interacting with them.

​​What’s so ​UNI​QUE about this program is that it’s based on application and examples… and jam-packed with 100s of little “bite-size” game changers that you can read, absorb, and apply in your interactions with women and get "immediate results", starting tonight.

​Before designing this course, here’s what I told myself: “A little theory is fine… but I must provide MORE examples of things my readers can do immediately tonight that dramatically ​IMPROVES the ​'quality' of their interactions, during daytime pickup…

​… and I need to provide EXAMPLES for all the 8 essential ​Day ​Game components, for example, how to​ APPROACH a girl properly, conveying your ​"personality", building "emotional connection", creating "long-lasting first impression", taking women on "​​instant dates", creating "sexual tension", and bringing her back to your place, etc.”

​Not only that, you’ll also learn "mindset shifts", "tips", and "techniques" so that you REMEMBER to use this stuff WHEN IT MATTERS THE MOST when you’re communicating with women…

​… Because one BIGGEST problem a lot of guys have, I’ve realized now, is that it is easier for them to gobble up information after information sitting at a computer… but ​A ​WHOLE LOT different to going outside of the home and actually putting all these wisdom into ACTION…

​So that is the reason why I designed SPECIFIC practice exercises to make sure you drill some of the "vital skills" down into the back of your head permanently and make them become a part of your "personality".

​If you’ve tried EVERYTHING in the book and you still can’t "put your finger" on what your real issue is with women and how to "solve" it… then this program is especially for YOU.

​​​“How To Gain More POWER and RESPECT From ANY Woman You’ll Ever Talk To, Almost Overnight...”

​If you’re feeling you don’t have any control over your conversations… and that what you say to a woman is completely random…. and you’re not sure whether you’re "IN THE ZONE" with a woman — or about to be thrown in the dreaded “friend zone” — then this resource will ​SHOW you ​exactly how to "break free" from these CHAINS and take control of your interactions with women back… and start gaining POWER and RESPECT from them everytime you come into contact with them.

​​If you’re CONSISTENTLY having difficulty keeping a light, fun, and interesting conversation or you find yourself “running out of things to say” — or “stalling out” regularly — then this program will hand you THE KEY that’ll show you how to patch up those holes, and effortlessly talk with any woman for hours in a fun, exciting, and “sexual way.”

​If you’ve tried everything in the book to get “sexual response” from a woman… but haven’t managed to get any… you just can’t seem to HOOK a woman’s interest enough to ESCALATE your interactions from a “friendly” and “safe” level to more “intimate(sexual) level"… you’ll learn how to snap out of this miserable hole and unleash your “sexual side” and make your “intentions” so addictive to her…

​So that she naturally feels compelled to FOLLOW your lead into this ‘new’ way of communicating… and, you’ll finally be able to see EVERY interaction with a woman as a ‘new’ opportunity to connect on a much "deeper" — more "intimate" and "sexual" — level.

​I wanted to craft this comprehensive “go-to” resource for numerous guys out there who are going through similar problems that almost ruined the 2/3rd of my life.

​… Because one BIGGEST problem ​A LOT of guys have, I’ve realized now, is that it is easier for them to gobble up information after information sitting at a computer… but a ​WHOLE LOT different to going outside of the home and actually putting all these wisdom into ACTION…

​But, by accident — and fortunately — I stumbled upon all the KEY information from all the naturals — the best of the best — that I had made friends in the past… and decided to reveal to you all the hidden secrets — mindsets, insights, and techniques — you’ll ever need to finally say “goodbye” to all of your problems with the ladies that have plagued your interactions so long.

​All of this is covered in detail in this system… and a whole bunch more.


  • Introduction: "How this Day Game 'secrets' can help you become TRULY successful with women ​WITHIN 60​ DAYS; how did I figure out all these stuffs​; what this book is all about; my promise to yo​u; your #1 'secret' to becoming good with women; how to become consistent in pursuing your goals; how to get the MOST out of this manual​​..." ​
  • Chapter 1: In the first chapter, you'll learn... what "Day Game​" is and how it can help you build all the 8 essential skills that can empower you to meet beautiful woman, anytime, anywhere; what is "Cold Approaching" is and how it can help overcome your shyness, hesitation, or 'social/approach' anxiety you may have so that you​​ meet ​connect, and date ​women, effortlessly​; ​how to overcome ​your first MAJOR "roadblock" (your number #1 focus, especially during the early phases of the Day Game) to your success with women -- i.e. the first few minutes of the interaction.
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    ​​... you'll also discover why goal setting is SO important to your success with women (and how to ​​set ​a VISION for ​​the Day Game and your life in just 5 simple steps and also ​ACHIEVE it in 3 easy steps)...​ ​so that you can keep motivating yourself and keep yourself on track when you are about to slack off and lose sight of your "goals".
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    ​... ​​a brief introduction to the "8 essential Day Game ​components" that​ can ​dramatically ​INCREASE your ability to meet, captivate, connect, and seduce ​ANY women... ​ANYTIME... ​ANYWHERE. EACH component will provide you with an overall foundation for Day Game and because they're "structured" they can IMPROVE your Game, pretty ​FAST -- starting from the "Inner Game" and slowly moving to other "core" ​parts of the Day Game.
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    ​Chapter 02: ​Essential Day​ Game Component #1: “Inner Game” ​​In this section, we'll focus on building you​ from the very ​"core" of your PERSONALITY​. I’ll walk you over the “Inner ​Game” concept​, step-by-step​, so that you can develop a ​strong ​Day Game foundation. Do ​NOT ​worry​​​, I’ll only be throwing you “stuffs” that you’ll need. By the time you’ve finished reading this section, ​you’ll have an overall understanding of ​what “inner game” is and ​how you can use it to ​INCREASE your chances of getting more women attracted into your life​...
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    ​​Essential Day​ Game Component #​2: “Identity” Regardless of your goals in life, expressing your true “personality” ("who you are" as a person)​ and your "passions" ​("what makes you ​tick”) ​is something you should ALWAYS strive to work on in all of your interactions. Here, ​you’ll ​learn ​​how to discover your “identity” in 8 ​simple steps​ (and ​how to effortlessly communicate “it” during your interating with women) … so that when she finally arrives back her home and ​thinks of you, she’ll have a crystal clear "image" of ​"who you are" as a person…
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    ​​Essential Day​ Game Component #​​3: “​Value” When you’re into an interaction with a woman, you MUST convey your ​"value" ​(both your "long-term" ​and "short-term value") ​to make her view YOU as an asset ​(a “potential lover​”) -- not a liability ​(a "low-status guy"). ​As a Day Game Coach, I notice that most guys ​DO NOT ​KNOW how to ​convey their "​value"; no wonder why they keep losing all the girls​. ​In this section, ​you'll discover 7 simple, yet highly POWERFUL tips for conveying your "short-term value" … and 9 effective tips to instantly ​BOOST your "long-term value"​... so that you can make ​ANY beautiful woman "​stop" and "listen" and "talk" to you, not "ignore" you, ​while you come across as ​"worldly", "classy", and "cultured"... while​ you  also give her an "an incredible experience"...
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    ​​​Essential Day​ Game Component #​​4: “​​Effective Communication”​... I also notice that a lot of ​guys lack effective communication skill​​​, which​ is th​e “heart” of any interaction... that prevents​ them from getting what they wan​t in life, including​ beautiful women​. BUT it’s that ​number #1 ​skill that separates beginners from "the ​Naturals" who've got their “shit together.” (Here's a secret: many​ guys lose girls not because ​of their shortness, po​vert​y, weakness, or ugliness​... but because of their "poor ​​communication" skills.) In this section, you’ll learn exactly ​how to communicate effectively with ​ANY woman​ (and start getting ​​​​​MORE phone numbers, ​dates​, ​​se​​x, and even a serrious long-term-relationship)... WITHIN 60 DAYS!
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    Daytime Pickup Component 5: “Emotional Connection.” Building an emotional connection ​(rapport) is another “core” part — and also my favourite part — of the daytime pickup. (You’ll soon discover WHY.) In this section, you’ll ​UNCOVER ​SPECIFIC “TIME​-TESTED TACTICS​” for establishing a strong ​​(long-lasting) emotional rapport with any woman you​ ​LIKE​... and make her feel ​OBSESSED ABOUT YOU… even long after you’ve gone!
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    Daytime Pickup Component 6: “Comfort & Trust.” I’ve also realized, after working with a lot of guys in the past, that most of them don’t know HOW to build comfort and trust with the women. In this section, I’ll WALK you over a few important things you must do — and avoid — to build “comfort” and “trust” with ANY woman you meet in the day​… so that she’ll start to open up to youfollow your lead when you take her on an “instant date”... ​(or actually show up on a date, not "flake" on you)... and if you’ve built enough “sexual tension” with her, evenfollow ​YOU back to your apartment.
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    Daytime Pickup Component 7: “Logistics.”Logistics is one thing that you do not have a complete control over. But, I’ll reveal you a couple of tips on HOW ​TO MAXIMIZE the effectiveness of the interaction by using a simple "logistic planning method"... so that you’ll be able to pickup ​​ANY girl from the street and… bring her back to your apartment​​... in less than ​ 30 minutes!
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    "Believing in yourself" ​I'll reveal ​two essential "inner game"​ lessons​​ (along with a simple exercise)​ to help you reinforce your beliefs with "real-world results." (WARNING: D​o not jump to the next section until you’ve practiced — and believe in — these two essential lessons.)
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    ​"​Four simple mindset shifts"... you can start integrating into YOUR life right ​now, that’ll help you break free from the “prison" that's your mind. With these mindset shifts, you’ll NEVER be ashamed of your past, status, and background. Instead, you’ll WALK proud, tall, and happy​...
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    "8 commandments of effective body language" ​Have you ever thought about the things you convey about yourself through your body language? Did you know: women can tell if you’re confident and cool — or nervous and inexperienced — just by the observing the way you WALK, TALK, and CARRY yourself? In this pickup guide, I’ll reveal to you the 8 commandments of effective body language to immediately establish yourself as a more CONFIDENT and COOL guy.
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    "8 easy steps to build emotional connection" ​Women are emotional creatures — unlike men, who are logical. Women want to be filled with EMOTIONS. Women enjoy experiencing emotions and they often communicate with it. Do you want a simple formula for instant seduction? In this program, you’ll discover 8 (easy) steps to build an “everlasting emotional connection” with ANY beautiful women so that she’s compelled to OPEN up to you, share all her “secrets” with you, tell you how she feels about everything — including you — and make her forget all the guys — your competitors​, who do ​NOT know how to make that connection.
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    The ​number #1 thing you ​MUST do to make her call you — or text you — ​and show up on a date​, and NOT flake on you. ​Also, discover 8 AWESOME benefits of taking her on an “instant date.”
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    Here's good news: You’ll NEVER run out of women to approach. There are more than 3.6 billion women on the planet. So before you head out and approach women, first of all,… you MUST be clear of the type of woman you’d truly want to meet and get to know more. I’ll show you HOW to figure out the type of woman that is ‘right’ for you, and WHERE — and the best places — to find them.
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    ​To get the most out of your daytime approaches, you must be in ‘tune’ with the “social energy level” of the place you’re in. Violating “energy levels” put social pressure on the woman you’re talking to, and she might FREAK OUT if she’s not used to handling it. You’ll DISCOVER a simple tip to help you become AWARE of the “social energy” of the place you’re in.
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    How to easily ​grab her attention... in ​ANY situation and DELIVER the most effective 'opener' of all time… and you’ll also know — and understand — WHY/HOW this opener ALWAYS WORKS — especially for daytime pickup! ​Also, discover a CRASH COURSE in "striking up a conversation" with ANY beautiful women and command attention from her… ​WITHIN a few seconds into the interaction.
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    "3 common scenarios​" you’ll face right after you deliver your opener​... and ​how to handle them like a PRO and immediately show to her you’re a man, who demands ​respect and attention in an interaction.
  • check
    ​"Gift shift theory..." What if you knew beyond a "shadow of a doubt" that IF only women knew ​YOU, they’d fall for you? Are you conveying your “identity” — who you are, as a person — in an interesting way? Is she getting to KNOW you, or are you just talking out of your ass? If you don’t have a clue, I’ll reveal a simple “mind shift” — what I call the “Gift Shift Theory”that can immediately help you become THE GUY she has been dreaming and reading about in books.
  • check
    ​​1 ‘major’ conversation FLAW that most guys make that instantly kill their ​"vibe" and eventually their interaction with a woman… and how to "fix it" with 1 simple tweak
  • check
    Did you know: people will respond to you based on HOW you present yourself? If you don’t know how, you’ll figure out HOW to build AUTHORITY and INFLUENCE through yourpresence”… and how to ​ENHANCE "it" ​with 3 POWERFUL TIPS, almost instantly.
  • check
    "Leading the interaction..." ​If you ​WANT her to do something, you ​MUST do it​... first. If you want her to open up to you, you must open yourself up to her, first. You must LEAD the interaction first and expect her to FOLLOW. If you don’t have a clue, I’ll show you HOW to lead a conversation (with word-by-word examples) so that she OPENS up to you and FOLLOWS your lead.
  • check
    Don't know what to ​do after initiating the conversation? (Here’s good news: Most guys don’t.) I’ll also show you WHAT — and HOW — to do/say ​AFTER you initiate a conversation … with word-by-word example, which you can seamlessly integrate into your next interactions with women. You’ll also learn HOW to make her special, how to relate with her, and ​appreciate her as a person… so that she ​WON'T stop rambling about YOU with her best friend​...
  • check
    When the girl is "interested in a guy," and she asks him questions to know him, a lot of guys do this: they play the “cocky and funny” routine on her — as advised by the so-called “pickup gurus” — to avoid answering questions thrown at them, just to look ‘cooler’ than they actually feel. That’s a BIG MISTAKE! As a result, even if the girl was initially attracted to the guy and ready to build an emotional connection with him, she goes back home knowing NOTHING about him. Listen: at times, you ​MUST really ANSWER her questions. But you do NOT have to answer her questions in a ​"boring way." Instead, I’ll show you HOW to demonstrate a lot of “personality” by being comfortable sharing your thoughts, 'secrets', fantasies, stories, and inside jokes with her.
  • check
    Have you ever met someone that could talk just about anything under the sun? If you had a story about your pet cat, she would have one, too. If you had a story about sports, she’d have one, too. If you had a story about a grandfather, she’d have one, too. Now, that’s what familiarity is all about. In this program, you’ll discover “a simple exercise” to build familiarity with ANY woman and NEVER run out “things to say” to a girl, ever again. You’ll also find TOP 10 INTERESTING AND FUN TOPICS you can explore to build familiarity instantly with a girl you’ve just met in the malls, cafes, or streets.
  • check
    An essential skill” for effective communication you must FOCUS on building asap to take your interaction on a whole ‘new’ level… so that the woman you’re interacting with will feel you guys have A LOT in common, which helps solidify a connection and help you STAND OUT from other guys… who only end up being just “close friends” with her. Here’s the best part: It’s a habit, and you can learn to develop it.
  • check
    How to become an 'active listener'. A couple of pointers of active listening. One thing you have in common with every living woman on the planet, how to communicate with her on a deeper levels, not just only on surface level about her, and how to relate with her and appreciate her who she is. Remember, as a communicator, you need to reward her for opening up to you, which encourages her to do it more often.
  • check
    “Social learning theory” states that we learn social behaviour by observing and imitating others and by being rewarded or punished. Women gravitate toward "positive" emotions and move away from the "negative" ones. I’ll show you HOW you can use this theory to your advantage during an interaction with a woman. WARNING: If you don’t do this early on they will step all over you.
  • check
    ​There are A LOT of different ways to accelerate the "process" of building an emotional connection, but I’ll reveal to you a very effective technique — my favourite — to you. You can turn this trick into a system, if you’d like, to strengthen the “emotional connection” between the two of you, almost instantly.
  • check
    "​7 essential communication tools..." that’ll immediately IMPROVE your interactions with women. These tools are advanced techniques that I used to immediately convey my personality … so that she has an idea of who you are and what you are … especially early in the interaction. With these tools, you’ll earn how to move the conversation forward. ​IF you do NOT do this, she’ll walk away, but if you do this, she’ll stand there in front of you.
  • check
    HOW to INTENSITY the emotional conn​​​​ection you’ve built with the concept I liked to call fractioning… with examples.
  • check
    ​HOW to take a girl on a romantic spin.
  • check
    ​6 simple steps for a “spontaneous” story.​..  Storytelling can be very powerful if done right. HOW to tell a good story. Few terms which are really important in storytelling. The most important part of telling a story is your vocal projection and your delivery. WHAT to do to communicate all the “good qualities” — being comfortable in your own skin, confident, demands respect, etc — about yourself. What questions you must ask yourself every time you tell a story to a girl. ​
  • check
    WHY getting a phone number doesn’t guarantee results, WHAT you need to do even before/after getting her number (10 things you must do before/after getting her number so that she’ll try to impress you, not the other way around, so that you’ll actually end up dating later the same day, or some other day during the week, and drop your flake rates almost by 80%.
  • check
    How long should you wait before you call? I’ll reveal to you two methods that I’ve used multiple times on girls that are proven to work best. I’ll share with you an aggressive method — which, for some reasons, works best on cold approaches” — and a traditional method — which best on girls within your social circle.
  • check
    ​8 ​simple, ​yet FUN and ​exciting dating tips to make your first date more fun, exciting, and memorable… what to say to get her back to your apartment… 
  • check
  • check

  • check
    ​Mastering "4 stages of the Game" to become really good at interacting and seducing any woman; why being a HAPPY, optimistic, and outgoing man is ​crucial for meeting 'new' people and building a 'social circle' (and how be 'happy', 'social', and 'outgoing' in 6 simple steps)...
  • check
    "​​Words" of Wisdom: In this section, I'll ​​QUICKLY go over the "4 stages of the Game" you must master to become incredibly ​good at picking up and seducing women ​DURING THE DAY (things such as, learning how to be more "social" and expressing your "personality", making her "invest" in the interaction, handling "logistics" and bringing her back to your place, easily; and learning "what to do" on the second, third, fourth, and 100th dates​; you'll also understand why being a HAPPY, optimistic, and outgoing man is ​crucial for meeting 'new' people and building a 'social circle' (and how be ​an attractive man in 6 simple steps)...
  • check
    ​​Wrapping "it" all up: And, finally I wrap everything ​by letting you in the ​​ONE thing that is common betweeen YOU and every other successful man who has ever walked on this planet and why mastering the '8 Day Game Components' is the key to meeting, captivating, conneting, and seducing ​more women ​than you may have in the past... in the shortest possible time.
  • check
    ​From the 'streets' to the 'sheets': The Natural Progression... In this section, you'll find a sample progression I personally use ​to pull ANY girl ​I like from the 'street' and back to ​my apartment, naturally (even on the ​SAME DAY); you'll discover how I approach a girl, make her open up to me​, establish easy 'rapport', build enough 'sexual tension', pump up all her emotions, before brining her back to my apartment (and how I smoothly escalate the interaction towards sex...)​, all the while coming across as "fearless", "intersting", and "cool dude"...
  • check
    ​When and how to ​KISS her: In this section, you'll discover the #1 number one thing you must do BEFORE the end of the date to ensure you have a "sexual relationship" with the woman you're talking to; and a couple of "critical pointers" on how to ​DISPLAY your "sexual vibe" WITHOUT saying a word or touching her..."
  • check
    ​"On Creating A 'Sexual Vibe':​"..." This section ​discusses why it's important to project your "sexuality​" to a woman WITHIN a few minutes into the interaction -- WARNING: if you don't do this, you'll probably land in the dreaded "friendzone" -- (and how to display your "sexual vibe" in 4 easy, yet powerfully effective ways)
  • check
    "A Couple Of Simple, Yet Powerful Tips For An 'Unforgettable First Date'..." In this section, you'll discover a few ideas for a 'fun-filled', 'adventurous', and 'exciting' first date; learn how to easily bring her back to your apartment by giving a 'clever excuse'; and discover more than ​a bunch of fun, exciting, and engaging ideas for your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and even for 100th dates... so that you both will have an incredible time​...
  • check
    "Building 'Familiarity' & 'Substance'​"... In this section, you'll discover a "sample ​conversation" on how to... build 'familiarity' and 'substance' with a girl you're talking to; start 'flirting' and 'appreciating' with her; and finally, solidifying the attraction by giving her a 'sincere compliment' (this is where all the MAGIC ​happens)..."
  • check
    A Conversation I Had In The Past: "word-to-word example of the conversation I had in the past with a cafe girl; how you can use "storytelling" ability to make her ​​'open up' to you and 'invest' in the interaction; and build enough 'sexual tension' to take things towards your ​OBJECTIVE..."
  • check
    "Building 'Familiarity' & 'Substance'​"... In this section, you'll discover a "sample ​conversation" on how to... build 'familiarity' and 'substance' with a girl you're talking to; start 'flirting' and 'appreciating' with her; and finally, solidifying the attraction by giving her a 'sincere compliment' (this is where all the MAGIC ​happens)..."
  • check
    "​​Words" of Wisdom: In this section, I'll ​​QUICKLY go over the "4 stages of the Game" you must master to become incredibly ​good at picking up and seducing women ​DURING THE DAY (things such as, learning how to be more "social" and expressing your "personality", making her "invest" in the interaction, handling "logistics" and bringing her back to your place, easily; and learning "what to do" on the second, third, fourth, and 100th dates​; you'll also understand why being a HAPPY, optimistic, and outgoing man is ​crucial for meeting 'new' people and building a 'social circle' (and how be ​an attractive man in 6 simple steps)...
  • check
    ​​Wrapping "it" all up: And, finally I wrap everything ​by letting you in the ​​ONE thing that is common betweeen YOU and every other successful man who has ever walked on this planet and why mastering the '8 Day Game Components' is the key to meeting, captivating, conneting, and seducing ​more women ​than you may have in the past... in the shortest possible time.
  • check
    Getting ​Phone Numbers & Turning It Into ​Actual 'Dates': "​How to easily get a girl's number -- a few important things you must do to ensure she shows up on the date, and does not 'flake' ​-- (and how long should you "wait" to ask her out -- ​I'll show I use ​the 'aggressive' and the 'traditional' method ​to ​BOOST your chances of seeing her again​...)"
  • check
    Effective Conversation Tools: "7 effective conversation tools that'll allow you SHOW your 'passionate side', your 'rules' on dating and relationships, and ​​MOVE the conversation forward, build 'familiarity' with her (using the 'Cold Reading' method), and take her on a romantic spin and ​INTENSIFY ​emotional connection and 'spark' MASSIVE attraction in ​a woman towards ​YOU...!"
  • check
    On storytelling: "Why your ability to tell 'engaging stories' is crucial to your success with women (and how to tell 'engaging' and 'spontaneous stories' in 6 simple steps)​... so that you can easily captivate any ​girl's attention, SHOW all your 'good qualities' ​(like being adventurous, confident, humorous, romantic, etc.), and build instant 'trust' and 'comfort' and get her to 'open up' to you..."
  • check
    ​Building a 'substance': How to make any woman feel that you both have A LOT in common, and in return, ​SOLIDIFY the 'connection'; why 'active listening' skill is crucial for building 'substance' and communicating effectively with women; and how to improve this vital skill to improve your interaction almost 10 times better, while also SHOWING her you understand her and were actually listening to her...)

​​​​“If You’re NOT Taking Advantage Of THESE ‘New’ Concepts Revealed In This Program, You’re Letting Women Slip By Your Fingers… It’s That Plain And Simple”

​As you can already see… I have included everything you’ll ever need.

​But do not get me wrong… I totally understand that this program is NOT for everyone…

​How can you be sure whether or not this program is for you?

​​If you already have hordes of women that are your type CHASING YOU, and literally begging to be around you, then you might not need this program.

​If you do not have any kind of approach, social anxiety, or if you do not have low self-esteem and are able to approach and interact with a beautiful girl… without hesitation and fear… and you never hit a dry spell, this program might not be for you.

​If you don’t have any issues when you’re “in the zone”… and you always seem to get results with women when it counts the most — especially with the women that you’re REALLY, really interested in), then this program might not be for you.

​ON THE OTHER HAND, there are specific “chronic” mental diseases most guys suffer from that don’t seem to "just evaporate ​away"…

​​Go through the list below… and if you find yourself caught up in ANY ONE of these problems for a long time, then I highly suggest that you grab a copy of this program now.

​However if while going through this list you realize that you have experienced more than one of these "chronic problems" that are almost impossible to eradicate from your life then you NEED to get a hand on this program immediately:

  • ​If you feel like you know exactly WHAT TO DO and SAY in the presence of a beautiful woman… but ‘in the moment’ you often go completely blank and just NEVER seem to push your comfort zones with the ladies.
  • If you feel that you run out of ‘things to say’ to her, you’ll have no way to captivate her mind and attract her…
  • ​ If your mind has this ugly habit of going blank whenever you’re in a presence of a beautiful woman and your interactions often keep stalling out before you have a chance to express your ‘personality’ and create any sort of attraction…
  • check
    If you want to turn your ‘hit and miss’ success with women into MASSIVE CONSISTENT results.
  • check
    ​ If you’ve tried everything in the book — being cocky and funny, being mysterious and challenge, and being high energy, etc — and you SENSED that it worked for just a while… but it didn’t help you get anywhere with a woman… and you choked from nervrousness or fear.
  • check
    If you find yourself talking with women more than 10 minutes… but have no clue whatsoever how to build emotional connection with her and amp up sexual tension to convey your sexual interest on her
  • check
    ​If you find yourself constantly getting nailed down by guys who seem more handsome, rich, interesting, and dominant…
  • check
    If you can’t talk off the cuff and think spontaneously in a FUN, flirty, and playful way… and instead get rigid, uptight, and awkward when you’re around a woman you’re highly interested in…

Now, I don’t have to tell you whether or not you might need the information that is unlocked in this program. Because if you need it, you already know it.

​There is a high probability that this book contains THE KEY you need to double your success rate with women you desire in the shortest amount of time. And I want to you have access to it…

Why This Program Is DIFFERENT From Everything Else Out There

Before you decide whether or not this program is for you… let me quickly tell you why this program is DIFFERENT than anything that has ever been published online on dating and seduction.

Reason #1

​It’s one of a kind program that has ever been developed PARTICULARLY to help men improve their daytime pickup skills for becoming insanely successful with women and, life in general.

Yeah, of course, there are plenty of resources on dating, seduction, and pickup available for you… but none of these resources has been written with the single purpose of helping a man — especially the shy and fearful ones — to take his interactions with the ladies to the next level.

And let’s face it… your success depends on your ability to engage a woman in an interaction. If you can’t do that, all the best advice, tips and theories on the planet will be of no use to you.

In this tiny book, you’ll hear me talking about how to approach a woman properly in the streets, cafes, and malls, grab her interest immediately, express your personality, build a strong emotional connection with her so that she’ll be talking about you with her best friends. You’ll also hear me talk about how to never run out of things to say to her, and how to smoothly transition a friendly interaction into sexual level within minutes into the conversation so that it becomes easier to bring her back to your apartment.

As someone who struggled with expressing his personality and his sexuality for years, I spent endless hours researching and pruning for the best tips, mindsets, and tactics that you can go out and immediately use it today to improve your interactions with the ladies.

And I personally take the time on this program to explain the exact “practice exercises” I used to finally kick this problem to the curb.

​I personally believe that you will NOT find anything that is even CLOSE to this program. In a few minutes, I’m going to back up this guarantee and make you an offer you’d be crazy to refuse.

Reason #​2

The program is not filled with theory or science or fluffs as it only contains killer mindsets, examples, techniques and tactics that you can use tonite.

​Most courses you’ll find on dating, seduction and relationships spend endless hours explaining to you what the “science” of attraction is and give you millions of “theories” about why women act the way they do.

​Most courses you’ll find on dating, seduction and relationships spend endless hours explaining to you what the “science” of attraction is and give you millions of “theories” about why women act the way they do.

​This whole program is designed with only one purpose in mind: how to help fix your interactions with women so that you can go out and meet, captivate, connect, and seduce any women you see in the streets, starting TODAY afternoon.

​When you read this book, at least once, and APPLY all the mindsets, conversation tools that I’ll be revealing to you, I can guarantee you that you’re going to get MASSIVE success with women… meaning you’re going to notch up more phone numbers, instant dates, more kisses, more sex, and an all-around more interesting life.

​I have tackled all the issues in our own lives… that was preventing me from getting really good with women… and now I am going to reveal to you EXACTLY how to kick this problem out of your life, once and for all.

Reason #​​3

This day game system does not “force feed” you on one point of view or style… but instead presents a whole new approach to daytime pickup and also explains exact methods for having effective interactions with any women to get better results.

​One thing that I always don’t like about learning seduction skills from one guru is that if you don’t relate with their personality type or seduction style… you’re basically screwed.

​For instance, a lot of seduction “gurus” out there who’ll advise you to be cocky and funny, be mysterious and challenge, and tell you how to be a good boyfriend material… and I could never relate or duplicate their style. Another dating “experts” are way too sarcastic in their approach and method and I could never imagine myself using any of their techniques…

​On the other hand, this daytime pickup program brings in a combination of unique perspectives from all the “Naturals” I spent my time learning my pickup skills… which means that you are not forced to match yourself up with one “expert’s” way of interacting with the ladies. Whether you’re short, laid back, shy, nerdy, high energy, rebellious… you’re sure to find that at least one of the methods revealed in this book speaks directly to your style of interacting.

Reason #​​​4

This day game pickup course provides you with specific ways to practice everything you’ll learn

​A lot of resources on dating, seduction, and relationships out there simply provide you with the knowledge and expect that you’ll know how to head out of your home and apply that knowledge… I totally understand that EXECUTING is the most critical part.

​This program, on the other hand, spends endless hours showing you EXACTLY how to implement these techniques and tactics in your day to day interactions with women.

​I know how frustrating it is when you spend all your time learning something new, but then you would TAKE ACTION — approach a woman and interact with her — and forget everything you’ve learned. This is a common issue most guys face that directly relates to the way they go out and field practice.

​I’ve formulated an entire practice routine that is based on scientific research that shows you EXACTLY how to apply these strategies and techniques in a way that it quickly burns in the back of your mind and becomes a habit… because once these new mindsets and skills becomes a habit you will talk with the ladies naturally rather than continually having to remember to open this manual and use this material…

​Because of this reason too, I can show you how to quickly MASTER these new skills in the shortest amount of time humanly possible.

​In fact, I can guarantee that you’ll be amazed at just how easy it is, once you know what these daytime pickup secrets are. I’m really excited to share this stuff with you… because I am 100% confident that it’s going to transform your dating life… forever.

Reason #​​5

This program is super affordable

​So how much are you willing to pay to learn the secrets to ALWAYS KNOW EXACTLY WHAT TO SAY AND DO?

​It’s a pretty priceless skill, isn’t it? In fact, I personally think “effective communication skills” the MOST IMPORTANT skill you can learn.

​Your ability to “talk” to a ladies, express your personality, and engaging her in a fun and emotion filled conversations will get you MASSIVE RESULTS — get you more phone numbers, more instant dates, more kisses, and more sex, and make your life an interesting book.

​In the past, this kind of seduction course often cost no less than $500. To get access to everything you’re about to get her, plus getting access to the mindsets and tactics used by some of the top day game pickup artists in the world (and I’ve picked their brains to uncover “verbal, physical, and non-verbal tactics” they’ve never revealed publicly before).

​To get hands into this kind of insider knowledge from any of the dating/seduction specialist would cost you in the range of $197 an HOUR.

But here’s an incredible deal…

I struggled with this issue for a very long time (10 years). And I can honestly tell you that until you fix this part of your life it isn’t worth learning anything else. YES. It’s that important!

So, you can either go out and waste $50, $75, or $100 on dates that will most likely go nowhere, noisy bars and loud clubs that’ll get your game nowhere… or another “toy” to keep yourself distracted off from the fact that you’re not happy with your sex life…

Or you can take charge of your dating life right now, make the right decision to change all of that right now… for less than the cost of a round of drinks in a bar.

Yes, you heard that right, for a limited time, I’m offering this entire course for... 

Just $​27

​... which is ridiculously cheap for everything you’re getting. Most dating and seduction gurus are charging $97… and they’re not giving you even half of the value you’re getting here.

I’ve priced this low because I know how important this is to "fix" it — once and for all — and I want to make sure that every guy out there get a hand on it and take advantage of this ​INCREDIBLE offer right now.


Get ​$​​​10​3 :
Get ​​3 Additional ​Bonus ​Reports ​​FREE!


​You’ll ​Get ​A FREE ​Copy ​Of ​My ​Friend Bobby Rio's ​"Teasing And Banter Cheat Sheet Report" (Value $​​47)

In this free report, my friend Bobby Rio will give you a bunch of banter lines and teases that you can use for a wide variety of social situations with women...

​Bobby also goes on to explain WHY it is very important to begin bantering and teasing with a woman immediately.

​​Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • ​4 sets of banter lines you can use in different situations  to quickly spark attraction with ANY woman you are talking to.
  • ​The best time to begin teasing a woman and the exact attitude you need to convey as you use each of the lines.
  • The 6 traits that make teasing work and how to display each of them in a way that doesn't make your banter seem forced or try hard.
  • check
    ​How to take advantage of 'The Theory of Expectation.' Once you master this she'll expect you to teaser her. And she will unconsciusly give you all the material you need to keep it fun and playful. It gets super easy after this!


​You’ll ​Get ​A FREE ​Copy ​Of ​My ​Friend Bobby Rio's ​

"​7 Deadly Texting Mistakes Report"

(Value $​27.7)

​Where my friend Bobby Rio and Rob Judge is going to talk about the 7 deadly texting mistakes.

It's called "deadly" because when you get a girl's number or even when you're dating with a girl you like for a while, texting becomes number 1 form of communication...

Whether you like it or not...

It becomes HOW you communicate with her...

And when you do this WRONG...

​When you don't "get it"...

When you make these mistakes...

YOU not only kill the momentum...

You not only possibly ruin your chances of getting her to meet-up with YOU...

The attraction that she feels towards you quickly DISINTEGRATES you...

If you not doing this right...

When you make these mistakes...

And the girl pulls out her phone...

And if she reads these sort of texts...

That you're going to discover in this report...

You leave her thinking that you're just like every other guy out there...

You leave her thinking that you're just like every other guy out there...

And not only that, you lose her attention...

As you're going to find about this in this report...

A tension is the number one commodity...

The woman is distracted by so many things - by Facebook, by phone, by emails, by constant barrages of instant messages and chats...

That you have to be able to hold her attention...

Whether you just met her...

Or whether you've been dating her for several months...

You always have to be able to keep her attention...

​And that's what you're going to ​learn how to do that in this report.


​You’ll ​Get ​A FREE ​Copy ​Of ​My ​Friend Bobby Rio's ​

"​Small Talk Tactics Report"

(Value $​​​27.​9)

​As a confidence coach, I know almost anyone can talk with a girl...

​But only few men know how to have a fun, playful, and sexy banter.

​Most guys wind up “boring” the girl they’re talking to.

I notice that their small talk topics...

Are awkward and forced...

The topics involve A LOT of “interview type” questions about her family, career, home, college...

​It often end up in lingering silence​, which all tells her, subconsciously, that you are NOT listening to her...


​You don’t know how to keep the conversation going, besides asking her a LOT of questions.

​Remember: you MUST be always be engaging her … IF you want to attract her.

​In other words, your small talk must include topics that...

​a) Women LOVE to ​talk about…

​b) ​Stoke her “emotions” so that you can easily connect with them (remember: almost 99% guys don’t do this).

​c) ​Stay “in the moment”... when you make jokes and make her laugh by making comments about her (or the place you both are in), bringing the two of your together.

Here’s what you’re going to discover in my friend Bobby Rio’s Small Talk Tactics Report:

  • Conversation games that create attraction
  • ​The secret to making “small talk” sexier
  • ​​​​How to make her laugh (and make her want you)
  • check
    ​3 ‘tricks’ to avoid awkward silences

​Here's What You're Going To Get...

  • Over 130 pages of text material of me personally teaching you everything I've described above about totally transforming your conversations...​
  • ​​3 brand new big bonuses in PDF format detailing how to become fun, playful, and flirty.
  • ​Lifetime FREE subscription to "my blog​"
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    ​One full month of ULIMITED email support. This means I will personally answer any question you have about this program. I'll even help you formulate a personal game plan for implementation if that is what you need...


​It took me over 7 years of learning, testing, and and hard work to REALLY get my Conversation issues handled. I read every "how to talk to anyone" and dating book on the market, and attended many online seminars, and bought DOZENS of programs.

​In all, I probably spent years of my adult life, and thousands and thousands of hours honing my daygame pickup skills.

​​If you already have hordes of women that are your type CHASING YOU, and literally begging to be around you, then you might not need this program.

​I'm very proud of this program... because it's going to allow you to accomplish the things you need to do MUCH FASTER than I was able to... and at a much, much smaller investment.

I want to help you get this part of your life handed, and I don't want ANYTHING to stand in your way... including your financial situation. I've decided to price this program at only $47. For less than the cost of one night out you can finally rid yourself of those "conversational roadblocks" that have plagued you your entire life.

​Ordering Is Discreet and Confidential

​You can place your order without the slightest bit of apprehension or embarrassment... and... your personal information will never be revealed to any outside parties. Everything is completely confidential.

And here's the best part: You can have all of these materials in just five minutes from now!

Immediately after you place your secure order, you'll be granted access to a special page where you can get your hands on all of these kick-ass materials right away, in the privacy of your own home... even if it's 2 in the morning.

You won't have to pay any ridiculous shipping and handling fees... and... you won't have to wait weeks for it to arrive in your mail.

You'll have everything I've listed in this package... in just minutes!

It's about time you handled this area, isn't it?

Your clothes, car, job... don't mean a think if you can't have a fun, playful, and effective conversation with a woman that builds strong emotional rapport and "sexual tension" necessary to create attraction.


The girl of your dreams is somewhere out there, on the streets, cafes, malls, or anywhere else... but she is NOT going to magically appear into your life... and even if she does... if you don't know how to have effective convesaton with her, she'll quickly lose interest in you... and you'll walk there like a puppy dog watching her walk away from your life... forever.

Learning how to effectively have conversation with a woman you like MUST be your NUMERO UNO PRIORITY because it AFFECTS every single aspect of your life. No other skills can immediately impact your entire life like changing and improving how you communicate with others. 

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​Listen, I don’t want to put pressure on you, but you’ve got to make a move… and you have three choices…

​Choice #1:

​​Keep doing what you’ve been doing … keep repeating the same old mistakes you made in your previous interactions with all the beautiful women… but, honestly, answer me this… how has that worked for you so far?

​Perhaps, you think you’ll get by without having to work on your interactions with women… but let me tell you this: you’re only deluding yourself, and it’s only going to get worse. Remember, learning how to pick up women and having effective interactions is the core part of any game — day or night or social game — … and those guys that don’t master daytime pickup are going to be at a severe disadvantage…

​You will continue to spend your time and effort to meeting and seducing women… only to watch them slip away through your fingers before you can do anything meaningful…

​​If you’re not approaching her properly… or building an emotional connection … and captivating her interest … her attraction towards you is going to continue to plummet… and some other guy who “gets it” is going to walk away, arms in arms, with her before your eyes…

​Choice #​2:

​OF COURSE, you can choose to do it yourself, but have you ever heard the saying “why reinvent the wheel?” If you go out tonite at a bar and meet that somebody special… would you ever want to risk it – trying it your way?

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Right now somewhere in the streets there is a girl who could be your next girlfriend — or a fuck buddy — … and every time you screw up your interactions with them… the more and more of the attraction she felt towards you is disappearing… and before you even know it, any chance you had with will be long gone…

It just doesn’t make sense to continue to make the same old mistake… to continue to struggle…. to continue to walk back home alone… especially when so many other guys are getting such an amazing success.


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I have already had hundreds of guys email me to tell me how quickly and effortlessly this system flipped their conversation skills. You can read some of the testimonials below.

Perhaps you'll find yourself in the middle of a wonderful conversation with a woman you really truly care about... the type of woman you've been waiting your whole life to find... and you'll catch her staring at you with loving eyes that say YOU are the only man in the entire world for her. Maybe that's when you'll finally know...

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