First Date Tips for Guys

first date tips

The Best First Date Tips for Men (By Men)

There’s a reason why first dates are often the best dates ever. You’ve just met someone recently, and you have no idea what they are like, what they are interested in, but both of you are interested enough in each other to make that extra effort to meet and get to know each other. First dates are exciting, nail-biting, and everyone’s got their own share of horror stories of the one they’ve been on.

So what are the key things that make a great first date?

How do you stay out of a conversation of others recalling their most harrowing, worst experiences on their first date? The answer is simple. By learning how to avoid being a wet blanket and knowing that there are a number of first date tips that you can secretly keep tucked away in the back of your mind to use at any moment where you sense the conversation is stalling out or the interaction is not heading where it needs to.

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Here are those first date tips.

1. Being aware that this is your first (or maybe second) impression.

Not a very keen revelation, is it?? But if you consider it for a while, you’ll moderate your behaviours more. Your date doesn’t need to hear the entire range of your personal travel stories throughout Europe, or the fact that for reasons unknown, you’re allergic to cats.

All she cares about is that you’re an emotionally intelligent guy and don’t go crazy at inopportune times. You just need to make sure not to raise any red flags. Also, take some time in your appearance and grooming, because most likely, she’ll notice. She’ll be thinking, “Damn, that guy used to live in his burlap sack way back then, but now he wears Gucci.” Or something along the line. I really don’t have any idea what your fashion preferences are — but in summary — look presentable. Women want to be with a guy who looks good, both for their friends and their potential lovers. I recommend you to check out this article on ways to make yourself instantly more attractive.

2. Because it’s your first impression, make it fun and interesting.

In your opinion, what is the worst possible date could be, other than drinking a dozen tequila shorts?

Of course, dinner and a movie date.

It’s the most common first date idea in the history of the first dates — almost everyone has been at least once out to a movie or a dinner date. I know it’s a painful experience because, during the movie or a dinner date, you can’t talk and make overtures at each other. All you can do is watch each other chew food and absorb in the entertainment. Extremely lame, wouldn’t you think? So will she, secretly to herself, before leaving to her place and making a firm decision never ever to return your call again.

There are plenty of extraordinary things going on in your town, available for any hooligan to read — just join Facebook groups, Citysearch, Tripadvisor, or Yelp dedicated to your city — it’s the easiest thing in the world to discover some of the cool things to do in your city. So just do that, and invite your date to do those cool things together. Unless you are Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise, movie and a dinner date isn’t a great option. Eliminate that, even if you’re Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise. (Instead, check out these first date ideas)

3. Be able to escalate.

So you want first date tips, right? Okay, so you don’t want to put pressure on her to become “sexual” the first time you meet her on the date — most girls have a rule for first dates that they don’t want to become sexual with a guy. So, obviously, don’t force her to break her own personal values — but, there’s something you must do, which is escalating her to the point where you think that you can do it.

If you think you can pull a girl back to your place on the first date, then good luck to you. Just do that. But keep this tip in the back of your mind, there’s only a certain type of woman who’ll go back to your apartment on the first date. If she wants to leave it to a point where she can stop and still feel comfortable, let her do just that. It’s within the scope and many women feel like they should stop after a certain point. So just allow them to do that. But if you get a cue to push the interaction further, just do that too.

4. Have something interesting to say.

Do you wanna know the most horrendous thing you could experience on a first date, besides a lack of attraction? When two people are staring at each other, just not having a clue as to what they’re supposed to talk or what they should be doing.

Be confident. If you find yourself running out of things to say, talk about something you’re passionate about. Or, talk about your hobbies, your childhood memories, or travelling. Passion always gravitates people, no matter their gender. So get her to flap her gum talking about something she’s passionate about, because it opens up an avenue for a great conversation, and you’ll both be naturally having fun. A win-win situation for both of you, don’t you think? Also, be able to tell funny and relatable stories — it’ll not only serve you well on dates, but also at dinner parties, or any other kinds of social get-togethers down the line.

Here are a few more good first date questions.

5. Just have fun with it.

Don’t just go out and do one activity at a time, time-bridge, and then do a bunch of other things. The most important thing for you to realize is to “test” to know if she’s going to be having fun with you. So swallow the pill, let loose, and stop being that incredibly serious guy.

Listen. You’re only single for once in your life, but with these simple yet powerfully effective first date tips, you can have a blast being that way too.

Stay chilled,

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