Flirting Tips for Shy Guys

How to Flirt with a Girl (and Make Her Like You)

Do you know how to flirt with girls?

Let’s face the truth…

Not everyone is funny. Yeah, of course, we manage to use some one-liner that seem to make our male roll on the floor with laughter sometimes, and sometimes we just seem to “click” with a girl and get her cracking hysterically, but most of the time our sense of humour is just plain “average”…. at best.

So what do we do most of the time?

If you’re anything like I was in the past, then maybe you force yourself to go to a local bar… and HOPE you get lucky.

I would often HOPE that I would accidentally stumble upon a random girl at a bar I just connected with instantly… so that I could avoid that dreaded feeling I often got when I rack my brain searching for something funny to say… and came up with NOTHING.

Yes, more often than not, I simply couldn’t seem to come up with those perfect lines that some dudes seem to come up with for just about every situation.

Perhaps you had a buddy like my friend Chang. You introduce Chang to ANYBODY and with a few minutes, he’ll have them laughing. He knew exactly how to flirt with girls.

Girls could say ANYTHING to Chang, and he’d always find a way to flip it into something funny that they could share a laugh over.

And even as these girls were saying him, “You’re such a d!ckhead…” they still had “smiles” plastered across their faces.

For many years… I just wanted to be like Chang.

Then finally one day I came to a depressing, stark, and then finally liberating realization:

I could never be like Chang.

I would never have a mind that knew ALWAYS how to come up with some funny remark to make with girls. Because I realized that my mind didn’t work like Chang’s. And the more I forced myself to act like Chang…. the more BORING I started to became.

So I stopped trying to force myself.

Best Ways to Flirt and Tease A Girl

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Here are a few of the most effective flirting tips I learned as I started to pay close attention to what other guys who were successful with women were doing…

I realised that most of these guys were not that “funny” at all.

In fact, most of these guys have average humour just like you and me.

The only BIG difference is that they don’t rely on being “funny” to flirt with girls.

They naturally understood something that took me almost 10 years to figure out that…

… being flirtatious isn’t being “funny” with women.

The Most Essential Flirting Tips You’ll Ever Learn

Flirting is like having a conversation with a woman in a “sexual” way.

And there are a NUMBER of ways to do this…

In fact, a lot of “sexual communication” can happen without you ever uttering a word out of your mouth.

… Smiling at a woman at the moment she expects it is flirting.

… Letting a woman catch you checking her out is flirting.

… Winking at a woman right in the middle of her telling you off… is flirting.

In fact, 3 of the most essential flirting have absolutely nothing to do with what comes out of your mouth.

I still remember that day when this knowledge hit me.

I understood that a simple glance, at just the right moment, says a lot more than any words you could possibly say.

Let me share you a short story that shows some of these flirting tips.

How to Flirt With a Girl You Like

I was at a bar standing right next to a very HOT woman sipping her mixed drink from a straw. I don’t know what but something made a crack out and she blew into the glass and all the drink poured out of the glass.

I desperately wanted to make small talk with this cute girl so I racked my brain trying to come up with something cool to say to her. I came up with nothing.

So rather than forcing myself to be funny, I waited… for the exact moment she looked up at me and our eyes met each other, and I simply shook my head back and forth and gave her that glance that says “Can’t take you anywhere.”

She then turned towards her friends and started talking with them. I went forward to order my drink. My mind, still tired of making the same old mistakes that I mentioned to you earlier, is now racing to find something hilarious to follow up with.

While the bartender was busy preparing my drink, one of her friends turned to me and asked a few questions. I then found myself caught up in a group of three girls. I said something that made the whole group laugh. I then caught my eyes with the one that I was into and gave a subtle look that said: “don’t spill it this time.”

The girl was a little tipsy. She wasn’t stupid drunk but buzzed enough to know she was a little drunk. Later in the conversation, she starts telling me a story about something that had happened to her the night before. She is really excited about the whole story and talking quite fast. She even trips over a word or two.

I then give her a look similar to the Rock’s eyebrow raise. Not a blatant eyebrow raise, but a look that says “you lost me, sweetie.”

She then slapped my chest and said: “stop it”.

And we hit it off.

What I learned during that interaction was that flirting is just as much non-verbal as it is verbal.

3 Key Flirting Tips With Women

These were the 3 key components I discovered about how to flirt with girls that night that instantly took my game to the “pro-level”. And today, I want to share these killer flirting tips with you for the first time:

  1. Timing
  2. Subtleness
  3. Facial expressions and glances

Listen. Every interaction has a beat. And once you learn how to get in tune with the beat of interaction, your social intelligence will shoot through the roof. The great stand up comedians has mastered the art of timing. Just go and watch a few videos of some of the all-time bests.. and study how they use timing to crack their audience.

When the woman at the bar spilt her drink I waited for the right moment. I didn’t rush to make a comment, making my interest too obvious. And I didn’t wait until later to use it as a joke. I simply waited for the inevitable moment that our eyes met, and subtly shook my head. She smiled.

And the dance began.

I hope by knowing these 3 key components of effective flirting, you’re motivated to go out tonite and start creating those “sexual communications” with women, without racking your brain into coming up with perfect things to say.

Listen. Flirting with girls is a skill you must master if you truly want to seduce them. But, of course, there are more than one ways to skin a cat. But these are some of the best flirting tips you’ll ever find anywhere else.

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And once you learn to talk to a woman in a way that attracts her you’ll soon start to notice that women will do interesting things to you, such as:

  • Touching you more (feeling your muscles, or putting her hand under your shirt)
  • Making excuses to keep talking to you
  • Laughing at your silly jokes (even if they aren’t funny)
  • Getting jealous when you talk to other girls
  • Leaning in and grinding up against you

And if you want to see a sample of some of the things you’re going to learn I highly recommend that you go through “How to Talk to Women: Make Small Talk Sexy

Listen. I want to leave you with one thing before I go: learning how to flirt with girls and getting really good with girls so that you can make them attracted to you, get the kiss, get them back to your apartment and close the deal… it’s actually really simple than you imagine.

I hope you enjoyed discovering these killer flirting tips.

Stay chilled,