How to Destroy Your Crippling Fear and Finally Seduce Women


It is your regular Saturday night out at the local or club. You are hanging with your friends, chatting and laughing, and not really caring about much. You go to the dancefloor and start scanning the room. And then you see her, 5 feet away, dancing with her friends. The room lights up.

You make eye contact… 4 seconds.

Those lips, those eyes, her body moving just at the right beat… 3 seconds.

She’s really something… 2 seconds.

You need to know who she is, if she’s willing to… 1 second.

But then she turns and walks right towards you. You know what you need to do. She walks by and you almost smell her. It’s time. You try to open your mouth but something is holding you back. You can’t find a thing to say, you put your head in the ground and you simply freeze.

She keeps walking… and then she’s gone.

How many times has this happened to you? How many times did you find excuses and said to yourself: next time I will do it, or: she wasn’t my type anyway…

If you can’t approach a woman, you’re pretty much guaranteed to fail at seducing them.

improve inner game
If you can’t approach a woman, you’re pretty much guaranteed to fail at seducing them.

We all have fears in our life. There are some things that are a little scary and then there are others that when we even just consider confronting them, we experience paralyzing fear.

But can fear ever really be paralyzing? Can fear ever really stop you from doing anything?

I need you to stop for a second and think back to a time when you were afraid of doing something… but then you did it anyway. Remember the first time you dived in the water and learned to swim, the first time you drove a car or maybe you even jumped from an airplane… Was it scary? I bet it was! But were you able to act despite your fear? Yes, you were.

How are women scarier than any of those situations I’ve mentioned? Your mind deals with fear in the same way if it’s walking through fire or kissing a girl for the first time.

I’m sure you’ve already been here: the first time you approached a girl you really liked, or the first time you asked a girl for her phone number, the first time you lent in for a kiss.

So the next time your approach, anxiety is crippling, feel that sensation fully in your body, and then ask yourself: What do I stand to gain by acting and what do I stand to lose?”

There is a quote that goes something like “the only failure is not trying.”

All you need is to get your confidence back. And that’s where I can help you.

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Tony Laroche

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