How To Find The “Right” Woman For YOU

#1 Secret To Getting A “Highly Compatible” Girlfriend, FAST!

When it comes to getting a girlfriend, you must understand that there’s a BIG difference between finding a girl you like and finding a girl who likes you. In real life, here’s what often happens: most guys (almost 97%) go eventually settle for a girl who likes them, but only a handful of them (the other 3%) ever go after a girl they truly want. If you settle for a girl who likes you instead of going after a girl you truly want and getting her, you’ll sub-consciously destroy your “self-worth” — and your relationship — over time. I had to learn this the hard way.

Back then, when I was a “hard-case newbie” and wasn’t experienced with a lot of women, I was SO desperate for a physical relationship that I completely sacrificed all of my standards (which wasn’t a very good idea, though).

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not against you sleeping with girls you don’t have high compatibility with. What I am trying to say here is just don’t make them your girlfriends yet. Why? Simply for the fact that a relationship is a time-consuming process, emotionally draining, and sometimes, if you’re downright unlucky, could be a huge burden. And guess what? If you’re in a relationship with a girl you are not truly attracted to… all these negatives will be multiplied by the thousands. This is why I highly suggest you take plenty of time in figuring out the kind of women you want and then focus on attracting her into your life.

When it comes to figuring out the kind of woman they want to spend the rest of their life with they often describe either her personality or her physical appearance. But there’s even more important thing you must consider than just describe her personality and looks. A big part of the process begins with actually knowing — and understanding — the kind of individual you truly are.

How to get a girl who is compatible with YOU

A lot of guys, I realize, make a BIG mistake of assuming that just because a girl has some similar interests as he possesses that they’ll get along with each other well as a couple. But this isn’t simply the case. When it comes to finding the girl who is Right for you, there are other key things besides just looks, personality, hobbies, and interests you must consider. And that is called…

How you perceive the world!

How you perceive the world is largely determined by how you answer some of these questions:

  • Do you often use logic to make your decisions, or are your decisions based on emotions (feelings)?
  • Do you desire to be better than others, do you need the approval of others, or are you controlled by your ego?
  • Do you view the world as a fun place to be where people are often kind and do you think there are unlimited options available for you? Or do you view the world as cold, judgmental, and people are secretly conspiring against you?
  • Do you find humour in things, or do you thrive in drama?

These are some of the most important questions you want to ask yourself. Why? Here’s why: you want to find a girl who has a similar world view as yours. I can tell from experience that there’s nothing worse than convincing a woman by using logical arguments who base all of her decisions on her feelings.

What are your “core values”?

Freedom? Honesty? Family? Contribution? Impact?

I never realized the power of “core values” until I went through a long-term relationship. I found that one of my core values is “freedom” and “family” and that I can’t be with a woman who is needy emotionally or threatens my freedom and my family.

Now, this post is NOT about how to discover your “core values” because it will take up another post. But I want you to be aware of important things like your “core values” and “how you perceive the world” as it goes a lot further in finding a girl who is highly compatible with you than just finding a girl who has similar taste in movies and music.

Stay chilled,

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