How to “Flirt” Properly with a Girl (4 DEADLY Mistakes to Avoid)


So you want to learn how to flirt with a girl WITHOUT coming across as a ‘creep’?

In today’s article, you’ll find a few examples of what a guy does or says that makes a woman view him as a ‘creep’ — and what to do about it instead.

Mistake #1: Staring at her with a hard, intense, and unblinking stare…

In order to ‘flirt’ with a woman properly, make sure to do the ‘right’ kind of eye contact.

Avoid staring at her for a very long time with you intense, hard, and unblinking stare.

Instead focus her with a soft, warm, and relaxed gaze to get her attracted to you right of the bat and also ENJOY her presence.

Smile with your face to turn that hard and intense eye contact into an inviting and charming one.

It displays to her that you’re warm and friendly, which puts her at ease around you…

Mistake #2: Displaying too much of interest, too soon…

Displaying too much of interest, too soon is “creepy”

Do you wanna know what makes a guy seem ‘creepy’ when it comes to flirting with girls?

Here’s your answer: when the guy likes the girl more than she likes him.

You see, many guys I notice put a girl on a pedestal, just because they are hot and sexy.

While you’re talking to her, you must try to get answers to these questions…

  • “What else is going for her besides her great physique and looks?
  • “Is she warm enough?”
  • “Is she caring enough?”
  • “Is she feminine?”
  • “Is she FUN to be around?”
  • “Does she even have an interesting life?”

By trying to find answers to these questions, you immediately put her off the pedestal, and any approach anxiety you may have about making your move on her will instantly vanish away.

You also come across as a ‘high value’ guy who is confident and selective when it comes to spending his time with women, which in returns, gets her all hot and excited about meeting you again.

How to get answers to these type of questions?

Here’s how: Once you approach and start talking with her, try to set the a relaxed and fun environment with some fun, playful, and flirty banter… (for more ways to start a conversation with any girl and have a fun, playful, and flirty banter, check out my friend Bobby Rio’s Small Talk Tactics report… for FREE)…

This will get her at ease and make her open up to you more… and from there you can begin to ask her questions that will get her into proving to you that she has other attractive qualities about her that make her look even more sexier than just her looks.

For instance, you can ask questions, like:

  • “What’s your deal?”
  • “What do you do for fun?”
  • “What kind of adventures you’ve been up to lately?”

These types of questions will keep a fun vibe alive while also getting a chance to get a sneak peek at her personality…

This type of screening will only make you appear more attractive in her eyes… and could be enough to get her chasing you.

Mistake #3: Lacking integrity…

Another thing that makes a woman uneasy about a guy is when he appears to be ‘fake’.

If your action does not match up with your words, then that’ll put her off more than anything else…

Women are attracted to guys who are honest, sincere and have integrity…

How to display your integrity?

Have opinions on things. Stand up for your beliefs. Express your views on life. (Most guys fail here).

Most guys wrongly believe that in order to get a girl to like them, they need to ‘agree’ with her about everything she says.

But women HATE that.

A guy who cannot STAND up for himself… and is not afraid to disagree just shows how ‘needy’ and ‘insecure’ he is…. and how he lacks integrity.

Be willing to disagree with her and stand up for what you believe in. But DO NOT try to have a debate about it. If you disagree on something, just let her know about it, and quickly change topics.

Doing this shows that you don’t seek her ‘approval’ and that you’re not ‘needy’ and insecure guy.

Instead, it displays to her than you are a secure man who has tons of confidence with women.

Here’s an example on how to display integrity to a woman you’re interested in:

Let’s say, you love Tom Cruise movies but the girl you like and her girlfriends think they are stupid. DO NOT give in and say you don’t like them either.

Rather, VOICE your opinion, but with a smile…

Use it not to have an argument with her, but just as an opportunity to have a fun, playful, and flirty banter.

Maybe you could respond her with something funny like, “What? You don’t like Tom Cruise? Okay, I don’t want to do anything with you. I want a divorce. You can keep that beach house, but I want the boat. You never used that anyway…”

Mistake #4: Being completely oblivious to ‘social norms’

Demonstrates A LOT of ‘social intelligence’

When you approach a woman, make sure NOT to creep them out by showing her that you’re a guy who understands ‘social rules’ — even if you don’t follow them.

I know a lot of guys have approach anxiety to walk over to an attractive girl on the street, cafe, or mall…

In situations like this, it would be very helpful if you could demonstrate to her that starting a random conversation with a girl in the middle of the day is outside the ‘norm’…

If you’re approaching a girl during the day, put her at ease by saying something like, “I know this is totally random, but I just wanted to come and say ‘Hi’ to you.”

This demonstrates a lot of ‘social intelligence’ on your part and that you know you are aware of doing something out of the ordinary, but you’re also confident enough not to give a damn.

Stay chilled!

Abishek Rana

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