How To KNOW If A Girl ‘Likes’ YOU (5 ‘Fullproof Signs’ To LOOK for)


Hello there! What’s up?

Do you want to know the best way how to know if a girl is interested in you?

If you’ve been wracking your brain trying to figure out whether a woman likes you or not, then you’re not alone. I have been into that situation a lot of times.

Wouldn’t it be A LOT easier if the girl you’re talking to just came right out and said it?

Yeah, it would be awesome.

But, women don’t make it any easier on guys.

So, it’s up to you to take notice of all the ‘subtle signs’ she is giving to you, and respond accordingly.

If you don’t know how to spot the signs that she’s interested in you, then you’ll probably wind up in a dead-end conversation with a girl who has no interest in you.

Or worse… you may totally blow out your chance to get laid with a girl who is practically jumping at the chance to FOLLOW you back to your apartment and tear your clothes off.

So what are these signs that you should be watching out for? What are other ways to know if a girl is interested in you?

Remember: If a girl likes you, it DOESN’T mean that she’s ‘into’ you.

But, as you start to see several signs of interests (listed below), you’ll know for certain that, at least, you’ve successfully created a strong rapport with the girl, which will allow you to easily escalate the conversation towards a more “intimate level.”

#1 Full-proof Sign: “She laughs at your stupid (silly) jokes”

If the girl is giving you her undivided attention, she is laughing at your silly jokes… even if it’s not funny, and basically, has a BIG smile plastered across her face the entire time she’s with you, then that’s a clear indication that she likes you.

When we laugh at someone, here’s what we are unconsciously telling the person: “I enjoy your company. Please keep on talking because I’m listening to what you’re saying.” If she’s laughing, she’s also encouraging you to keep on talking with her.

#2 Full-proof Sign: “She asks you if you have a girlfriend”

If she is interested in you as she becomes more attracted to you, she’ll often try to find out whether or not you have a girlfriend.

Most women will flat out ask.

Or, if she doesn’t, she’ll most probably ask you questions that pry for the information like “Who you are living with?”

Or, if you tell her a story about a recent city you travelled on a vacation, she’ll probably ask you, “Who did you go with?”

BUT… if she is NOT interested in you, she’ll rarely ask.

#3 Full-proof Sign: “She asks you to take a ‘sip’ of her drink…”

This sign has ALWAYS been my personal favorite of knowing that a woman was ready for a kiss.

Let’s say, you’re at the bar and talking to a girl, and then, without your knowing, she says something like “Hey, try my drink.” If she’s encouraging you to take a sip of her drink, she is unconsciously telling you that she wants you on a more “intimate” level.

This is certainly a sure-fire way of knowing whether or not a girl is interested in you.

#4 Full-proof Sign: “She calls you a ‘player’…”

Most guys think that if a girl says “So you’re a player, huh?” to them, that means she’s not interested. Well, that’s not true at all.

Here’s what it means when she calls you a player: She’s really COMFORTABLE being around you to say that sort of thing. And, she views you as a guy who is used to talking with lots of women.

So next time, if a woman says you that sort of statement, just take it as a ‘shit test’ and continue interacting with her as if nothing ever happened.

Warning: DO NOT try to prove or defend yourself to her that you aren’t. The best response is just to smile and say “Is it that obvious?” and continue having a conversation with her.

#5 Full-proof Sign: “The ‘High Five’ test…”

If you want to be a little bit pro-active and find out yourself if a girl is interested in you, then here’s a little ‘test’ you can run on her to gauge her interest level:

When you’re interacting with a girl, and you like something she says, give her a “high five”.

You gently slap her hand and let it linger for a second and watch how she reacts. If she lets her hand linger on yours for a split second, grips your fingers back, or kind of lets her hand slide against yours… it’s a very good sign that she likes you.

But, if she pulls her hand immediately away, then she probably doesn’t feel comfortable around you.

How to KNOW if a girl is interested in you

I hope you enjoyed reading these tip on how to know if a girl is interested in you.

Warning: Overanalyzing the situation can KILL her interest in you.


Because she can sense your “insecurity” to make a “move on her”, which actually turns her OFF. Instead of spending all day trying to figure out whether or not she is interested in you, the best (and the quickest) way to find out yourself early in the interaction is to simply try all these tips I shared above.

Stay chilled!


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