How to NEVER Run Out of Things to Say

My friend Eric Von Sydow just wrote a guest article for my blog today, where he unleashes his #1 tip for always have some good conversation topics to talk about with women, especially with hot women…

Now, you may already know who Eric is… because he was the Rasputin in the book “The Game” by Neil Strauss… and he is also known by “Hypnotica.”

Now, I also know that most guys have a big issue of “running out of things to say”. I recall those early days in the game where I always seem to freeze up in front of a beautiful women, feeling like a total idiot.

Getting rid of this problem was a big releif for me… and today Eric has written a guest post to help you make the same amazing shift.

Take it away, Eric!

Hey man,

Have you ever been talking to a hot girl who you like…
…and suddenly ran out of things to say?

And then while the awkward silence grows, she’s looking at you like…

“Is this guy gonna say anything?”

A guy who’s a total natural with girls might not be able to relate to that.

They seem to have the magic power to make pure gold flow out of their mouth.

But if you’ve ever struggled to talk to attractive women like I once did…

Then you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.

Don’t worry though man — I’m gonna give you my best tip for NEVER running out of things to say.

Man… this “running out of things to say” thing used to screw me up every time.

It felt like I had this “voice in my head”, sabotaging my chances with the girls I liked.

Whenever I was face to face with a hot girl…

The voice in my head would chant: “Don’t say that. That’s not cool”.

…or “She’ll think that’s stupid.”

…or “She probably hears that all the time”.

…or worst of all: “Look at you standing here speechless… you can’t even think of something to say. She’ll think you’re a total idiot.”

I hated that voice SO freaking much.

Meanwhile, I had to watch those natural guys effortlessly yammer on about anything, and girls LOVED them for it.

There’s no chance these guys had a “voice in their head” messing them up.

And surprise, surprise — those guys got laid like crazy, while I got NOTHING.

I got so damn pissed off, that I declared:

“I will shut this voice up or I’ll die trying”.

I tried talking to “pickup guys”… but they were too busy with their canned lines & routines. Screw that, right?

Nah… I needed to go to the source.

So I started hanging around naturals. Observing them… seeing what they did… and copying it.

Even that wasn’t working until one of them took me aside and gave a tip, which I’m gonna share with you.

It was so simple, but the way he explained it made perfect sense.

It was a just a simple shift in my thinking that changed everything.

My BEST Tip for Never Running Out Of Things to Say

The natural showed me that the reason I couldn’t think of what to say…

…is because I was trying to think of what SHE would want to hear!

I wasn’t thinking “what do I want to say right now?”

My focus was totally on saying the right thing that would impress her, or make her think I’m cool.

The natural told me to shift my focus to saying what I found interesting.

That’s why these guys can talk forever.

Because they just talk about whatever amuses them… just whatever pops into their head that seems funny at the time.

Here’s how to do it:

If you like World of Warcraft, talk about World of Warcraft.

If you like Hockey, talk about Hockey.

If you like talking about books or history, talk about that.

Whatever pops into your head, just say that and don’t worry about what she’ll think of it.

And you’re gonna notice that her reaction to you totally changes.

She’ll think “Wow! This guy is totally different. He doesn’t talk about my job, or what I study, or my hometown, or my siblings, or what I like to do”…

And she’ll feel like she’s “experiencing you”…. And she’ll want to know more.

She’ll go from curious, to intrigued to attracted in a matter of minutes.

Next thing you know she’s asking YOU questions to find out more about you… and she’s in her head thinking “what can I say so that I’m interesting enough for this guy?”

And THAT is how you get a woman to chase you.

It all starts at forgetting about saying stuff to impress her, and make her like you…

…and starting to say stuff for your own amusement and fun. Then let her join into that fun.

Well I hope you like that tip man.

If you want to know more about how to totally shut up that voice in your head… and how to talk endlessly and effortlessly suck women into your vibe, and gets them attracted… then you can go watch my video about it here.

I taught the stuff in this video to Neil Strauss & David DeAngelo… and it helped them become some of the most successful guys with women on the planet. So enjoy!