How to Pick Up Girls (8 Easy & Simple Tips)


With the continuous decline in quality in the behaviour of women, night game seems not a very good option to find a girl for anything other than sex.

I get almost 80% of my lays from day game alone; 15% comes through night game; and 5% comes through an online game — something I am not good at.

No matter what game you prefer — Direct or Indirect Game — pick the one that suits your style and head out there.

And if you are just learning day game, apply these 8 killer mindsets and strategies in your day game to start getting awesome results, rapidly:

Tip #1: Don’t give a flyin’ fvck

Don’t give a flyin’ fvck

This is the most important mindset in this article.

I know, rejection is a BIG word that plagues a ‘rookie’ dead in his track. I know you are scared of it, but so what? If one girl rejects you, you’ll find another and even a better one in a couple of minutes.


You must get to a point in your day game when rejection doesn’t bother you at all. Once you reach that level, it’ll dawn upon you that rejection is just a part of the process. Slowly, yet surely, you’ll get to a point where the beauty of a smokin’ HOT chick doesn’t get the best of you.

You must reach a point in your day game where you are completely detached from the outcome. When a girl blows you, or ‘flakes’ on you, or doesn’t respond back to your text or call, or outrightly rejects you, it doesn’t bother you at all.

Belief in yourself with an abundance mentality.

Walk around like you own the place.

Remember, the world is your oyster, and you are just stopping by on the street to make a small chit chat with an attractive female commoner, in the best hope of getting into her pants.

Someone put it right: “Who cares if 10 women blow you off if the 11th approach gets you laid?”

Walk around like you own the place. Remember, you are the kind of your empire, and you are just stopping by to make a chit chat with an attractive female commoner, in the best hope of enjoying her wet holes.

As someone put it right: “Who cares if 10 women blow you off if the 11th approach gets you laid?”

Tip #2: Slooooooow down and talk slowly.

Once you get into a habit of approaching girls on a daily basis and start becoming more grounded in their presence, try speaking with them slowly, even slower than you would normally speak.

Use all your stomach muscles and lung capacity, and try to be as clear as crystal in your elocution. This is important particularly when you are talking to girls who do not speak English.

Tip #3: When in doubt, approach anyway.

After that eject, if necessary.

There will be many times when you can’t seem to quickly figure out if a girl is really attractive. She is wearing a hat, she turned around, she walked too fast, she looks “nice” from behind but might have a butterface, she has an oversized pair of sunglasses…

But, who cares?

Approach her, anyway. While you are talking to her, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to study her style, face, and personality.

Just give your best shot and use everything you have learned so far. If she acts ‘rude’, looks like you just fell from Mars, or is cross-eyed, just get the hell out of there. You can ‘eject’ without even saying a word. Your time is more important, not hers.

Tip #4. Think about your appearances.

This tip applies to every guy out there reading this post. But if your day game is bullet-proof and your presence is strong, you can then afford to slightly dress down and approach wearing with a t-shirt full of stains or holes. Nobody wears a suit 24/7, particularly during the summer.

On the other hand, if you are just learning the ropes of day game, make sure to keep your appearance sharp. It’ll help you make a good first impression, even if you make a few mistakes during the approach.

If you notice that you are getting better results (more numbers and smiles) when you are wearing a shirt and dress shoes than with a plain shirt with casual shoes, just keep on doing that.

Tip #5. Be consistent (within reason)

A girl might not respond immediately to your approach. Maybe, she didn’t hear what you just said. Maybe, she is just shy, or you didn’t do a wonderful job of convincing her enough. Whatever it is, just keep on talking, unless you clearly know that it’s too late.

Keep involving her in the conversation, block her way for a bit, keep on walking with her side-by-side if she continues to keep on walking but sends you positive signals. You can tell her, “Alright, hold on. Just stop. I need to go the other way,” pointing to the other direction, then start talking with her again.

You have BALLS, so use them. You must clearly sense that the attraction was absent before leaving the interaction.

Tip #6. Try gaming using different approach tactics

If you are just starting out on day game, try approaching single girls before hitting on girls in groups. Learn how to approach and engage a girl using some of the killer tactics used by the predators of the animal kingdom.

i) Eagle game

You must go out and stay at a post in a very busy street or a square. You must be prepared to scan the crowd for a long time to spot beautiful girls among the crowd of people.

Once you spot a girl you like, you must walk towards her, stop her, and open. After that, you return back to your post and wait for the next one.

ii) Crocodile game

You can bring a friend to watch your belongings while you stand and stop girls and open, or even turn it into a mini-contest just to improve each other’s game.

Grab a drink and observe. Stay at a bench or a terrace near a busy street or square. Saturday afternoons often work well. The careless deer walk by. You approach her, charm, number close, and then, walk back to grab your coffee until you spot the next one.

You can stop a girl and open her by saying, “Hey. I just saw you passing by and I had to come and say hi. You look really nice in that blue jacket. I am AB, what’s yours?”

iii) Wolf game (my style)

This gaming style is a combination of the previous two. But here, you don’t just stand in one spot. You walk, walk, and walk. You must never stop for anything else besides talking to a girl. No wifi browsing. No texting. Yeah, maybe a takeaway coffee.

When you spot an attractive chick, stop her. If you can, take her on an ‘instant date’, or get her number and continue approaching other girls.

The wolf is motivated because he is hungry, keeps on moving from one failure to another until he gets what he wants.

Tip #7. Be consistent

It’s way better to approach girls during a certain time frame every day of the week than do it for 8 hours a day once a week (even though approaching is better than nothing at all)… unless you are incredibly horny.

You must set aside a time slot to practice day game on a given number of days and just stick to the routine until you start to get the results you’ve been seeking.

Become an approach machine. If you are up for it, take her on an ‘instant date’, but if I were you, I would stick to accumulating a lot of approaches unless I was 100% sure my rejections don’t hit me any harder and my confidence and frame are unshakable.

Taking a long break on day game makes you lose your social momentum and confidence which you gather up with the memories of successful approaches. That’s why it is always a good idea to approach a number of girls every day of the week to keep a steady flow.

Now, OF COURSE, you keep repeating it every day, but at the end of the day, the numbers will always be working on your favour.

Tip #8. Stop choking the chicken

This tip is not rocket science. You just need to be focused on day game, just as a sailor who has the picture of the port he is sailing his ship. Keep your energies in. You must always be ‘horny’ and feel that you are aggressive. You must reach that point where you can’t stop approaching girls. It must become a mission.

Your ‘basic instincts’ must completely neglect your ‘logical brain’. It is also a proven fact that guys who get sex naturally from women than masturbation are subconsciously perceived as more attractive by the opposite sex. Science will one day prove that the “I just got laid” victorious stride is real.

You see, day game and its success can be centred around a few major components: logistics, mathematics, body language, presence, level of attractiveness, confident… The list goes on. But one factor trumps them all, and which is BALLS.

So head out there and approach.

Stay chilled!


P.S. BTW, if you would like to learn how to just flip the “too scared to approach” switch into the “I can’t wait to talk to hot women” switch, then here’s a new (proven) system that’ll have you fearlessly approaching any hot women you really want… even if you’re currently “scared to death” to talk to women right now


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