How to Ramp Up the Physical Escalation (Under 10 Mintues!)


Make Her Want to Have Sex With YOU (Word-by-Word Examples)

I notice that a lot of guys have a big issue when talking with beautiful women: they don’t really know how to take their “normal” conversation much more intimate and sexual… within minutes into the interaction. They don’t know what and how to do it, and it can become quite frustrating.

But, as a man, it’s your job to LEAD the interaction towards sexual level. A lot of women complain that men often don’t escalate as fast as they expect. I personally have lost a lot of opportunity for sex because I was too hesitant to escalate things towards the next level.

What is Escalation?

Escalation is anything that moves the interaction towards having sex with girls…. such as touching, kissing, hugging, or sexualizing the conversation.

So, whenever you’re stuck on how to take things to the next level, use this guide as your go-to-source.

Escalation is anything that moves the interaction towards having sex with girls

Before I let you in all the subtle ways to ramp up the escalation with women, build up the sexual tension so that you can take her back to your apartment as soon as possible… there are a few specific points you must always keep in mind:

5 Few KEY Pointers

1. Touch her as soon as possible…

It’s better to break the “touch barrier” than wait. If you wait for the right time to touch her, it might come across awkward and weird. Rather, if you want to quickly escalate things towards your bedroom, make sure you break that “touch barrier” by initiating touches as soon as you can, which basically means when you first meet her.

For example: During the day, you could shake hands with her, or kiss her on the cheek. During the night, you might give her a high five or put your arms around her.

On your first date, you might give her a hug as you greet her. Keep reading this post because, in the next section, you’ll discover 9 different types of touches.

2. Take “2 steps forward, 1 step back…”

If you keep putting on the gas, she’ll try to go in slow and put on the brakes. So rather than escalating the touch as much as you can, try to take a step back. You see, touching releases oxytocin — a feel-good bonding hormone — and make her feel good.

When you stop touching her, then she’ll want to feel good again. She’ll want you to touch her. But if you keep on touching her or escalating without stopping then she’ll most likely get freaked out.

For example:

Place your arms around her back and tell her you like her… but then turn away from her.

Kiss her, but then end the tongue wrestling even before she does… saying, “Hey, that’s all you get. No more for today.”

“I would so throw you against the wall and have my way with you right now; too bad, there are all these people here.”

3. Practice saying sexual things casually.

If you asked, “What’s your favourite sexual position?” in a slow and seductive tone (you’ll learn how to do this in this guide) it might come off as too sleazy or cheesy. Instead, you might want to bring up sexual topics as if you’re having a normal conversation as if it’s totally fine for you to talk about sexual things. This displays girls that you’re totally comfortable and secure in your sexuality.

Practice saying sexual things casually.

When’s the BEST time to use the slow and seductive voice?

The best time to use seductive tone is when you’re giving a direct complement during the day, while you’re talking about non-sexual topics either before or during foreplay. For best results, you can say sexual things in a casual voice or casual things in a sexy voice.

Of course, there are many different ways you can be sexual about, but make sure you don’t overdo it.

4. Don’t be shy (or afraid) to talk about sex

Most women LOVE sex, although this may vary between women to women and different cultures. In fact, it’s the most talked about topic on the cover of women’s magazines.

So that means you don’t have to feel ashamed or afraid of bringing it up in your interactions with her. I recommend bringing the topic of sex indirectly at first, such as through a game or story (you’ll discover how to do in this article later), before going direct with the line such as, “I’m going to have my way with you.”

Being direct works best later during the interaction when she is already really turned on by you.

5. Warning

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Learn how to truly communicate with women

9 Different Types of Touches:

Here are 9 different ways you can initiate touch with a woman:

  1. Friendly touch: You can initiate touch with her when greeting or saying goodbye with a handshake, a hug, or a kiss on the cheek.
  2. Conversation: You can also initiate a touch by using your hands as you talk to her.. touching her arm, touching her shoulder, or touching her hand to make a point. For example, say “… and guess what happened next?” and follow up with touch on her arm for extra emphasis.
  3. Inquiring: Touch her hair, nails, or something she’s wearing and comment on it. For example: “Wow I like those nail polish you’re wearing,” as you hold her hands.
  4. Leading: While you’re leading her from one venue to the next, you can hold her hand or even go in arm-in-arm.
  5. Correcting: Fix something about her like her hair, clothing, or posture. For example: “Hey, hold on for a second. Let me correct your shirt. Okay, there you go. Much better.”
  6. Punishing: Playfully slapping her butt or her hand whenever she does something bad. For this to work, you need to have a high level of compliance with her (meaning, you must already have kissed her before). For example: “Wooooh, you’re being bad. Wait, let me see your hand.” And when he gives her hand, you slap her. “Next time, it will be on your ass.”
  7. Rewarding: Whenever she does something good, reward her with a high-five, a huge, or a kiss. For example: “Good answer/attitude. High-five for that!”
  8. Playful: Play fun games with her like thumb wrestling or slap hands.
  9. Direct: Taking her and having yours with her. Now, of course, you need a high level of attraction and compliance from her (you already kissed her before doing this). You go for a kiss, pulling her hair, and/or initiating foreplay.

The following are some of my favourite ways to escalate with girls physically and verbally (sexually). So enjoy!


People want what they can’t have. So if you want her to want something badly simply tell her she can’t have it.

Here’s an example of a conversation:

You: Hey, I want to have sex with you.
Her: Uh huh, I am NOT having sex with you tonight.
You: Well, I changed my mind, you can’t have sex with me (restriction)
Her: (Shocked/ confused look on her face)
Her: Why not?!

Result: Later, the girl went on to validate herself and try to make him say he wanted to have sex with her.

A few more examples:

  • You: (On a date) “Hey, you’re pretty cool. I’m starting to like you more. But, you know what? We can’t have sex with you tonight.”
  • After you kiss her, pull away first and say, “That’s all you get. No more.”
  • Take her to your place and say, “We can go inside but you’ll have to behave yourself.”
  • As you are escalating, if you feel that she is going to stop the momentum you can stop it right away and say, “Wow, it feels so gooooooooood. You are turning me on so much. I think we must stop.”

Now, go out and make it happen.

Stay chilled,


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