How to Sexually Escalate a Conversation with a Woman


Most guys have one big fear of revealing their interest in a girl they like.

Because of this reason, a lot of wannabe seducers wind up spending too much time building “attraction” (building value, building comfort and trust, building rapport and vulnerability).

No wonder why they never get laid.

Internalize THIS mindset Now: Escalation is attractive.

Escalation may be the most attractive quality to SHOW if you want to make a particular girl like you.


Because making such a bold and courageous move, particularly very soon in the interaction, displays confidence and instantly makes women notice you.

A lot of guys only make a move only after they’re 100% sure the girl is interested in them.

Big difference!

Escalating “The Vibe”

Escalating “The Vibe”

Now, of course, when I am talking about as rapid escalation as being super attractive to women, I’m not saying cat-calling or groping women as they pass by.

It’s quite the opposite.

Rather than overthinking about touching or complimenting women, your FOCUS must be on “escalating the vibe.”

What do I mean by “escalating the vibe”?

Escalating the vibe means escalating the tone of your interactions with women — from friendly, social, and safe interaction to something more serious and seductive.

Here are a few examples of seductive vibes:

  • Moving very close to her
  • Speaking VERY slowly…
  • Holding her gaze…
  • Being comfortable with silences…

Just by putting in just a little bit of seductive energy… you can instantly create a lot of tension.

And here’s THE GOOD NEWS: This tension between a man and a woman is often felt as “sexual tension.”

Awkward or connection?

Here’s the INTERESTING PART: The sensation of tension you create with your seductive vibe is like the physical symptoms a woman sense when she is attracted to a man.

  • She starts blushing…
  • Her heart starts beating fast…
  • She may even start to feel nervous…

Sometimes, some women will feel these kinds of powerful emotions even if she is not attracted to you yet.

On the other hand, if she’s not enjoying your vibe she’ll only interpret the tension you created as creepy.

As a result, she may respond by giving you the “you’re creepy” look.

The BAD NEWS is that if you want to be seducer there’s always going to be a small risk of this happening.

But do not worry.

She’ll only reject you non-verbally and you both can walk away and save yourself from getting embarrassed.

However, if she has some attraction for you that feeling of tension you just created will make her feel even more attracted to you.

Then, you suddenly go from “kind of charming” to “extremely sexy” in seconds.

Building Sexual Tension

You build sexual tension by revealing your interest only with “vibe”, not by verbally or physically.

If she’s into you, she’ll crave for a release to that tension.

Secretly, she hopes you’re feeling this same kind of non-verbal connection too, and it’s not just her.

The best way to release some of her tension is by taking her hand and caressing it.

Because you haven’t touched her much, lately, the first time you touch her hand creates a strong spark of emotion that can lead to mutual hand caressing.

Seducing Her Non-Verbally

A lot of mainstream seduction advice put a lot of emphasis on verbal and physical escalation.

For example, I bet you have been advised numerous times to use teasing, touching her a lot, and then lean in for the kiss.

But I believe escalating the interaction using seductive eye contact, proximity, and silence can be far more powerful than anything that may ever say verbally or do physically.

Trying to escalate your interaction by touching her can have quite the opposite effect (reduce sexual tension) because she already knows your intentions.

Now, I understand that many guys still view escalation as something that is a scary thing to do.

But in fact, escalating the vibe can be so simple and easy thing to do and almost risk-free.

It only requires you to be silent, actively listen, and enjoy the wonderful woman who is in front of you.

Now doesn’t that sound like something you can do?

Of course, you can.

Stay chilled!


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