How To Talk To A Beautiful Woman You Just Met (15 “Killer” Tips)


The Simple Advice On How To ‘Flirt’ And ‘Talk’ To Women

Most men are never taught how to make conversation with women. And because of this reason, most of us walk through our life without being able to attract a woman.

Rather most of us might:

  • Bore her silly
  • Not know how to make her laugh
good conversation starters with girls
Flirt with her!
  • Struggle to spark attraction
  • Can’t just be ourselves

Most of us might complain our lack of success with women on money, looks, power, or popularity… but the good news is that if you learn how to talk to a woman, flirt with her, and arouse her… you can easily attract a woman into your life.

Certain conversation topics works really well (listed below) when it comes to flirting with a girl and make her obsessed about you; and certain “words” can be injected into your conversation to make her want you… in a sexual way.

Now in order to understand how to talk to women in a way that makes them fall in love with you… you must first figure out what women like talking about.

In order to do this, we’ll begin in two simple steps.

What Type of Small Talk Turns Off a Woman

a) Women don’t like men who are “needy” and “desperate”

Most men do not realize that they are being needy and desperate when they are making conversation with a woman.

But women can sense that needy vibe within seconds.

She can instantly tell that you are trying to impress her.

And when you try to impress a woman it has an opposite effect. It turns them off.

b) Women don’t like guys who come across as “insecure”

You just can’t walk up to a girl and act all nervous and expect her to be all over you.

A woman wants a man who is confident, secure, and powerful.

If she doesn’t see any of these traits in you her attraction towards you will instantly drop to “zero.”

c. Women don’t like guys who seem “boring.”

If you are having a conversation with a woman you must know how to keep small talk light, fun, and playful.

But if you often find yourself stuck talking about mundane topics, having “interview mode” small talk, and running into awkward silences… you can be certain that the woman you are talking to will quickly lose her interest in you.

d. One of the biggest reasons that destroy a woman’s interest (if there was any) toward a man is showing her he lacks “social intelligence”.

Women are highly social.

And they follow the social “norms” to the T.

If a man doesn’t seem to be aware of what is socially acceptable and what is not… she will instantly reject him as someone who is “below” her.

An easy way to display lack of social intelligence while having a conversation with a woman is to continually tell jokes that no one finds funny, not take the “subtle cues” she is giving to you, or make an inappropriate comment.

If you understand all these problems, you really can’t blame a woman not wanting to be with a weak, boring, socially clueless, insecure, and needy dude.

Just ask yourself… would you find these traits attractive in a woman?

Now let’s talk about…

What Type of Small Talk Attracts a Woman

a) You must know how to make small talk with a woman in such a way that brings out her playful, flirty, and fun side.

There is a song I know “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun…” and I completely believe it is true.

This is particularly true if you’re having a conversation with a girl at a bar or a club.

There, she just wants to have fun.

You must flirt with her in such a way that makes her feel she is back on the playground with her most favourite guy.

b) Women are highly emotional creatures.

You must talk to a woman in a way that generates an emotional state within her.

You can easily do this by talking about emotional topics like her vacations, childhood, passions, or any other type of conversation topics that spur emotion.

Or, you can also insert certain “emotional words” into your conversations to spur emotion.

Rather than saying, “It was amazing,” you can say, “My heart filled with joy and happiness when the sun finally shone brightly after a long rainy week.”

c) You must show to women that you are a socially intelligent man.

Women are subconsciously attracted to men who they think have status, power, and social approval.

But the good news is that you don’t necessarily need to have any of these things.

You only have to make small talk with a woman in the same way that these type of men would do to her.

In other words, you must talk to her from a place of status, power, and a slight superiority.

Women are naturally attracted towards men who they think are slightly above them on the social ladder.

d) You have to make small talk with a woman in a way that brings out her “sexual” side.

You may be having an engaging conversation on a topic like “health and fitness” but it will hardly ever lead to attraction.

In order to spark sexual chemistry in a woman, you must not be afraid to talk about intimate topics.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should blatantly talk about sex… but what it means is that you must never be scared to talk about intimate and personal topics.

These are the type of topics that spark attraction in a woman and make them feel that they have some kind of connection with you.

How to Talk to a Woman and Attract Her to You?

I realize that most guys are clueless when it comes to keeping the conversation going with a woman, or having a conversation in such a way that sparks attraction.

In fact, most guys wind up boring women silly.

Now I have coached so many guys to know that most of them will become dead on their tracks if had to approach a beautiful woman.

Or, they will act so nervous and uptight that they wind up coming across as boring and insecure.

But most women expect a man to take the charge and LEAD the conversation in a way that brings out her fun, playful, and sexual side.

She wants a man who can make her smile, laugh, while also making her feel safe and secure around her.

In short, the secret of attracting women into your life is making small talk in such a way that makes her feel she is having so much fun and enjoyment when she is around you, while also letting the sexual tension to build slowly, and then being dominant enough to make your move (go in for the kiss) at the moment she expects it to be.

Okay… so what type of small talk topics lead towards fun, playful, and flirtatious interaction?

15 Ways to Make Small Talk With a Woman that Gets Them Attracted to You

1. Your small talk topics must include emotional topics like future ambitions, passions, music, or childhood memories.

These small talk topics will get her into a highly charged emotional state.

2. Women like a guy who can LEAD.

When you are having a conversation with a woman, never wait for her to tell what you two should be talking about.

3. Pay attention to social cues she is sending to you.

If you are talking to her standing close, accidentally spitting on her while talking, or making her feel uncomfortable in any way… then she will give you a few hints about these things.

You must pay attention to them and act accordingly.

4. Remember that “fun is not funny”.

Women gravitate towards a man who lets them have fun.

Do not waste your time telling her the funniest jokes.

Simply focus on giving them enjoyment and excitement.

5. Tease her.

One of the easiest ways to make small talk much more fun, playful, and flirty is to tease a woman.

In order to do this, you must think back to your time on the playground.

In the dating world, what used to work on the playground is still effective today.

6. Do not be afraid to be personal and intimate with women.

Women are turned on by men who are not afraid to take an interaction towards much more intimate and personal level.

7. Use “cold reading tactics” to turn her on.

Women love to hear and talk about themselves… almost all the time. Learn some cold reading tactics to make observations about her.

8. Do not give her too many compliments.

Men who shower women with a lot of compliments often come across as insecure and boring.

If you find yourself often complimenting a woman on her looks, style, or any other things… she’ll think that you are trying to impress her.

Which will have the complete opposite effect.

9. Avoid having “interview mode” small talk if you want to make small talk in a way that will never make a woman feel bored.

Rather voice your opinions, views, and ideas about things.

10. Make statements instead of asking a lot of questions.

Instead of asking her “Where did you grow up?” make a statement by saying, “You don’t seem to be around from here.”

Doing this will allow you to make random observations about her and display your personality.

11. Show your personality.

Do not be afraid to talk about things you are passionate about.

12. Avoid complimenting on her looks, eyes, or body.

(Here is an excellent resource on how to give a compliment to a woman)

13. Say something that lets her know that you are interested in her in a “sexual” way.

If you don’t do it, you run the risk of ending up in the dreaded “Friend Zone”.

14. Use conversation “games” to keep the interaction light, playful, and flirtatious.

Games can be anything like the “5 questions game” or the “Truth or Dare”

15. Don’t give away your hand so fast.

Women want men who seem mysterious and challenge.

If you want her to be interested in you long enough to be your girlfriend or even a wife, then she MUST feel like she is slowing winning you over.

On the other hand, if she feels you are too easy… then she’ll quickly lose interest in you.

How to Pass a Woman’s Conversation “Tests”

The easiest way to learn know how to talk to women in a fun, playful, and flirty way is to think for a while what kind of conversation you would personally ENJOY talking about.

You see, making conversation with women is pretty simple.

You just have to know what conversation topics they enjoy talking about. And what topics turns them off.

Just go back through the list I gave you above and you’ll be on track.

Now once you learn how to have a conversation with women in a way that gets them attracted to you, you’ll start to notice they’ll:

  • Start touching you more (feel your muscles, or put her hand under your shirt)
  • Laugh at your jokes (even if it’s downright silly and stupid)
  • Make all kinds of excuses to talk to you
  • Lean and grind up against you
  • Become jealous when she sees you talking with other girls

Before I go, I want to leave you with THIS: No matter how overwhelmed you might be right now by the thought of becoming a “Mr Smooth Talker”… you are, in fact, almost near your goal then you imagine.

You only need to know ‘what to say to girls‘.

Once you make a few “tweaks” in the way you talk to women, you’ll start to notice that you are actually enjoying talking to women — and you’ll start to see how easy it is to build attraction.

Isn’t it time that you invest some time learning how to talk to women?

Stay chilled,


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