Is Hypnosis the Way to Improve Your Inner Game?


First of all, I know that there are a lot of misconceptions out there about hypnosis. This article will tell you what hypnosis really is and exactly why it is such a great way to improve your state of mind and your inner game.

Hypnosis is basically a mediation process. The human mind is very susceptible to suggestion and visualization, hypnosis is a very real way to reprogram your inner beliefs and even for therapeutic intervention. Because your body is on auto-pilot and allowed to be in a complete state of relaxation and peace, hypnosis is also a pleasant experience. Of course, the experience is going to differ from one person to the next, but the overall feeling can be one of euphoria.

Is hypnosis a new age scam?

Definitely not.

Milton Erickson, a 20th-century founder of hypnotherapy, actually began to popularize the practice with his studies and methods. The American Medical Association and American Psychological Association both recognized hypnosis as a valid form of treatment in 1958. Then in 1995 the National Institutes for Health, part of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, recommended hypnotherapy for the treatment of chronic pain.

Here’s what other specialist had to say about hypnosis:

“Words framed as part of a carefully-crafted suggestion can change focal brain activity in a way no drug we have an do.” – Dr Amir Raz.

This is why hypnosis is so powerful. It is short, automatic, effortless and delivers real results fast. Yep, there are shortcuts, things you can eliminate to shorten your learning curve and hypnosis is the perfect solution.

Hypnosis is very powerful. It is short, automatic, effortless and delivers real results fast.

Once again, seduction is all about inner game: building self-confidence, destroying your inner fears, creating your own unique way of flirting with women. What better way to d this than a simple, safe and straightforward method such as hypnosis?

By using this natural method of programming beliefs into the deepest part of your mind, where instinct and automatic thinking and performance come from, you are able to effectively “hardwire” yourself to perform better mentally and physically.

Here are some tips for mastering your inner game:

  1. Know your triggers and know yourself. In order to increase your confidence, it is very important to know what triggers those negative thoughts and emotions that you have about yourself. Controlling your inner voice and what you say to yourself either makes or breaks your self-esteem and confidence.
  2. Celebrate the smallest victories. Acknowledging each time you succeed at a task or when someone pays you a compliment can positively impact your neurology.
  3. Feed on good things and more of it will come to you. So next time you’re in a potential dead-end situation and that little inner voice says something that could keep you from succeeding, simply acknowledge it and grab its power by saying “thanks but no thanks!” Then refocus and take action.

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Tony Laroche

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