“Sealing the Deal” with Women


HOW and WHY You MUST Lean in for “the Kiss”

Last night, I was watching the lick Glengarry Glen Ross…

And I have to admit it’s the best scene of Alec Baldwin’s acting career where he spurts out the eternal truth:

A, B, C.




Always be closing!

Always be closing!

Always be closing!

close the deal with women
ABC = Always Be Closing!

This line was one of my favourite lines too when I first watched this movie.

And, even though Alec was talking about closing in sales, I had this empty, nagging, and wierd realization deep down.

Because I knew the TRUTH behind that line.

And, it’s 100% true.

In the past, I would be engaging with a girl for hours end.

She would be laughing, wacking my arms, and giving me all signs of interest

And sometimes, she would even follow me back to my place…

But for some stranger reason, I would never get “the Kiss.”

And the following day, I’d come up with some lame excuse to tell my friends why I could not get the kiss… again.

I guess my buddies were probably starting to think I was gay.

But I knew I wasn’t.

I only had what is commonly known as the…

“Kiss Anxiety”

What exactly is Kiss Anxiety?

It got even worst when I couldn’t even have FUN with a girl on the date as I was overthinking about it the entire time I was with the girl.

But used to tell my self that I would “close the deal” LATER in the evening.

But, “later” would NEVER come.

I’d overthink about it SO much that I’d almost always not live in the moment.

Which was a big mistake!

I had to learn the hard way that if you cannot get the kiss…

“You won’t get anything.”

Getting the Kiss is Super Critical for 4 Reasons:

  • Once you get the kiss, the girl becomes heavily “invested” in YOU, and she’ll much more likely to see you again.
  • Women are amazing at rationalization – meaning once you kiss her, she’ll start to look for all of your awesome qualities just to justify her decision to sleep with you, and you’ll INSTANTLY become super attractive to her.
  • If you don’t “close the deal”, then you run a BIG RISK of being placed in the dreaded “friend zone.”

But even more importantly than that…

  • Women are just as horny as we men are. So by kissing you, she thinks it is taking her closer towards sex. She notices this and start imagining having sex with YOU.

On the other hand, if you build up the “sexual tension” and do NOT go in for the kiss, the anticipation and tension soon disappears…

And it becomes VERY VERY DIFFICULT to build it back again.

Here’s the GOOD NEWS: it’s actually VERY VERY EASIER thank you imagine…

A couple of years ago, I learned an important lesson that DRAMATICALLY SKYROCKETD MY GAME.

I mean, it literally changed my life.

There is absolutely NOTHING WRONG that can happen going in for the kiss…

(Assuming you understand how to build up to it).

In FACT, even if a girl rejects your attempts, or simply give you her cheek

She’ll still respect you A LOT more than if you didn’t.

And even more importantly, her attraction towards you will SKYROCKET 10X MORE.

One I realized this, I immediately started to becme a MACHINE.

All the “kiss anxiety” I had in the past completely dissappered out of my life…

And it actually sort of turned into a FUN GAME for me.

That also meant I NO LONGER WAITED until the end of the date to get the kiss.

In fact, I would simply kiss girls at the most UNEXPECTED times.

And they absolutely LOVED me for it.

  • As we’re walking past a quiet place, I would gently pull her in and quickly kiss her.
  • As she was in the middle of saying me something, I would lean in for the kiss, mid sentence.

I would kiss girls in the…

  • Gas stations…
  • Parking lots…
  • Coat rooms…

I kissed girls, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.

In fact, I didn’t even care if she tried to pull away or stop me.

I simply let her know that I was THAT TYPE OF GUY who could “make things happen.”

And that is VERY, VERY attractive to women

It’s MORE attractive than a “nice guy” who waits for signs of interest from a girl the entire night doubting himself…

Meekly leaning in for the kiss at the end of the date…

Or, even worse, endign the date with a simple handshake or a hug.

Stay chilled,


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