The 5 Essentials Every Man Should Carry (Don’t Forget The Lubes)

Preparing for the Unexpected (and Expected)

Yesterday morning, I found my mailbox jammed with a padded envelope.

I open the envelope to discover two bottles of lubes and a message saying, “Hi Aby, please find an attached Wet Platinum product sample.”

The envelope immediately got me thinking hard about the “essentials” every man should carry with him all the time before he steps out of his house to meet the ladies.

In the book, “The Game” Neil Strauss talks in vivid details about all the items stuffed into his ridiculous small purse for a night out of “hunting.”

5 Essentials Every Man Should Carry
15 Sticks of Winterfresh Chewing Gum.

But, since that time, I realize no one has ever written about a list of useful items every guy should carry before going out to spend a great time.

I love to travel, and I can only fit a player kit into the pockets of my Calvin Klien jeans.

And, here is my list:

1. 15 Sticks of Winterfresh Chewing Gum.

It’s been said countless times, but STILL, most guys do not heed THS ADVICE: ALWAYS carry breath-freshening chewing gum.


With no excuses.

The benefit of Winterfresh gum is its long-lasting strength, and each stick of Winterfresh gum offers you up to 2-3 hours of sweet-smelling breath.

Also, the 15-stick easily fit into your breast pocket, while also leaving you with plenty of sticks to give to your “wingmen” or the girls you want to meet and seduce (which will help you get them later).

The best part about Winterfresh chewing gum is that it doesn’t turn all soft and moist with the increase of body temperature, which usually happens when you are rubbing against a girl’s back at the bar after mid-night.

Insider tip: Chewing gum also makes you appear relaxed and confident.

By focusing on the rhythmic peristaltic motion of chewing, you are less likely to spit or fidget during your conversations with a woman.

Winterfresh will help you appear more cool, calm, and collected.

2. Two Trojan Brand Condoms

Again, this is an obvious thing to carry, but most guys don’t carry condoms.

Let’s face THE FACTS: you can never tell for a certain when you will sleep with a woman.

I’ve heard countless of one epic fail story after another where a guy ruined his chance for sex just because he forgot to carry a contraceptive.

So, if you are truly serious about sleeping with many girls, then I highly suggest that you pack a pair of condoms.

However, don’t be that guy from the Snoop Dogg video, flashing a roll of condoms with a smirk on his face.

Show some class.

If you’re serious about getting laid like crazy and want to carry more than a couple of condoms, carry them throughout your body.

Put a few in your shirt pocket, some in your jean pockets, and others in your sock, etc.

Nothing will scare a girl more than a dude who pulls out a buttload of condoms.

Insider tip: In the Attraction Formula, Paul Janka made an interesting point on using Trojan condoms, as the foil wrapper is super easy to open even if you have “slippery” fingers.

3. “Motivation” juice.

For any dude who is determined to mack the night away, it does him wonders to recharge his batteries at some point.

While it is easy to grab a glass or two of alcohol, beers, and other caffeine-saturated drinks at the bar, I argue why would you want to spend your hard-earned money like that?

In my case, I ALWAYS bring my “motivation” juice along with me.

Depending on how I am feeling that day, I sometimes carry a can of sugar-free energy drink like Red Bull, a miniature bottles of juice, or sometimes even a few protein bars and almonds.

Whenever you feel you need an instant boost in energy, just unravel your supply and give yourself a little shot of “motivation” juice.

4. “Props” to establish a quick rapport with girls.

If you have read any of my other articles you probably already know that I don’t recommend using gimmicks or “props” to meet and seduce girls.

So while you should leave the kryptonite crystal necklace and rune reader back at home, it does you good to bring one item that you can whip out anytime, anywhere, and talk about it with girls.

Preferably, this item must have some meaning in your life.

For example, I always carry paper money from every country I have visited over the last decade.

And whenever I talk to girls about travelling, I often show them the money.

This usually sparks a great conversation because we laugh together over the funny-looking people on the foreign currency (i.e. that guy on the Polish zlotych has a hilarious moustache).

You, too, have that one tiny item that holds a significant meaning into your life.

Whether it is a lucky charm, a ticket stub, or a digital camera full of pictures (no, not the pictures of you with hot babes in bikinis), it always do you good to have that one item ready to flush it out and “show and tell.”

5. A bottle of Wet Platinum Lube.

To be honest, this is a new item I stash along with other items in my pocket stash, but I am pretty sure it will be the most important one.

One biggest benefit of carrying a Wet Platinum bottle over KY is its user-friendly design.

The bottle is small enough to easily fit into your pocket, yet it has enough lube for a Greek sex orgy.

After “testing” this product last weekend, both my “tested partner” and I agreed the lube is far better than KY.

It feels like a mix of Vaseline, spit, and heaven.

It applies smooth, just like a liquid moisturizer.

So the next time you are heading out for the night, make sure to pack up right.

Don’t be that dude who often finds himself wrecked at the bar with bad breath, no condoms, nothing to talk about, no lube, and no energy.

That will definitely mean no girls for the night.

So gather your pimp sack long before you head out at the bar tonite.

Stay chilled,