The Lazy Man’s Guide To PUA Openers

pua openers to start a conversation with girls

My 5 Favorite PUA Openers

This guide contains everything you need to learn about how to use openers to strike up a conversation with women and create attraction.

There seems to be a buzz going around as to know what opening lines work the best to start a conversation with a woman.

If you are reading this post, then chances are you have come across some god awful openers over the years. Do not panic, though. In today’s post, you’ll discover some of the best pua openers that have been proven to create massive attraction with a girl you’re talking to.

But before I give you the best pua lines, allow me to briefly go through what openers are, and why they work so god damn well to start a conversation with women and spark attraction. After that, I’m also going to reveal to you my top 5 best pickup artist openers of all time, which I’ve personally used over the years to get girls attracted towards me.

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What is a Pua Opener?

You probably heard about the term “Opener” or “Pickup Artist” or “Day Game” after reading the book called The Game by Neil Strauss. In the book, Neil uses a lot of acronyms to explain the concepts of picking up girls. Pua is a short form for “Pickup Artist.” And “Openers” are words used to start a conversation with women. So guys who study the Game like to call these openers as “PUA Openers.”

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What makes these “PUA openers” different then “Pickup lines”?

When you are talking about pick up lines, what you are talking about is some cheesy lines to open a girl like, “OMG… I can’t believe. Angels flying low on the earth.” or “What’s your birth sign?”

Just to make things clear to you, none of the pua openers that I am going to give you below is like the usual pick up lines your AFC (or average frustrated chump) friend might have suggested you use on girls. In fact, as you are going to find some of the best pua openers that are specifically designed to spark attraction in women you’re talking to.

The biggest difference between a pua opener and a pickup line is that pua openers do not begin with a strong statement of intent. In fact, most pua openers leave the woman guessing on your intention, making you seem more challenging, mysterious, and interesting. These pua openers also give a chance to put down her b!tch shield for a while and allow you an excellent opportunity to captivate, connect, and seduce her.

What should a PUA opener help you achieve?

The number one objective of an opener is to start a conversation with women. Besides this, I personally think that best pua openers do more than just open a girl.

  • A good pua opener helps you start a conversation with a girl in a way that immediately separates you from a pool of other guys who have approached her in the past.
  • A good opener also helps you strike up a conversation with a girl, while also skipping the “friendly” and “boring” small talk that often kills attraction almost instantly.
  • A good opener captivates everyone in the group, not just the woman you are interested in. Remember, if you approach girls in a set, you must open everyone, and a good opener helps you do just that.

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Pua Openers – Types

Most guys who have read The Game by Neil Strauss view openers as asking a woman about her opinion on something. But that is just one type of opener. In this article, I am going to reveal the most common types of openers.

In general, there are 5 different types of openers to start a conversation with women, and they are:

  1. Direct Pua openers
  2. In-direct openers
  3. Gimmicky type openers
  4. Situational type openers
  5. Bringing her into a conversation you’re already having…

Let us talk about these 5 different types of openers.

1. Direct PUA Openers

When you use a direct opener on a girl, you immediately let your intention known to her. Once you deliver this type of openers, the girl immediately understands that you are hitting on her. You can deliver a direct opener by saying something like, “Hey, I was walking down the street and I noticed that you were giving off an incredible vibe, and I had to come over here to find what’s the fuzz is all about.”

What makes a direct opener so powerful than a standard pick up line is… your delivery. When you deliver a direct opener on women, you are not seeking her approval. In fact, you’re complimenting her from a position of power, confidence, and status. And your “unapologetic attitude” as you deliver your direct opener is what makes it so effective — and attractive — to girls.


  • Being direct does two important things: first of all, it SHOWS you have balls, assuming you delivered it in a confident way, and secondly, it lets the woman you’re approaching KNOW your intention immediately. Doing this eliminates any chances of being placed in the dreaded “friend zone” later.
  • It also helps you “disqualify” UNINTERESTED women, quicker. This will stop you from wasting too much time talking to a woman who already has a boyfriend or who is clearly not interested in you.


  • It takes a lot of confidence. And if you are not confident yet, it is going to be really difficult to go direct.
  • It gives you less time to build attraction. It puts her on the spot because you’re sort of forcing her to make up her mind about YOU.

2. Indirect Openers

Being indirect means asking a woman on her opinion on something, or making a vague statement about something. When you are being indirect, you are starting a conversation with a girl just as you would with anyone else at the bar, a cafe, or anywhere else.

It’s like asking for her opinion on something. For example, “Do I look good on this dress?”

Here’s another example of an indirect opener. If you have watched the episode of the ‘Keys to the VIP’ with Cajun, you might have remembered a scene where he says, “Do I look like a drug dealer?” to a girl. Alternatively, you can also say something along the lines of, “Hey, should you kiss on the first date?”


  • Using indirect openers on girls doesn’t require you to take a massive amount of confidence, which is also a very good thing about them — you can use these lines anytime, anywhere, as there’s no pressure for you right away.
  • Plus, there’s also no pressure on the girl, which also means you have a lot of time to build attraction.


  • You come across as a “non-threatening” and “friendly” guy
  • You must quickly “transition” to keep the conversation going, or run the risk of getting stuck on the opener.

3. Gimmicky openers

To use a gimmicky opener effectively, you need to have a particular type of personality. What you are basically doing is sort of using an outside prop to strike up a conversation to a girl. It can be anything like using a prop or pretending you are doing an interview or doing magic.


  • You immediately stand out from the pool of other guys
  • It is very easy to use and grab her attention


  • You must follow up quickly
  • Or, run the risk of getting stuck in the opener, just like a “dancing monkey.”

4. Situational Openers

Another type of openers is called situational. A typical example of a situational opener would be, you breaking the ice with the girl standing in a queue in front of you and making a random comment about the weather.

In order to use a situational opener successfully, you need to pay attention to what’s happening around you. And as soon as you spot something intriguing to comment about, you simply turn to the woman and deliver your opener and start the conversation.


  • They are extremely easy to deliver as they are friendly and non-threatening
  • They come across as more spontaneous.


  • Sometimes you can spend a lot of time to find something interesting to comment on and thus risk losing an opportunity to talk to a girl.
  • These lines don’t help you stand out from other pool of guys.

So those are the 5 major types of pua openers that you can use anytime, anywhere to strike up a conversation with a girl and create attraction.

I think by now you realise that these openers are way more effective and interesting way than using cheesy pickup lines that you may have heard on television or on some soap opera.

I assume most of you guys have already got your hand on the book called The Game by Neil Strauss, and therefore, I am not going to include those pua openers in this post. Rather, I’m going to give you a few of the best opening lines that I have successfully used to start conversations with women.

So if you’ve racked your brains out wondering yourself, “How to start a conversation with a girl?” then here’s your answer:

5 BEST Pua openers of all time

I took these 5 pua openers from the book Little Black Book of Openers. The book has 17O additional openers and you can get it completely for free.

1. ‘Drug Dealer’ opener

You can deliver this opener with a wingman at a night club. Just make sure to put up that just-got-done-laughing when using this opener.

“Hey, I just want to know your opinion about something… do you think my friend looks like a drug dealer or something? (most girls often look quizzically or laugh) “Because we were waiting in line outside the bar and one weird-looking dude just walked up to him and touched him lightly on his shoulder like this… (do a cheap kino on a girl)… and asked, “Hey bro, you have some E?” You want to do this with a wingman with a just-got-done-laughing look.

2. “I’m lost” opener

I’m lost… I can’t find my friend… and I am really scared and feeling lonely… (Remember, when we were young and you could just make friends with anyone you wanted…. and you just said ‘hey, wanna be my friend?’ do you wanna be my NEW friend?’)

3. ‘Fashion’ opener

‘Hey, I like your style. You have got an amazing look — you must be really creative.”

This opener works like crazy because everyone loves to be viewed as being “creative.”

4. “Bank robbery” opener

“Hey girls, are you good at driving? Because me and friend here are going to rob a bank across the street and guess what? (pause)… The driver screwed us. All you guys have to do is pick us up at XXam, and drive us to the airport… you’ll get 5% for all the trouble 😉 😉

This opener always leads to an interesting conversation, with good energy. Right now, this is my #1 favourite opener. Because the girls always want to get their % share. Sometimes, they’ll ask for 10%. It’s so hilarious.

5. “Maury Povich” opener

Use this opener with your buddy, particularly if he is in a group of two-set and one of the girls needs to be kept occupied. “Hey, my friend here just got invited to appear on the Ricki Lake show. But the theme of the show is Secret Admirers. They told him he’s got an admirer, but he won’t find out whom until he’s live on the set. So maybe it’ll be someone cute, but maybe not; it might even be a guy. What would you do if you were him?”

So there you have it guys… my top 5 favourite PUA openers of all time and I have used them with so many girls and I had the most success… In addition to these 5 openers, I have also used other hundreds of openers. Some of those openers I have made on the spot… but most of the other openers I have used over the years were collected from reading a wide range of books on PUA.

Even the above openers quite good (and field tested) I notice that everyone is unique and different and each feel comfortable using different kinds of openers.

So what I did was compiled a collection of 200 of the best PUA openers and created a free ebook. It’s called The Little Black Book of Openers and I want to give it to you for free.

On the next page, you just enter your email… and I’ll send you the free ebook over to your email, right away. And you’ll have instant access to over hundreds of NEW openers you can use tonite.

Which also means you can’t complain about not having any openers to approach, meet, and connect women tonite.

So I gathered a list of over 127 Pua openers for anyone who downloads my friend Bobby Rio’s (FREE) “The Little Black Book of Openers Report.”

Stay chilled,




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