The “Secret” Body Language That Attract A Woman INSTANTLY

body language that turns her on

For a lot of us men, it’s almost impossible to detect the signs women are sending off in our direction through their body language during our interactions with women. However for women, it’s almost natural to instantly detect a PROPER male body language and they’re also immediately attracted to those men who convey it. In short, women can easily pick up “vibes” that tell her if a guy she is talking to is really attractive solely based on what his body language is communicating.

At first, this may seem a little far-fetched, but in critical times such as this, humans are many ways similar to animals. Our body language plays a significant role in our interactions with women and it’s also an essential component of effective communication.

This is why it’s very important for us guys to really understand what PROPER body language is and then do our best on showing that when we are interacting with women and other people.

Just to give you a simple example of how this process works, I’m going to give you a few examples of some male stereotypes that always seem to display PROPER body language and how that works to their advantage. Although these are stereotypes that probably have developed their body language naturally, paying close attention to their behaviour and then imitating them and using them into our interactions with women can be significantly beneficial.

The Leader Of The Pack

This is the guy who is a true “alpha” of the pack and over time he has developed natural leadership abilities. He is famous, rich, and powerful, a status that has only helped him develop his character even more.

You often find him hanging out in clubs surrounded by other “follower”s and women. In these social places, he can often be the owner/manager of the venue.

He naturally displays “alpha male” qualities which only makes him even more attractive to both men and women. You can easily spot him running the show which naturally puts everyone in his proximity and under his control. Now, of course, women become naturally attracted to such strong men because they are able to take care of them, and if needed, even offer others a sense of security.

His body language has a strong stance, usually with his shoulder and feet wide apart. His chest is puffed out, and he makes strong eye contact with everyone he comes in contact with, and he touches the people around him with a sense of authority (patting another guy’s chest/shoulder).

The Social Butterfly

This guy is often popular among many social circles. He has many connections, which means he’s oftentimes everywhere and almost everyone knows him. This obviously includes the best venues where all the hottest girls go.

This dude is obviously attractive to a lot of women because everyone wants to be with him. His natural ability to easily meet, connect, and socialize with many women has a snowball effect. The more he talks to hot women, the more other hot women want him — “pre-selection” in the true sense of the word.

His body language is that of a relaxed, a laid back guy that isn’t at all intimidated by hot women. He talks easily to women, he smiles easily, and always has strong eye contact, and he touches them gently on every occasion. He talks to everyone, moves around, and truly has a great time wherever he goes. This behaviour is ALWAYS spotted by other beautiful women which makes him super attractive.

I was very fortunate to be born with this innate ability which through experience, hard work, and extensive research, I’ve finally learned to master. This is how I often behave in any kind of social settings.

The Silent Seducer

This guy is equipped with incredibly stealthy seduction tactics. One minute you’ll spot him having a small talk with a woman and the next minute you see him pulling a cab over and heading back to her place.

He is very attractive because he KNOWS exactly how to behave around women. He knows how to make them feel good and to tap into their emotional states. He KNOWS how to LISTEN to a woman, which is a personality trait that a lot of men have forgotten. He knows exactly where and when to touch women, and he knows just how much amount of “sexual tension” needs to be built before the girl start chasing him.

His body language is highly “sexual”. He often touches more unusual places using his hands (like her lower back, stomach, and her arms). He often uses his legs to touch women when they’re both sitting down. He is highly aware of his sexual nature and is not afraid to display it to women what he exactly wants. He is super confident about his intentions and he always keeps his eye contact intense.

I used to be jealous of this type of guy throughout my college days because I was never able to pinpoint exactly what he was doing. A powerfully effective method of seduction that can be used by many guys suffering from social anxiety issues.

Powerful Ways To Improve Your Body Language

The examples given above are specific to a particular type of character but they can be used in simultaneousness to get even better results. One thing you must remember is that these guys are probably NOT aware of what they are doing. But in order to really improve your body language, you must first train yourself on getting it the way you want, up until that point where you forget about it and becomes a natural part of your personality.

Try to apply any of the above examples into your own personal style and notice the kind of results it has on your attractiveness towards women. Now, obviously, don’t expect things to change overnight, but over time your results will get better and better, and it will become a more natural part of you.

With that tips out of the picture, I want to mention other few things:

  • Chest out
  • Straight back
  • A wide stance
  • Intense eye contact
  • Head up, always looking at where you are going.
  • Hands out of your pockets, by your side and not crossed at the chest.
  • Confident movement, the less you hesitate, the better.

Now, if you only use any of these body language tactics explained in this post you’ll see a dramatic improvement in your image towards other people (including attractive women) around you changes instantly.

Stay chilled,

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