Top 5: Ways to Being Irresistible to Women

How to Be Irresistible to Girls: 5 BEST Tips

Almost every guy out there wants to be irresistible to women. Most think they should do or say something to be more attractive to women. But being irresistible to women has nothing to do with being active, where you go out and make things happen, but is more of a “passive skill,” where you actually don’t say or do anything at all.

In this post, you’ll discover the five actual way to become more irresistible to women:

1. Don’t settle for less

Most guys make a big mistake of settling for a woman, just because they don’t get the type of woman they truly desire. As you probably already know, women are like ninja psychic readers who instantly know our deepest intentions. Just ask yourself: would you find a woman attractive if she told you, “I want to settle because I can’t seem to find my Prince Charming?” Of course, you wouldn’t!

So what should you do?

Go after women you truly desire and then they’re going to meet a guy who a) knows exactly what he wants, and then b) goes after it, which is super charming. In fact, women get turned on when they sense you know exactly what you want and don’t settle for anything less.

2. STOP being “the nice guy”

Be Irresistible to Girls
Be Irresistible to Girls

I bet you probably already know that women prefer “jerks” over “nice guys.” Consider it to be true.

Why do women prefer “jerks” over “nice guys”?

The easy answer is to switch the term “friendly, dull, boring” to “exciting, fun, and playful.” When you are at the bar or a club, do you think a woman wants to f!ck the guy who is standing in the corner sipping his drink alone, waiting for the “right” moment to approach her in order to minimize his chances of getting rejected?

Or, do you think she’ll most likely sleep with a guy who is on the dance floor and having a good time like Chris Brown who confidently makes a direct eye contact with her and moves straight over to her, pushing everyone out of his sight, and introduces himself to her by saying, “Hey gorgeous lady, you should definitely buy me a drink?” with a slight grin on his face.

Obviously, the second guy is going to get laid with this woman.

The first few weeks of dating phase, while things are still new and exciting, women don’t like how “nice” you act around them. She wants a good guy only months or even years after into a relationship. In the beginning, they only want to have sex with a guy that seems fun, cool, and exciting.

Now, I’m not saying you have to an asshole to women, but don’t be that “friendly” guy who is cozy and trustworthy in the beginning. At the start, you want to be the fun, interesting man to women.

3. Don’t try to get into her pants being a “creep”

No “magic pills” are going to instantly help you get the kind of women you really desire. So make the most of all the things you already have physically. For instance, if you’re scrawny, hit the gym and eat properly to bulk up. If you have bad skin, grow a manly beard. If you have “zero” style in clothes, ask a sales girl to advise what you look good on. And, this one tip is killer: buy yourself an expensive shoe. Really, IF YOU WEAR AN EXPENSIVE SHOES YOU’LL GET LAID LIKE CRAZY.

Build confidence in yourself. If you don’t like and respect yourself, how the hell can you expect women to find you irresistible? So go out and don’t hesitate to talk with strangers (girls especially) and talk about things that you enjoy doing, and most importantly, learn to enjoy this “process.” I’ve personally found that if you talk about something passionately with others, then they’re going to find it interesting, too. So, do things that you enjoy and naturally people will start viewing as someone who is fun and exciting.

Be social. Women want to hang around with a man that they can take to a social gathering or a party and never have to worry about him being “weird” and to be looked after. So, go out there and be social, and become comfortable talking to people. This would have such a huge impact on your life in tons of ways that you’ll almost instantly notice significant changes in your personality.

Don’t focus too much on techniques to be more irresistible to women. Instead create an interesting life that they’re naturally going to find attractive.

4. Man the f!ck up and go for what you want.

Stop being a fucking retard. Go for what you want and actually get it.

Spot a girl you want to talk to? Move your ass, approach her and talk to her. Your chances of getting her are 100% better if you talk with her compared to if you don’t. Want to kiss a girl? TRY kissing her, because if you don’t, it’s 100% certain you won’t get it. Do you now see my point here?

As long as you know exactly what you want and take action with full confidence to make it happen (NOT in a creepy way), then it’s truly an irresistible quality to have. You may get rejected, but so what? Approach the first female body moving in your vicinity that you find attractive and talk to her. Be a man and don’t apologize for your desires.

5. Escalate physically

TOUCH women. This has to be the biggest component in attracting women if you ask me.

Honestly, it’s so sad to catch guys having such a good time with a girl, yet completely being paralyzed in worry from escalating her physically. You see, people want to be touched. Our body reacts in a good way if touched, therefore, why worry? JUST DO IT.

Just think about it for a second, you’ve spent an entire evening with a “hot” babe, you’ve had an engaging conversation with her, you’ve made a strong and loooong eye contact with her, etc, etc, and yet, after 5 hours in this, you’ve summoned up enough courage to touch her. OH LA LA!!!

It’s SO weird. It’s such a big issue now. On the other hand, if when you first met her, you hugged her, and even kissed her cheek, etc. Listen. Human touch between a man and a woman is normal and even expected. The girl you like expects it to happen and even takes huge pleasure when it happens. Later on in the interaction, this simple tip makes touching her other sexy parts dramatically less weird, too.

Stay chilled,


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