When a Woman Won’t Kiss You

The Best Way to Respond with Rejection

Many guys have a huge problem of not going in for the kiss. And that problem arises from their fear of rejection. But in the end what the worst possible outcome of you going in for the kiss: she won’t kiss you. That’s all. But if anything by now you should probably already realize that just because a woman won’t let you kiss her the first time you go in for it doesn’t really mean she doesn’t want you to.

A couple of months ago, I ended up sleeping with a girl I desired for such a very long time. I had tried to kiss her a couple of years ago and at that time she kind of turned her cheek away and exclaimed: “what are you doing?” I was completely embarrassed at the time. I felt humiliated because she was just a friend. Well, fast forward two years after and we end up making out and she exclaimed, “Why did it take you SO long to try to kiss me again?”

Sometimes, rejection is only a temporary delay. Kane, from Badboy Attraction, writes about resistance before the kiss.

Resistance before the kiss

wait and talk to her for 5 to 10 minutes, and try to kiss her again
Wait and talk to her for 5 to 10 minutes, and try to kiss her again

NO actually means no.

Society has brainwashed us men into thinking that the woman, has the right to say no and that NO means actually no. Spending over 7 years in the dating and seducing community, and talking with thousands of girls about it I finally understood that it was total bullshit. In almost 90% of the time “no” (or the girl turning her head away when you move in for the kiss means simply one thing… try until you actually get it.)

Something that I’ve recently realized many times is that as soon as I lean in for a kiss, and she would turn her cheek away, I would pull back, continue talking to her as if nothing had happened, and she’d still stay there. Now, if she’s still there and smiling, but at the same time she giving you NO, that clearly means you’ll get it, but not right then.

What I often like to do in this kind of situation is I will wait and talk to her for 5 to 10 minutes, and try to kiss her again. But every time I move in for a kiss, I’d do something completely different. I have like 5 to 10 different kiss closes, and I just rotate them after every few minutes. Maybe she’ll continue to resist on the first try but next time I try to kiss her again, I will make sure it’s more smooth, and oftentimes its one of the great kiss closes.

Whenever a girl resists in most cases it’s probably one of the 3 things:

Kiss wasn’t anticipated

Just moving in for a kiss out of random is not going to work for you. What I usually do is, I build sexual tension for a couple of minutes right before I lean in for a kiss. I would make strong eye contact with her, look at her lips, and then, GENTLY go in for a kiss. This way, you prepare her body and emotions ready for a kiss.

Not enough kino.

Not enough touching before a kiss can work against you too. If you don’t warm her up by your touches, and then, all of a sudden, lean in for a kiss (a BIG leap), she won’t kiss you. In order to solve this issue, you must touch her on safe places like shoulders, hair, arm… just to make her feel comfortable with you touching her. This way the kiss will be the next obvious thing to do in how your relationship with the girl should progress.

Environmental issues.

Many times, it’s not your fault. It could be her ex-boyfriend or her friends in front of her, that’s keeping an eye on her from across the bar, or a bartender that thinks she’s hot. In these circumstances, the best option is to simply change the venue.

A couple of years ago, I was a huge believer that you required to build attraction and rapport to kiss girls. But now my perspective on this has completely changed. With smooth moves for the kiss close, you can kiss lots of girls (%80) out there. For these chicks, it just happens.

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