You’ve Been LIED To…


Courteous regards for people’s feelings — honour — value — these are all synonymous to the word respect, is a quality A LOT of women look for in a man.

NOBODY dares tell you this, but I can tell you, it’s one of THE FUNDAMENTAL blocks that attract women.

Contrary to what you’ve bee reading & learning elsewhere, women should be treated with great RESPECT and esteem and this involves not treating her just like a piece of meat.

It is true that ego and conquest weight heavily on a guys list (maybe yours even) where a guy has to impress his buddies with a scorecard and constantly show who is in control, but this is certainly no excuse to treat any woman with disrespect.

If you want to get her to like you then you must be respectful to her in your actions, thoughts and even words.

Respect is a quality of CONSCIOUS attraction and when a woman sees a guy without this quality, he will never be considered a potential mate or even as a friend.

attraction to bad boys
The key to getting her attracted to you is to treat her how you treat your mother — with the UTMOST RESPECT!

When you are talking to your girl, maybe you have a habit of treating her like your male pals and punching her on the arm or roughing her up a bit, that can be interpreted as a sign of disrespect, so stop it immediately.

Or when you talk to her in the same manner as you do to your ‘bros’ using harsh words and sometimes disparaging remarks.

These are all signs of disrespect which you might not have realized before because you and her have such a comfortable relationship, you’ve seen it as being acceptable.

It is not! The key to getting her attracted to you is to treat her how you treat your mother — with the UTMOST RESPECT!

(Unless, of course, if you’d like to go with the ‘hard to get’ bad boy route to get women, that’ll be a DIFFERENT thing altogether, watch these videos and you’ll know what I mean ):

Now, if you behave like a spineless wimp, without any principles and you do whatever anyone tells you — then it’s going to be tough to make a woman respect you.

None of them likes a man who always bends to other people’s whims and fancies while denying his own needs, interest and desires.

A woman will respect you more when she sees you standing up for your belief and principles rather than caving into other people all the time.

When you show someone that you have principle and that you draw the line in matters and no one, I repeat no one, should be crossing them, then you are sending out signals that you are a man in total control and you won’t allow yourself to be trampled on and used as a doormat even by her.

If all this while you have been giving in because you thought that was the polite thing to do, or simply because you’re a ‘nice guy’ that can be persuaded to do anything, then it’s time to STOP people from pushing you around and making use of you.

Women respect men who are ‘strong.’

When I say ‘strong’ I am not implying physical strength but more towards inner strength as in strength in character. How can you establish respect to a woman (your friend)? One way to do so is by saying NO.

Saying no to the woman you are interested in at the appropriate time, will only serve to intensify her interest more. This could probably be the one word she hardly hears from anyone or you throughout the course of your friendship, but after she gets over the initial shock of it, she’ll start seeing you differently.

(It’s a form of ‘disconnect’ which has been explained in details in the following videos):

And this, guys, is what we want.

You don’t want to get her spoilt and run to you every time she wants a shopping partner or someone to take her someplace to meet someone.

You’re not obliged to do so and make it known to her. Say no!

Get it clear that you’re NOT her emotional sponge and don’t be. Try being selfish a little, pull back, and you’ll find that SHE’LL be the one to start giving in to you.

And PLEASE remember that once you have said no, STAY FIRM.

Don’t change your mind to easily after she gives you her pleading puppy dog eyes which almost always melts your heart.

Don’t let her have your way with you all the time and if you change your mind from saying no to saying yes, it’s as bad if not worse than saying no to her.

When she asks you to go someplace you don’t want to go, say NO. When she asks you to do something you don’t want to do, say NO.

The greatest mistake most guys do when they are trying to win over a female is being TOO NICE to her. At first, your kindness can be most charming to her, but soon it will grow monotonous and it will seem that you are trying too hard to please and seem insecure to her.

Instead of overwhelming your friend with niceness, with your pleasing words and grand gestures, try being ‘selfish’ with her a few times and piss her off a little lol. =)


She’ll look at you differently and will have a new found respect for you.

Talk to you soon,

You Friend,

Simon Heong

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