10 Ways To Instantly Look More ATTRACTIVE!


10 “Good” Habits To IMPROVE Your Attactiveness, Almost Overnight!

Do you want to see instant results? Do you want to get A LOT of phone numbers, more second looks, and more compliments from girls? Then I highly recommend that you apply these simple yet powerfully effective ten steps starting today… and I’ll guarantee you’ll get more dates than you may ever have in the past.

Here are the 10 ways to instantly become a more attractive man:

ATTRACTIVE Tip #1: Work on your posture

Work on your posture
Work on your posture

Most guys absolutely have no idea about the importance of their posture. But the interesting thing about your posture is that it says A LOT about you than what you utter out from your mouth. Having a poor posture means looking depressed, bored, or just plain homely.

How to improve your posture?

Well, improving your posture begins with the first step of being aware of it. Just being aware of excessive slouching will force you to take action right there and then. Also, shedding down extra fat and toning down your muscles through regular exercise will help improve your posture. Make sure your shoulders are upright, your head is squarely on top of your neck, and your back is arched slightly forward. Doing this will instantly make you seem more confident and taller. Also, make sure to let your arm fall loose and relaxed on your sides. Another great way to improve your body posture is to be proactive throughout the day. This will stop your body from being moulded the Wrong way.

You can also learn a few more body language secrets to make you seem more attractive.


Smile… A LOT
Smile… A LOT

A smile can instantly brighten up a room. A guy or a girl who walks around plastering a “smile” across their face will immediately be perceived to be more attractive than those who walk around like the world is going to end tomorrow. With just a simple smile, we are easily able to transmit positive emotions that we are feeling in our hearts to others. It’s true that your smile reflects your personality, mood, and even your “inner emotional state.” Smiling tends to make you seem more welcoming, sunny, warmer, and happy … but the most interesting thing is that a healthy smile can make others feel all of these same positive emotions you are feeling and associate them to you.

How to improve your smile?

The best way to instantly improve your smile is to stand in front of a mirror and practice smiling. Be careful that your smile isn’t coming across as a smirk. Also, take care of your teeth. Having nice teeth are the essence of a captivating smile. So, if you have yellow teeth, visit a nearby local dentist and get them whitened immediately. (check out this article on non-verbal flirting tips.)

ATTRACTIVE Tip #3: Become flirtatious

tease women
Tease her

Guys who know how to flirt with girls properly will always attract more girls than someone who relies only on their looks. Flirting is a skill that if you master can instantly propel you a few steps ahead of other guys when it comes to getting girls. Flirting is the number one ingredient to create “sexual tension”. The secret of effective flirting lies in knowing how to guide your conversations to have a relaxed and playful banter with the girl. And, teasing is the best way to flirt with girls. In fact, there are two types of flirting: a) cooperative flirting and b) competitive flirting. Competitive flirting takes the form of a slight sarcasm and a dry wit, while the cooperative flirting is a little bit different. Instead of poking fun at her, what you do is suck her into your world and create that “you and me = us” vibe. In brief, flirting is a mix of pushing a girl away using words and pulling her back into you through actions.

If you want to know what flirting is, just think back of the time how you behaved with that cute little classmate of yours with whom you had a secret crush on in your 5th grade… and behave exactly the same way. (Click here for more flirting tips).

==> For more tips on how to have a fun, playful, and flirtatious “small talk” with girls, and create instant attraction, I highly recommend that you download my friend’s, Bobby Rio’s, free “Small Talk Tactics” report. It goes on in details (with examples) on exactly how to make your small talk fun, playful, and sexy with girls. <==

ATTRACTIVE Tip #4: Tanning

Get a sun tan!

Do not get me wrong here. This is not another tip asking you to transform yourself into an orange oompa loompa. Of course, orange skin is not charming. But adding some healthy looking colour can benefit anyone, particularly during the winter time when your skin complexions start to get pale.

Here’s what I often recommend: tan at least a few times a month. I often like to go tanning just enough to have a nice looking colour, but not so much often that people start to see that I have been tanning. Having a tan skin has its own advantages… it makes you look healthier, thinner and makes your clothes look better against your skin. In addition, it also helps keep imperfections in your complexion.

ATTRACTIVE Tip #5: Hang around with attractive people

Hang around with attractive people
Hang around with attractive people

We tend to look for hidden reasons when it comes to forming our opinions about someone. This way, it becomes much easier to let others guide our reality. So if we spot an average looking dude hanging around with a bunch of gorgeous ladies… we tend to look for his positive qualities to justify his reason for being there.

On the other hand, if you are an average looking dude but you spend most of your time with trashy people… other people will look for your negative qualities to justify why you are going astray in life. You see, people love making opinions rather quickly. And one of the easiest ways to do this is to put you in with the company you keep. Therefore, the most attractive people you hang around with, the more attractive you seem to others.

ATTRACTIVE Tip #6: Get an expensive haircut

Get an expensive haircut
Get an expensive haircut

Your haircut has to be well cut. Now I know it is very tempting to take the shortcut and have your haircut done at a cheap hair salon. But doing this won’t help you if your goal is to become more attractive instantly. The secret lies in going to a hair salon that has a good reputation. Now, of course, these salons will cost you a little bit more than your local barber… but trust me on this, it’s worth all the hassle.

Celebrities and movie stars look the way they do because they can get the best that money can buy. Even if it is only once a year, you deserve to get a “celebrity hairstyle”. Hairstylist at these salons know exactly how to shape your haircut that matches your head size, face, and personal style and preference. Trust me, you’ll notice a BIG difference after doing this. Even if you can’t always afford to get your hair done at these expensive salons, you can at least snap some pictures of yourself and post it on your Instagram profile with them.

ATTRACTIVE Tip #7: Learn how to dance

how to be attractive to women...
Learn how to dance!

If you want to get the attention of the ladies when you’re out at a night club then you should seriously consider learning how to dance. A good dance is instantly viewed as being more sexual, thus, improving your perceived attraction.

By the way, if you are not good at dancing, I highly recommend that you join a dancing class. You can easily find some dance lessons locally. These lessons are often available in individual form and group form. I highly suggest that you take a few individual classes before signing up for the group sessions. Yeah, I know, it may cost you a few more dollars but you’ll be absolutely amazed to notice the kind of response you get from the ladies next time you are asked out on the dance floor.

ATTRACTIVE #8: Add accessories to your wardrobe

Add accessories to your wardrobe
Add accessories to your wardrobe

If you notice one thing that most celebrities and movie stars have in common, that would be their use of accessories. Accessories are additional items that you can add to your outfit to give you that jazzy look. Accessories include earrings, belts, hats, bracelets, watches, glasses, watches, and scarves, etc. Adding these accessories to your outfit shows that you put some thought into the way you look and that you are extremely confident in your ability to pull off wearing these things.

Good use of these accessories will make you look more attractive in a crowd. There is a famous term called “peacocking” for that reason only, which literally means purposely wearing a dress in order to draw attention to yourself. While you may not choose to be that extreme, you should definitely think about including some flash to your look.

ATTRACTIVE tip #9: Smell good

appear attractive to women
Smell good

Smell is definitely one of the brain’s strongest senses. It is the sense that triggers the most intense emotions. And it can create that animal like sexual attraction. There is a theory that pheromones play a significant part is creating sexual attraction and I highly agree with that theory. And one thing is for sure, the better you smell, the more attractive you will come across to the ladies.

I personally believe buying a good perfume or cologne is a great investment. My suggestion for you is to try a few different brands and ask a few lady friends of yours for their opinions on which one they think is the best. And once you purchased a perfume that is right for you, make sure that you put just the right amount of it on. Too much of a good thing can be a huge turnoff.

ATTRACTIVE #10: Stay well groomed and well kept

how to be attractive to girls
Stay well groomed and well kept

There are a handful of grooming tips that if you apply now will dramatically improve your attractiveness. The first thing to do is to get rid of all of your unwanted hair. This, of course, includes ear hair, nose hair, body hair, and facial hair (particularly if you are a girl). And, use tweezers to pluck out your eyebrows. Just getting rid of your unibrow can significantly improve the way you look.

Other actions that you can take today is controlling dandruff, cleaning wax out of your ears, and cutting your nails, getting rid of acne, or any other skin conditions you may have.

So there you have it: 10 ways to instantly become a more attractive man. If you only stick to one of these tips, you’ll soon become more attractive.

Stay chilled,

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