27 Ways To Let A Woman Know You ARE Good In Bed!

Make A Woman Think You ARE Good In Bed

Last weekend, I got an instant lay with I girl I just met randomly a couple of hours earlier on the street. All I really did was “screen” her to know if she was interested in me and then let her know I would be really good in bed (which is a sketchy route as you’ll discover later).

So this incident motivated me to come up with other “sneaky” ways to let a girl know that you ARE indeed really good in bed. The secret lies in the fact that you must do more of this through demonstration rather than just brag about it as most girls presume that guys who talk endlessly about how good they are in bed are in fact very terrible at it.

So here’s a list that you can add to your ol’ bag of seduction tricks to get more lays this week:

  • Tuck her hair gently
  • Bite her neck lightly
  • Scratch her back over/under her clothes
  • Kiss her neck and smell on it
  • Be able to dance or move your hips well (which I am not very good at)
  • Talk about sensuality. I often like to talk about “food” that I personally think “are better than orgasm”
  • Tell a story about a girl who became super attracted to you for no reason (which will make girls assume that it was probably because of sex). Here’s a good example: “Tony’s crazy EX wiped out all my #s story.”
  • Tell a story about your ex’s female friend meeting you one summer day and begging you to do ALL the things that you used to do to your ex to her.
  • Tell a story about how your ex wanted to share you with other women. I often tell a story about a failed 3some. I advise you NOT to brag about having a successful 3some, because that may scare away a few girls.
  • Gently spank on her hand/ass.
  • Tell her she needs a man who knows how to place her in her place.
  • Tell her that she hasn’t been tied up and spanked recently.
  • Tell her she hasn’t probably had good sex, yet.
  • Tell her you have a small penis and you are really horrible in bed. As I said earlier, bragging about how good you are in bed, or how big is your penis, make you seem deceitful. On the other hand, girls usually assume guys who say they have a small penis are hung like horses.
  • Tell her she’s “vanilla” and could not handle a guy like you, which is a term for being “boring in bed”. And, if she asks you what it is (as most girls don’t) explain it to her.
  • Lift her up and spin her around.
  • Take an ice cube out of your drink (if you’re at a bar) and place it in your mouth and then kiss her neck.
  • Lightly restrain her wrist over her head or by her waist as you’re kissing her.
  • Tell her you’ll dress her up in outfits like a sexy secretary or a sexy nurse.
  • Tell her how most guys don’t have a clue how to get her to feel like a woman or how most guys don’t have a clue what she wants sexually.
  • Dry hump her well.
  • Tell her she’s naughty.
  • Cold read her on having a “fractured sexual persona” — she’s the kind of girl who wants to be treated sensually and sweetly sometimes and needs to be fucked hard like a dirty little girl at other times.
  • Discreetly rub her clitoris through her jeans or under her skirt.
  • Whisper dirty talk in her ear.
  • Lift up your shirt and her shirt while kissing her just to get that skin-on-skin feeling.
  • Place your hand lightly over her throat as you’re kissing her. If she doesn’t respond to this immediately try this again with more intense kissing. On the other hand, if she does respond to this, then gently squeeze a little more, while being extra careful doing this.

Well there you have it… 27 subtle ways to let a girl know you ARE indeed very good in bed.

Stay chilled,


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