3 Conversation Topics to Take Things Towards “Intimate Level”


Conversation Topics that Generate the “Sexual Vibe” with a Girl

Whether if it’s at a bar, on a date, or anywhere where you are having a conversation with a woman, and if you’d want to take your interaction towards the intimate level, having the knowledge of effortlessly transitioning a normal conversation into a “sexual vibe” is super critical. Although much of the transition of the “vibe” will often happen through body language, however, verbal language (words you say) also plays a big role in establishing the “vibe” with a girl.

While I am not a huge fan of using a “script” for taking things sexual, in this post, I’ve listed a few good examples of things to say to a girl for successfully transitioning the interaction towards a sexual vibe. So, the next time you’re having a conversation with a woman and you’re interested in her sexually, just keep these three topics in mind.


Conversation Topic #1: “Cheers!”

When to use: Over the drinks, using alcohol as a buffer.
What to say: (Raise your glass to toast your girl) “Did you know that if you don’t look someone in the eye when you make a toast, you’ll have bad sex for 7 years?” (Wait for her response and follow up with)
“Well, you certainly don’t want to have bad sex, do you? I mean, I don’t want to end up with someone who’s destined to have 7 years of bad sex!”
Why it works: What’s so good about the “7 years of bad sex” toast is that you indicate her that the two of you are already going to have sex, even before you actually have it. The topic of sex will plant the idea of it in her head. Yet, making it playful (with a toast), you prevent yourself from coming across as overly forward or offensive.

Conversation Topic #2: “Date Fail”

When to use: You’re having a conversation with a girl and you sense there’s a good rapport between the two, you can use a story as the buffer.
What to say: “I had an interesting conversation yesterday with my friend Michelle. She was sharing me a story about this failed date that she went last week. She was out on a date with this handsome dude she really liked. The date was going smooth, they were having fun, but this dude came on really strong. It’s not that my friend doesn’t like this kind of behaviour — she was telling me they were hanging out at the bar, and he was gently pulling her hair, kissing her neck, massaging her neck, etc — but she complained that it was too PDA for her… which just freaked her out!
Why it works: This tactic is pretty old-school (dating as far back to The Game). I really want to give thanks to this tactic. Personally, I’ve found this is a great way to take the interactions towards a much more “sexual level” with a woman. Since you are bringing up the sexual topic indirectly, you have permission to describe all the sex details to her, without freaking her out or making her feel offended.

I often like to bring up a “failed date” conversation topic because it demonstrates to her that I am a socially savvy (i.e. because you understand what PDA is and why it is inappropriate in public).

Conversation Topic #3: “Tantric Yoga”

When to say: Right before you want to pull her back to your place.
What to say: “Wow, you look fit… so you like yoga? You see, I have a friend who just got me into yoga, and I’m kind of on this yoga freak. What’s so interesting about yoga is that it’s not just a good exercise for your body and mind… it’s kind of philosophical, too — and sometimes, even sexual. In fact, I was just reading a book about some tantric yoga sex stuff… absolutely crazy! But wait… we shouldn’t be talking about this topic here…”
Why it works: This is a great example of “bait and switch” that so aptly introduce sexual tension into an interaction. You playfully introduce the “tantric yoga sex topic” and then refuse to talk about it. I mean, who doesn’t want to know more about tantric yoga, right? This topic will certainly get a woman curious, and you can use that curiosity to take things back to your place. (For example, you can show her your “yoga mat” (your bed)… and come up with your own “tantric yoga sex position” on the spot.)

Use These Topics Wisely

When using these topics, you don’t have to play the over-the-top game to get the girl back to your place. Rather, just act normal and have fun with it.

You see, you already have all the skills to attract and seduce hot chicks with your authentic persona; you only need to learn how to bring out the best aspects of your personality. Using these conversation topics to effortlessly transition towards sexual level is a good example of “tactical dating.” So, use it wisely!

Stay chilled,


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