3 Language Hacks That Attracts Women, SUPER FAST!

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Making Her HOT And Aroused With Your Conversation Skills

Have you ever met a random girl on the street and you both felt an instant connection?

Think about the time in the past where you met a girl and you both just clicked.

I know these moments are powerful and doesn’t happen very often.

But when it does, it’s almost unforgettable.

Wouldn’t it be so great if you could experience these kinds of fleeting moments, over and over again?

how to apply a few effective communication (body language) tactics into your dating life
3 Simple Tactics You Can Use on ANY Girl You Just Met… to LIKE, TRUST, and RELATE to YOU… BETTER.

OF COURSE, it would be.

The secret lies in learning how to apply a few effective communication (body language) tactics into your dating life.

A recent research done on the subject of ‘building rapport’ revealed an astounding revelation on what makes two people click.

The study explains how two people trust and like each other, even if they’ve NEVER met before.

And based on the findings of that research, a number of tactics have evolved over the years…

And ANYONE, including YOU, can easily apply THESE tactics into your interactions with women to spice up your “Sex Life”, starting tonight!

In today’s post, you’re going to learn…

3 Simple Tactics You Can Use on ANY Girl You Just Met… to LIKE, TRUST, and RELATE to YOU… BETTER.

But before I spill the beans for you, you must understand 2 critical points.

“I Like You & You Like Me”

Human beings often tend to like and connect with someone who are just like them.

We’re more likely to ‘click’ with someone who shares similar tastes, interests, and views with us.

So, if you want to attract more women into your life.

It is the foundation on which all these 3 language hacks are built.

BEFORE you approach another girl, it would be really helpful to you if you prepare yourself first by asking a few critical questions to understand your OWN life better.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to know about yourself BETTER:

  • Ques #1: What are your hobbies (or interests)?
  • Ques #2: What life experiences can you ‘relate’ to most people?
  • Ques #3: What are your opinions, views, and values on life? If they are different than others, how will you communicate them with others effectively?
  • Ques #4: What activities you personally enjoy doing? What activities you don’t like doing, but have a few friends who LOVE doing?

Secret Hack #0: “Be Ethical”

The 3 tactics that I am about to reveal to you is for building a strong rapport with girls you just met, anytime, anywhere.


And hence, you must NEVER use them inappropriately.

You should ONLY use these tips as tools to improve your dating (sex) life — NOT as a weapon against someone to gain an unfair advantage.

You MUST take full responsibility to use these 3 tactics ethically to attract women into your life — and NEVER try to be deceptive.

It is true that ‘what we say’ tells a lot about ‘who we are’ as a person, but our verbal communication doesn’t convey the whole story.

Our body language also conveys A LOT, too.

For example, your body posture — a simple nod of the head, or a breathing pattern — also says a lot about how you are feeling at any given moment, no matter what words you are using to communicate with others.

Remember, your #1 goal during an interaction with a girl must always be to build a CONNECTION.

And in order to do that, you must master using THESE 3 language hacks into your interaction with women.

Secret Hack #1: “Match Her Modality”

Every individual has a ‘dominant modality’ that determines how they view the world.

There are 3 main modalities — “hearing”, “feeling”, and “seeing”.

Like most people, you most probably use all 3 of them.

But often times, we heavily rely one modality over the other two.

Now, I want you to use this “new-found wisdom” to your advantage when meeting and connecting with women.

Step #1: Figure out your dominant modality.

If you are not sure, I want you to ask yourself, “How often do I interpret information?”

For example, when something happens, how do you describe things.

Do you often hear it?

Feel it?

Or see it?

“Feelers” often describe things on how they feel by saying something like, “I felt it won’t work.”

“Hearers”, on the other hand, spend a lot of time describing what others said.

They won’t describe what they saw or felt.

They only focus on how the other person spoke.

Step #2: Figure out HER modality early on in the interaction.

In order to do that, you must ask her questions and “listen” closely to understand the language she uses when responding.

Is she seeing, feeling, or hearing?

Step #3: Match her modality.

Speak in her language, no matter how awkward it may feel at first.

For instance, if she’s a “feeler”, DO NOT say things like, “That’s how I view the world. Everything will be fine.”

Instead say, “That’ how I felt about the world. It is always going to work out at the end.”

You’ll notice a BIG difference in how the conversation keeps on going once you start speaking in HER language.

Secret Hack #2: “Match Her Voice”

Just like with modalities, her voice (and tonality) can give you an insight into how she actually feels about things.

If you do this right, she’ll instantly feel a connection with you, and feel understood.

Here are a few excellent questions you can ask yourself to figure out how she talks:

  • Is her volume soft or loud?
  • Does she sound confident or monotone?
  • Does she speak in analogy or metaphor?
  • Is the language focused on the present or the future?

It’s completely fine for someone to hide their true feelings when talking to some random stranger.

Society has shaped us like that.

But even if she may be feigning confidence, there’ll be times where her true feelings will surface out.

Do your best to pick up on it, and try to “match” with hers.

Secret Hack #3: “Match Her Common Experiences”

It’s true that we like to be with someone who is just like us because it is easy to be with someone we know and feel comfortable around.

When you are with someone you feel comfortable with, you’re most likely to like and trust that person.

So, when she’s telling you a story, CLOSE your mouth, and “actively listen” to her.

After all, effective communication is all about that — “active listening”.

Well, those were the 3 language hacks to build an instant connection with any girl you like… and attract them into your life.

Let us briefly over 3 language hacks:

  • Hack #1: Match her modality. If she “feels” and you pre-dominantly “hear,” do not be afraid to push your boundaries. Experience life through her “feelings”.
  • Hack #2: Match her voice. Talk about anything you want, but use the same tone like she does. Doing this correctly can instantly put her at ease and make her feel comfortable around you and trust you more… even if she can’t seem to explain why.
  • Hack #3: Match her common experience. You MUST actively listen to her, without feigning interest. I notice that a lot of guys pretend they’re listening to a girl, while in fact, they’re only too busy thinking about what to say next to keep the conversation going. No wonder why they fail to connect with so many girls.

And once you find her experiences, you must find ways to “relate” to HER by being thoughtful and trying to make connections to your own life.

Remember, these 3 language hacks are tools that can improve your dating (sex) life.

Having said that, you MUST use them ethically to attract women you want, and soon, you’ll be quite surprised how effectively they WORK to spark attraction.

Stay chilled!


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