“3 Things” That Turn A Woman OFF And Kill ANY Attraction She Felt

Attraction Killers For Women

It seems that we guys sometimes tend to overthink the “game.”

We try to make it look much more difficult than it really is. But in fact, a simple approach works best. And that basically means: NOT SCREWING UP WITH GIRLS.

Over the past several years, I’ve seen countless guys who have never opened and read the pickup bible “The Game” land themselves a HOT woman. But they also often end up losing her in less than a couple of weeks.

The reason why they lose girls is that sometimes (particularly true in case you’re meeting the girl from your social circle) the girl WANTS to give the guy the benefit of the doubt. She wants to WANT him.

But the funny thing is that he doesn’t allow her.

You see, there are 3 basic “rules” that you ALWAYS want to keep in the back of your mind once you have managed to create some attraction in a woman you want, or even as you’re trying to amp up the attraction in her. These 3 basic rules will guarantee that you never screw up things with her in the future.

3 Ways You Are Killing ANY Attraction She Felt For You:

1. Conformity Kills Attraction

Women want to be with guys who are leaders. They want to hang out with guys who are in charge of the situation. They don’t want a man that they feel they can tame or dominate.

When a guy lands a beautiful woman who he considers “out of his league”, he immediately enters that “don’t mess it up mode” which often produces the exact opposite effect. He does everything not to screw things up with her… yet winds up doing it anyway.

When she starts to ramble about her EX-boyfriend for one whole hour during a date, rather than just cutting her off and taking back control of the conversation he lets her “steer” the conversation in the direction she wants. When she spends 30-minutes texting one of the friends during the date, rather than calling her out on her rudeness he just stays with her passively waiting for her to bring herself back to him.

Listen. A woman doesn’t want to be with a man she knows she can walk all over.

2. Pleasing Behaviour

This is something that some men just don’t seem to “get it.”

When you are buying her drinks, excessively complimenting her, or going out of your way to do her favours, she KNOWS why. She knows that you want something from her. And there’s always something creepy about someone who is “tricky” about what they want from others.

That’s right, the more you try to “please” a girl, the more likely you are going to repel her away.

Here’s a short story for this behaviour:

One thing about this behaviour is that it is universally “unattractive,” which means we men find this to be just as repulsive as women do. We don’t want a clingy, needy, or possessive woman. We don’t want a woman who’ll ALWAYS agree with us. And we certainly don’t want a woman who wants to buy our affection by buying us things, baking us cookies, or trying too hard to “impress” us.

So, here’s a quick mental shift for you:

Just imagine for a second getting the attention you’re giving to others. Next time you’re about to send a message on Facebook, write it out, and read it pretending that she just sent the same message to you.

What would be your reaction?

The same thing can be said about your “texts”. Send the message to yourself. Open up your phone and read the message as if she just sent it to you.

What would be your reaction?

What would be your reaction if a woman you barely knew kept sending you compliments after compliments to you? Or offering you to buy you things? Or getting furious that you are spending time with your friends?

3. Possessiveness, Clinginess, Neediness

Even the most badass “alpha” male of the pack can turn into a little whiney b!tch when he scores a girl he believes is clearly “out of his league.” These guys become so insecure in themselves that the woman is going to leave them that they actually repel her away with their clinginess.

Listen. Women hate clingy men.

They don’t want to be with a man who always calls them. They don’t want to be with a man who vents out all of his feelings for her, too soon. And they certainly don’t want to do anything with a man who they think will turn into some possessive stalker type.

Try not doing these “3 unattractive things”. And you’ll lot less likely to mess it up with women.

Stay chilled,

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