6 FUN Alternative Dates That Don’t Involve Eating And Movies!

6 fun alternatives for dinner and movie dates

Six fun first date ideas that blow a movie and dinner out of the water!

In my previous post called How to “7 BIGGEST First Date Mistakes That Kills ATTRACTION” I mentioned several times why date location plays a significant role in determining how much fun and excitement the two of you have.

You see, dinner dates do not lend themselves to the fun.

Here are a few reasons why taking a girl out to a dinner or a movie date could be a really bad idea, especially early on in the dating phase.

  • It is too formal…
  • It is expensive…
  • It sets high expectations for future dates with her…
  • It puts a lot of pressure on the two of you to keep the conversation going…
  • You’re seated across from her, which makes physical interaction almost impossible…
  • It’s difficult to booze her up when she is eating…
  • Once you both are done eating… things start to get pretty awkward

So after talking endlessly why you should avoid dinner or a movie date in my previous post, I sat down to come up with a few best dates I have recently been on. I decided to come up with a list of date ideas that were a hell lot more fun than taking the girl to cafes.

IDEA #1: Street festivals or fairs

There are many reasons why these street festivals are a good location of great dates. These fairs are organized outside, and most probably, there’s always that fun “vibe” going around them. The BIG crowd of people hanging out gives you all the reasons to get closer to the girl, allowing you many opportunities for some light and innocent touching.

It is also much easier to keep a FUN, playful, and flirtatious conversation going at this type of date location because the place itself allows for a lot of interesting topics to talk about. For example, you can talk about all those “weirdo’s” walking around and have a laugh. You can ask her about her favourite childhood memories, travels, and favourite foods…

Most probably, these type of fairs and festivals are advertised in your local papers. Here in Miami, we have Greek festivals, Italian festivals, Cuban festivals, Portuguese festivals, Brazilian festivals… and each one of them offers an excellent opportunity for an unforgettable date.

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IDEA #2: Museum

I avoided the museum date for many years. I always thought it seemed a bit too “intellectual” and could not convince myself to bring a girl to accompany me there. What a BIG mistake!

A couple of years ago, at the suggestion of one of my close buddies, I took a cute brunette to the Louvre Museum of Paris. Surprisingly, it turned out to be one of the most unforgettable and fun dates I had ever been on for years (and which didn’t include alcohol).

Why is the museum date fun? It is SO MUCH fun because you are frequently changing rooms. And, each room in a museum has got its own different theme, which gives the impression that the two of you went out on several different dates in one. In addition, the artefacts, paintings, and displays gives you a lot of interesting topics to keep the conversation going… in a light and fun way.

The best thing about the museum date is that… there are plenty of dark little “secret” rooms where you can quickly pull her aside for a spontaneous make-out session.

IDEA #3: Bowling

Bowling has been a key of my dating repertoire for recent years. There is a big reason that bowling trumps every other “sports date” like billiards, mini-golf, or laser tag… IT HAS A BAR!

The reason “action” dates work so well is that they lend themselves for competitive flirting.

In my recent blog post, “How to Make A Woman Laugh” I emphasized taking your interaction with a woman back to the playground. And guess what? A bowling date allows you to do just that through teasing her, playfully cheating on her, rubbing it in when you beat her and making little silly “friendly” bets.

It is also very easy to start some playful and innocent touching on a “sport” date. For example, every time either one of you knock some pins down, you give each other a high five. And when you tease her about her gutter ball she is going to playfully slap you.

All the while you’re guzzling down Budweiser from the bowling alley bar.

IDEA #4: The Zoo

Have you ever been on a zoo date with a girl before? If you haven’t let me tell you this date absolutely ROCKS!

A zoo is an awesome place for dating because there’s always that element of danger and excitement lurking. It is awesome because women seem to really get “excited” in nature. It is an awesome date idea because it allows you to have fun conversations about our animal instincts. It lets your imagination run wild, and brings up all kinds of forgotten childhood memories.

Let me be honest with you here, about 10 years ago, when a girl insisted that we go to the zoo… I scoffed at the idea. Instead, I tried to take her to grab a few drinks or watch a movie. I’m happy that she was stubborn because I still remember that date to this day.

And, if there’s a zoo with a “petting zoo” all the better for you.

IDEA #5: Comedy Show

Stand up comedy shows allows plenty of room for establishing a really fun vibe throughout the night. They also offer you and the girl a handful of call-back humour to use throughout the night.

The secret with this type of date is that you need to go watch the early showing of the show… and then, grab appetizers afterwards at Chilli’s or Fridays. This way by the time the both of you are done drinking down wings and beers… you’re already in a fun mood.

Comedy shows are amazing because they offer you plenty of material for later conversations. And if the comedy was really hilarious — you can always recall some of his better material at appropriate times — re-kindling that connection.

These type of date work really amazing as group dates with friends.

IDEA #6: Toys R Us

Women adore going for shopping. They can come up with all kinds of excuses to shop. And they know very well that men are unaware when it comes to choosing gifts.

This gives you a good chance to spend a really fun-filled afternoon or evening with your date.

And it is an easy date too. You only need to choose a nephew, niece, or cousin… basically any kid you know… and ask the girl to join you to Toys R Us to select a toy for the kid.

Toys R Us gives you an excellent opportunity to spend a couple of hours or so with the woman, casually browsing down the shopping lane. As you are doing this, you can both talk about your favourite childhood toys with each other. Or, you could both tell each other stories about how you beat up a bad guy from the neighbourhood. Or talk about the time when you accidentally shot your eye red out with Red Rider BB Gun.

Toys R Us is jam-packed with all sorts of toys that lend themselves to playful flirting. For example, you can find beach volleyballs to throw at each other… super soakers, trampolines, and a whole lot of other items that you can use as an excuse to touch her.

Once you’ve found your gift, the two of you can walk across the street for a round of drinks.

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